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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 7 - Chapter 13


Chapter 13

Chapter 58

[ I'm beat ~ ]

The queen lilith, Marietta- Nightgale was stumped.

When she looked down, her favourite dress that's tailored with thin fabric, were tattered.

When she looked around, the dense forest with thick trees that grew within it, disappeared without a trace left.

[ I don't have any chance of wining. ]

[<Your majesty!>]

At the same time when she heard Stella's scream, Marietta snapped her fingers.

Instantly, Marietta's body swayed as if it was mist.

[ Tch ! ! ]

That appearance that had already lost its physical body, had already turned into an illusion was slashed by Vermouth, then Vermouth clicked her lips while irritated.

But, with just that.

Marietta's presence that had already appeared somewhere quite distanced from Vermouth, already showing fatigue that couldn't be hidden anymore.

[ I think, it's better if you, show some restrain, you know. ]

While making a big sigh, she muttered.

Between Marrieta and Vermouth, there was simply difference in power that cannot be measured.

The second demon king and the fifth demon king.

A vampire that specialized in battle, and lilith who was good at grasping opponent's weakness but in a fight, it falls behind to that of the vampire.

An immortal that has already lived for more than 800 years, against the someone who had just lived for less than 100 years, in other words, she was just a little girl compared to Vermouth.

Marietta fell behind in true ability, ability composition, experience, all of that. The fact that she had never fought someone with a higher rank, also mattered a lot here.

If her servant Stella didn't mess with the atmosphere and made a strengthening barrier around her, it's not weird that Marrieta would have already lost.

It's a mistake that she picked a fight with Vermouth, but even if she regretted it now, it's already too late.

[ Stella ~ Just asking though, but can you make the barrier any stronger than the current one? ]

[<Please don't jest with me. Maintaining the output right now is already the best I could do for now >]

Stella's answered through telepathy as she was striving to maintaining the barrier from the outside, it was not something that outside of Marietta's prediction.

Other than that, Stella right now was already forcing herself. The barrier is no other than the act to mess and temper with the atmosphere, adding with the danger of maintaining it for long period of time.

For a rank 8, even with the power of the semi-demon lord, midnight-succubus, doing more than this is going be hard.

[ (Going do something ~ , anymore and it'll be bad )]

The only blessing was, the fact that Vermouth was blinded by rage and was only attacking in large swings, while evading those attacks, Marrieta thought.

[<The opponent's anti-magic is at a cheat level after all, the magical power on our side is almost depleted too .... Nggh ~ , if it's gonna be like this, I should have supplied more magical power ~ >]

Just like dancing, Marrietta parried, evaded, or warded off the claw attacks that came at her.

However, the difference in their martial arts was also clear, little by little,

Suddenly on Marrieta's body, there was a red scratch.

[ It hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, huuuurts! What are you doing to a maiden's skin ! ! ]

[ Shut up ! ! You'll become minced meat in the end, so just die already ! ]

*Slash* ! !

A slashing attack that came together with a roar like shout.

Robbed Marrieta of her long hair, it's strands were fluttering in the sky.

[ -------- Kh ! ! ]

Her hair, that was cut by the claw.

For her, it was her most prided thing, her peach coloured hair.

Furthermore, Marrieta got injured.

*Snap*, felt like something's snapped inside herself.

[ How dare you.... HOW DARE YOU, TO MY HAIR ! ! ! ]

Marrieta who's hedonist and pleasure seeking, and thus she has very little negative expression like anger and such.

It's even appropriate to said that she have the kind of thought that angry was something bothersome, even doing that was something useless.

That's why, for Marrieta to reveal her anger like this, even Stella rarely witness something like that.

Due to the change in her emotion, her magical power also increased.

*Crack**Crack* her magical power turned into purple electric current-like running through her body, closing all the wounds on her body.

[ STELLAAA ! ! Just for a moment, increase the output of your barrier ! ! ]

[ Ye, yes, understood. ]

Sounds of glass breaking, resounded deep inside her ears.

Marietta made a huge leap behind.

She then pointed her palm toward vermouth.

[ <<Embrace the thorny flower>>! <<Destroyed by the reverse cross>>! ]

As if being invited by the aria from somewhere, countless thorny shrub appeared.

All of them twined around Vermouth, for a couple of seconds, restricting her movements.

[Kuh!? Such, things ----- ]

[ <turn turn turn turn turn around, stop stop stop stop stop it >! ]

The air swayed.

*Crack*, something's creaking.

[ .... <Star twinkled in the starless sky (PARADOX) >! ! ]

*Snap* the sound of something's snapping.

Vermouth - Erzalord, was swallowed by the space.


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