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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 6 - Chapter 7


Hiding within the shadows of the two lilith that were loitering around while eating something, after they left I once again went towards my destination.

.... Maybe it was this way. Thought it was faint, I can feel something.

I was guided by the probability that was changed due to reverse-reverse.

Perhaps this was a space that was created using magic, but the usual several hundred-scope changed into the whole castle.

At the end of the hall with a three ways road, I chose the one on the right, I walked on the soft carpet without making any sound.

However, this searching was going rather quick.

Well, certainly that hiding was my specialty, but the one who resided at this place has higher ability than me.

But even so, they're not a type that will crush anything in front of them like nee-san, but the type that love to grasp the weak point of their opponent, Lilith and Succubus.

A race that have high magic ability even among the monsters, then naturally they have high detecting ability.

Such a race, didn't even realized about my existence that I was already going this deep ... is that even possible?

After thinking about it for quite some time, I shake my head.

No matter how much I thought about it, with just guessing and common sense, I wouldn't be able to find the answer.

In the end, I can only move forward.

I can't go back from the road that I already in, I can only continue forward.

Even if the end of that road was the depth of the abyss.

I can only move, forward.

Walking, walking, and just walking.

While hiding my body, while hiding inside the shadow.

Sometimes tricking the eyes of the castle residences when our eyes meet, going forward with only relying on my instinct.

... What is this? For a while, I felt like I just walking through the same road.

Perhaps this is trap that was set in this castle?

No, that can't be possible. Judging from the usual actions of the Succubus and Lilith, they'll never do something so bothersome like setting up a trap in their castle.

After all Nee-san once said this, their favorite words were [beautiful] [ elegance] [ luxurious and gorgeous ] , the words that they hate were [time consuming ] [ boredom ] [ retort].

Setting up trap will be taking time it's also bothersome, and if no one gets caught in that trap it will become boring.

Anyway, it's impossible. In this castle, there're no traps that will activate towards a foreign object.

Well perhaps there was a possibility that there were some traps on the outside of the castle, but I directly entered the castle.

Right now, it was uncertain.

That's why, I shouldn't be scared.

Fear draws attention of the devil, and the devil was the residence of this castle.

Look, the succubus over there was looking over here.

I held my breath, erased my presence, suppressed my emotion.

...... Yoshi .... she went away.

It's not like she realized my carelessness or by chance. I just hesitated a little ..... only that and this what happened.

As deep as I go, there was a magic power that was I able to perceive which normally I wouldn't be able to.

It became a burden on my body, trying to push me back.

This is great, the magic item was already close.

Even though I haven't directly see it, it already gave off such an aura.

It seems that I can place my expectation on this one. It was worth it to plunge into this dangerous place.

After all, the magic item that I searched for was something that have possibility to revive a person.

Judging from its magical power, the item this time should be something amazing.

Perhaps, this is .... Is it possible?

That small expectation of mine.

A small flame that resided in my heart that I don't know if it's correct to call it hope, I carried it.

I, hasten my steps.

I stopped my feet at a huge, luxury door.

A big red door, that seems to be around 4 meters high almost touching the ceiling.

So it's here.

The magic item that resided in this place ... have such high magical power inside it that it started to make my body itch.

Slowly looking at my surroundings, I extended my life detection.

I made sure that there were no other monsters around here.

I also didn't really feel that there was anyone inside the room.

Perhaps this was a treasure room or something like that, what a careless bunch.

They didn't even lock the door of this room.

Well, in the entire continent, the person who have the wits to sneak to the demon lord's place and tried to stole their belongings was only me I think.

Thinking again about their security, all the succubus and lilith that I have met on the way here, I think were already enough of a counter measure.

If I got discovered by any one of them, it'll be the end of me.

With silent movements, I placed my hand on the door.

Though it was quite heavy, but for me who has the power that is outside of the human realm, it was like pushing styrofoam.

Without extorting too much power, I opened the door while still maintaining my posture.

*gigigi* .... the door opened without much problem even when making such deep sound.

The fact that I didn't felt any uncomfortable because of this, is it because I have already lost my humanity?

While thinking of that, I looked inside the door that was opened wide.

Suddenly, because of great gust I was sucked inside the room.

..... Kh ! ?

The time I realized something was weird, it was already too late.

While lost my balance, I still was able to rotate in the air, and land safely.

While kneeling on the floor, I raised my face.

I felt it ... deep inside my eyes.

- Yeey, Welcoo~me -

The room behind that door wasn't a treasury.

A room that was more luxurious than any room that I've seen in this castle.

With several of stairs surrounding that place, deep inside the room where the floor was higher.

Over there, a big sofa that seems to be able to fit 2 people was placed, and a girl was lying on it.

Beside her, was a succubus that wore a maid outfit.

But I quickly realized.

The one who stood in front of me, was someone who is outside the realm of norm.

I unconsciously used proffes on them, and at that moment when their information came into my mind.

I with all my might, jump backwards and hid myself inside a shadow.

Race Name : Queen Lilith

Species : Devil - Demon lord

Attribute : dark

Rank : 9 (MAX)

individual name : Marietta - Nightgale

present magical power : 107112

Race Name : Midnight -Succubus

Species : Devil race

Attribute : dark

Rank : 8

individual name : Stella - Twillight

present magical power/magical power containtment limit : 5 7 8 9 1/103007


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