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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 5 - Chapter 9.4


Chapter 030 - Idle talk - Question that won't choose

Vermouth = Erzalord was crying.

Tears flowed from her crimson coloured eyes, thus she cried.

With a fragile, unsteady step.

And then, every living being that was standing before her


A village.

A place which by chance was standing in her way, a small village


Piled up, mountain of corpses.

Flowing, a sea of blood.

Without drinking those blood.

In daze, on the top of the mountain of the corpse.

She gazed, towards the sky.

No matter how much she destroyed.

She can't satisfy her feeling at all

-I can't find it.

Where are you? -

Vermouth continued to walk

After all, she was searching.

Her precious, precious.

Him, who was more precious than anything in this world.

And so, she asked.

Even if, to the humans who was not even worth of exchanging words with her.

On the way, she caught a glimpse of a big city.

Vermouth who was walking in unsteady steps, to the first person that she met.

- ........ hey~

She stopped that person, thus asked.

To her question, one must not answer

To her question, one most not silent.

If, one answer that they don't know, instantly you'll be smashed.

If, one stayed silent and thus didn't answer, instantly you'll be smashed

However, humans not knowing such thing.

And thus, they answered, or thus they stayed silent.

Toward her question, the question of the lord vampire.

Without knowing, those choices will be the last in their life.

- Do you, perhaps, know where my beloved is? -

About 10 towns, in the Shardia continent.

In less than one night, met their doom.


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