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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 5 - Chapter 9.1


Chapter 027 - Cracked ice stained with blood

[ This, didn't even become a challenge you know ~ ] - HIMURO

With his red hand, he gripped and raised the silver angel.

The Fallen Dhampir HIMURO TAKAHINA, made a chuckle.

[26 seconds you know, 26 seconds. I could easily evade all of your 33 attacks, and counter with one of them. Thus, it's over, I am totally dumbfounded alright] - HIMURO

The angle .... Takahina is unconscious.

In his chest was his sword.

The ice sword lost fang, impaled deeply through his heart.

[I didn't even need to use nee-san's sword. Will you just stay like this, then let all your magic power to be absorbed and die?]

Himuro Takahina, the undead ice angel.

He was not a weak monster.

Manipulating the freezing air, he's able to create wings and swords, with that his choice in battle became wide.

His physical body that was lined with its magical power that's over five thousand, will be able to easily overwhelm any capable adventurers

Takahina is not weak. Not at the very least he was weak.

But, TAKAHINA was stronger, his power was more than that.

A Fallen Dhampir.

Due to him being an angel-typed familiar of a vampire, it changed its form into a super rare race.

Himuro Takahina was a being that will finally yield its own body towards vermounth = Erzalord.

It was the form that he will become after his failure on overcoming the curse.

HIMURO TAKAHINA was such a being.

[You're so weak, ya know, Oi .... is there any meaning for you to go this far until have that kind of appearance huh?]

TAKAHINA didn't understand it.

For him who is only filled with the feeling of love towards vermouth.

Why did Takahina, running away from her.

Why he kept resisting on becoming a familiar.

For HIM, the feeling of love is already swelled up, to the extent that it shaved off his own mind.

This act of the same person as him, the act of the previous him.

He couldn't understand it.

A body that held amazing power, a heart that was released from all of suffering.

Above all, his self which was able to love vermouth without any feeling of hate towards her.

Was there any reason to reject it?

Where's the reason to not accept all of it?

There's no need for that.

But why.

[This feeling, it's really amazing, ya know ~]

If felt like his heart was dancing.

Throwing away the useless weight that burdened him all at once, his heart felt as light like as a feather.

The thing about Mayu.

About Misha.

About sister.

Returning himself to the living.

The pain of stealing something.

Everything, anything and all things.

Is now, inconsequential, ten billion times more inconsequential than the pebble on the side road.

Rather, the most important of all.


As long as vermouth is here, it will be alright.

TAKAHINA's line of thought, reached to such a state.

All of his thoughts, connected with vermouth.

That's it.

That's all of it.

Light and easy, anywhere without burden.

This light feeling like there was not even any suffering before.

That's why he didn't even realized it. because of that, he can't understand.

He that already reached freedom, he that was released from all the suffering was now feeling happiness.

The fact that he is now chained, by the shackle that was too big for him, called as vermouth.


Takahina's that was lifted by TAKAHINA was thrown into the air.

HE then flicked HIS hand, taking out the magic sword.

The magic sword of HIS beloved, 『Blood sword Erzalord』's edge, was pointed at HIS other self.

[Then, let's close the curtain. I'll mince your body, your magical power, and I'm gonna eat all of it]

The sword that was able to cut anything.

Just like Takahina's sword 『Ice sword Lost fang』, it could even cut magical power without exception.

Looking down at HIS other self which fell slowly, TAKAHINA prepare his sword and laughed.


Takahina that has already lost his consciousness.

At that moment, when rain of slashes was about to touch Takahina's body.

A blow of white light, blown away TAKAHINA.


Rank 6.

A monster that's able to wipe out one town if he wanted to, was blown away like a leaf.

He was stopped because of a collision with a tree, which made the tree to fall, someone was looking at the place where he was

A soft coloured blond hair, caught his sight.

[... ... ... ...]

Gentle, amethyst like drooping eyes.

Her nicely shaped eyebrow came close together, creating a harsh look on her face.

[ ........ Yare yare, now that I think of it she was also right there.]

As TAKAHINA was about to stand up.

HE fell to HIS knees immediately.

All the power of HIS body, felt like as it was air being blown away.

[kh .... 『Purification』you know, you ain't too much of a cheat]

[Can't you just shut up? It's unpleasant]

An irritated voice.

The sister ..... Ursula = Pendragon, glared at TAKAHINA.

As she turned away, Takahina that fell limp to the ground reflected in her eyes.

[The only one who can kill this one is me, the only one that can hurt this one is me. Even if the one who does it was this oneself, I cannot forgive such a thing to happen]

She slowly squatted down, then extract the lost fang that was impaled into his chest.

In an instant, the ice sword fell to piece, the magical power that got absorbed returned to his body.

And then.

While still gazing at Takahina, she stretched her pretty hand with its slender fingers, towards Takahina.

On that hand, light gathered

[ Wa --- ]

[ Please disappear, you're noisy ]

A dazzling light that blinding one's eyes.

For a moment, it pierced through the surroundings.


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