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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 5 - Chapter 8


Chapter 025 - Chapter 8

With muddy feeling, I felt like my right hand is melting.

My right eye, right foot, the half of my body.

Leaving this muddy feeling, without leaving behind even any bones, melting away.

The sister opened her eyes wide, looking like she couldn't mutter any word seeing my condition.

Of course.

The half of my body is melting, and became something like liquid.

Looking at it is flowing and dripping to the ground, one cannot feel anything except dread from it.

Those part of my body, as if having their own thoughts, started to combine into one.

Wriggling, those red mud.

There's no pain like that time when I got eaten by nee-san's magical power.

But because of that, I felt horror at this phenomenon.

What you called pain, is a signal that body sent to give alert about danger.

But I can't feel that alert.

It's as if my own body, accepting these mud like things melted from my body.

..... It felt, bad.

Finally, after my parts of my body melted away to about 60%, it stopped.

Those red blood moving, then creating a puddle of blood.

I concentrated my consciousness, then froze the part that has been lost.

High pitched voice of the air got frozen, when that ice broke, my body slowly regenerated.

After repeating that about 10 times, my body turned back to how it was.

Confirming the movement of my cold fingers, I stood up without having too much problem.

Then I put my hand in front of me, then I took out lost fang.

It was used for fighting .... There was the reason, but there's another one.

That mirror like thin blade of ice, I used it to reflect my own appearance.

.......... As I thought.

It turned back.

The hair that was dyed with tinge of red and silver.

my right eye was tainted with red, to deep indigo blue.

That right hand that was once have the colour of deep red, turned back to white hand that looked like there's no blood flowing within it.

I activate Proffes, and reveal my own status.

Race Name: Undead Ice Angel

Species: Undead - Angel kind

Attribute: Ice

Rank: 4

Possession: Ice sword lost fang

Individual Name: Himuro Takahina

Present magical power/magical power containment limit: 5712/9599

My race also returned to what it was before.

But the fact that my amount of mana is quite increased, must be because it absorbed quite bit from nee-san's chains.

Actually, nee-san ...... that person, wasn't quite capable at using her magic.

Using her inhuman power to fight in close range, was nee-san actual fighting style.

Thus, her magic was only for extras or perhaps using random spell that only needed her to infuse it with magical power.

That's why, even though it took quite some time, I am able to cut nee-san's chains.

But because absorbing its magical power, the encroachment became faster is kinda ironic.

And now, I have already freed from that encroachment.

Right now, I supposedly will wholeheartedly celebrate this moment, but unfortunately fate didn't let me do so easily.

It decreased.

Certainly, compared to when I was at nee-san's place, this amount already reached an amount that can't be compared to that time, but it was not enough

While it wasn't stable, my magical power was way more than this.

Yeah. It was stolen.

At the time when it melted my body, it ate my magical power and stole it.

..... Not good. This is extremely bad.

I didn't have any slightest willingness to give away my magical power.

I point the tip of lost fang to the ground.

And faced it to the pool of blood that was made from my melted body.

The red mud that wriggled.

And before long, it moved restlessly.

*splat splat*, it started to build up a shape.

Red limbs.

Uniting with its hands and legs, ten fingers all together with its strong sharp nail.

It's hair redder than its skin.

it's eyes redder than its hair.

it's butler suit that was weaved with red string of blood, was something that I really well unknown.

With one exception of that bat wing that sticking out from its back.

As if I was looking at a mirror.

Myself, was standing right there.

Looking at that spectacle, once again the sister opened her eyes' wide.

The two of me that suddenly appeared. It will be weirder if one wasn't surprised about it.

The red me spread his wings, then with elegance movement he bowed.

- How do you do, Himuro Takahina.


Thought it will be for a short time, well, best regard -

In his hand, without me realizing, grasping a sword.

With its crooked shape, red sword.

At a glance, I thought that it was Lost Fang .... but it's not

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

That is .... that thing is.

- Now, let's fight.

Now that I already out, there's no other option than the both of us to fight.

And then the one who wins, will become 'Himuro'-

'TAKAHINA'loudly declared.

Pointing the point of that ominous sword to me, looking as if it could even warp the atmosphere around it.

Race Name: Fallen Dhampir

Species: Undead - Angel kind.

Attribute: Dark

Rank: 6

Possession: Blood Sword Erzalord.

Individual name: HIMURO TAKAHINA

Present Magical Power/Magical Power Containment Limit: 14323/22319

That magic sword's name is, 『Blood Sword Erzalord』

The strongest magic sword in this world.

......... Nee-san's magic sword.


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