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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 5 - Chapter 2


Chapter 021 - Chapter 2



I was surprised, this was too sudden.

Although I have been spacing out for a moment, I never thought that this woman would suddenly stab me like that.

Last time I met her I noticed she was heretic, but also seemed like a proper sister.

She seemed like she wouldn't even harm a bug, now though it seems like I'm wrong.

...or maybe she changed to this because of me.

Perphase that's it.

I was ready to accept all my sins.

However... It seems I was still quite naive after realizing it.

Just like nee-san she slowly broke me apart.

i also... broke her.

Sister was too obsessed with her own feelings.

Her hatred to me, her love to me.

yes, just like me.

She said.

I will become hers.

I was torn because I hate nee-san, and because I love her I left her.

She was torn because of her love to me, so because she hated me she hunted me down.

From the knife piercing through my body I felt those emotions stronger and stronger,

How much she resents me.

How much she loves me.

How I, even though I only met her for 3 days, already engraved a wound into her heart.

Sister embraced me and pushed her knife deeper into my body.

With her power, unlike her tender body and petite arm, she hollowed my heart.

There's no pain.

But, the feeling of hard metal going through my heart, both visually and touching, wasn't comfortable.

But there's something more pressing.

Even though she tries to kill me me I won't turn dead.

i am an Undead. And then among them, I am the furthest being from the concept of death.

I'm an undefined Undead after all.

If she wants to kill me then she must separate my neck from my body.

Again, again and again.

The knife stabbed into me.

But no matter how many times she stabbed my chest, i won't die.

I won't die.

No, I can't die at all.

Not with this body which already experienced death once.

Right now the only thing she does is breaking my body apart.

To kill and destroy.

What the differences between those two things are, I don't really know.

However. However.

As long they have a slight difference.

They must have a definite wall between them.

As long as I don't understand it, I won't become alive once again.

While I heard the sound of the knife going through my meat eternally.

In a daze, I wondered.

I wonder how many times she already thrust that knife into me.

To me who didn't showing any sign of dying no matter how long she wait, sister inclined her head looking at me with moist eyes.

But no matter how long she waited, I showed no sign of dying. Sister inclined her head, looking at me with moist eyes.

’’...Why won't you die?’’

She said with a fawning tone.

Since my heart didn't beat anymore there is also no blood circulation.

Because of this the wound didn't drop blood, but the blood still stuck onto the knife.

She licked the knife.

She had asked me that question as her face started to turn red, like after drinking wine.

’’It's because I'm already dead long ago.’’

I answered, giggling.

I am already dead. That's true.

I was dead long ago.

However, without knowing when to give up, I clung to 'live', and thought of reviving myself.

Aah, I'm

such a

ridiculous being.

Don't want to die, don't want to die, I don't want to die.

I don't want to remain death.

Forever with such a feeling.

even though I am already dead, i can still move.

’’Then , what are.’’

Answering my casual response my sister once again thrust the knife into my chest.

After thrusting 3 times, she asked again.

’’Then what are you really?’’


What I am?

Surely not just a normal undead.

If i was just a normal undead then i wouldn't stand around here like this.

Who am I? What am I?

me, who every bit of my being is unclear vague random and trivial, what is it.

I, whose being only consists of unclear, vague, random and trivial things. What was it?

Himuro Takahina. that was my name.

But that's no more than my name from my previous live.

Though I am not alive right now.

Right now I'm not a living being, is it alright to consider myself as the same being as when I was still alive?

I don't understand.

I don't even understand the things I should understand.

Sister placed her knife on my neck.

Did she want to behead my neck?

If she does that, no matter what, I will die .... I will be destroyed.

I have to stop her.

...Why ?

Isn't it alright? Isn't it already enough?

I am already tired, I'm tiring myself.

I actually already realized it.

even though I shouted I want to live, I want to revive, I don't want to die.

In fact the emotion, the thought, is slowly fading away.

Any more than this and I'm only struggling.

painful, unpleasant, memories will only pile up.

Wasn't it alright to just let it go and be at ease, just like this?

everything is already not important anymore.

everything, is.

everything .....

She quickly brandished the knife on my neck.

And at that moment my consciousness came to an end.


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