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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 3 - Chapter 7


Chapter 007 - Volume 3 - Chapter 7

The smell of blood pervaded the forest.

Even parts of green trees were dyed in red.

The morning haze, with the shining sun, made the atmosphere in the forest even more alien.

It should have gone smoothly.

Believers finished preparing in the morning on the third day.

I have decided on the evacuation site beforehand, and noted it on the map prepared for me by the nun.

But they ended up meeting.

When I thought about it, that person hadn't really said that she's going to sleep for 3 days straight.

Despite not knowing what time she'll wake up at, I assumed that she would be sleeping until late at night.

They should have left earlier.

However, there were many elderly people in the cathedral as well.

That was their limit.

No, I should've thought it through more.

Either way, it's useless, it's already over.

I couldn't have known what the future holds, nor change the things already past.

I made a choice and, the result is this...

That's it, as simple as that.

Nothing would change, no matter how much I regret it.

Nobody will be saved, no matter how much I grieve.

I was unable to save them.

The weak that possess life.

They were weak, much too weak, much like how I myself was weak.

I was unable to save those people that clung onto me, from that strong person, to whom I have clung onto above all.

Suck, suck.

Her fangs pierced the child, whose foot I cured a while ago, on the neck, and Nee-san sipped it's blood.

Sucking up it's internal blood with terrible force, the child was already dead and it's body dried up in just a moment.

... That wasn't good enough.

Rather than the elderly, the much younger children must taste better.

’’Why, such a thing’’, I murmured.

It was casually thrown to the ground... the thing that used to be a human body, was completely dried up now. After drinking, a trail of blood dripped from Nee-san's mouth's edge as she turned towards me.

That figure, she's definitely a vampire.

I was thrust in front of something which I thought I understood.

’’Youngling...? Why are you crying?’’

Only after being asked that, I noticed the tears streaming down my cheeks.

I told her that it's alright and wiped my tears away with a handkerchief.

And, new tears flowed out immediately again.

That reminds me, why don't my tears freeze over?

My body temperature falls greatly below the freezing point.

If actual tears were to run down my cheeks, they would freeze in no time, instead of leaving just water marks behind.

Such a trifling question suddenly just came up.

’’... Youngling?’’

Nee-san stood before me and patted my cheeks, wet with tears, quietly with her hand.

By the hand that killed people whom I was trying to save from that person.

Why am I crying? My face showed only dull puzzlement as I couldn't find the reason why.

... For me, who is such a piece of trash.

To be touched by Nee-san's hand, I thought so.

Even the anger I felt for people whom I was going to save having been murdered.

Could do nothing to make me dislike that hand that murdered them.

Having troubled this person, I felt a sense of guilt.

I shed tears over my own unreasonable self-centeredness again.

A wet thing touched my cheek this time, as if tracing the tearstains.

Nee-san's tongue licked my cheeks.

’’Youngling... Stop crying, youngling...’’

You made me cry.

... She will surely be awfully hurt if I were to tell her that.

Nee-san would grieve, if she knew that she damaged me, a person she was taking care of.

And, without asking for a reason, Nee-san will kill anything.

So that it doesn't damage me.

So that it doesn't make me cry.

However, I cannot tell her that.

Nee-san's doings are bound to happen, while this is me being unable to do it... not wanting to do it...

Therefore, I won't tell her, I can not.

She is the only one I have, the weak me, it was the only thing I could do.

I wiped my tears. telling her that I just got dust in my eyes.

Nee-san believed such a plain lie and a small, relieved laugh leaked from her mouth.

.... Now, let's go.

My body is already okay, it's possible to fly, even at once.

I put my ice wings out and flapping them a few times, I floated in the sky.

Anyways, I want to move now.

For me, Nee-san stretched out a hand.

When I also stretched out a hand myself, it was tangled together with her beautiful fingers.

She changed her mantle into wings, and flew up as well.

2 people passing a forest underneath them, their bodies being bathed by sunlight.

... It's good.

I'm already safe, my tolerance to sunlight was able to develop.

It's possible to fly freely now even in daylight.

I am alright like this, somehow.

I shook my head to remove the scene of massacre branded into my retina from my eyes.

I kept shaking many more times, to shake that away, if only a little.

We went on a journey towards Nee-san's castle once more.

The bodies of heretics floating in the sea of blood.

I didn't notice that out of all the people that had prayed to me, one was missing.


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