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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 3 - Chapter 4


Chapter 004 - Volume 3 - Chapter 4

Nee-san returned.

After all, she couldn't find any wine in such a demolished village and her eyebrows sunk slightly.

Nee-san stretched her hand out towards me, who was sitting on one side of a sofa.

And, with her immaculately white and slender fingers and shapely fingertips.

She stroked my cheek gently.

Is your body alright?

Her voice shook slightly.

This person was surely worried about my body condition from the bottom of her heart.

About me, who was much harder to break than living things.

,,, Really, she's such a gentle person.

It has, however, never occurred, for that gentleness of her, to be turned towards anybody but me.

Nee-san's reason for being gentle to me, as she said, ’’is that you are beautiful’’.

She said so... at our first meeting.

Therefore, I evaded anything that could cause my body to rot, out of fear of being abandoned.

And, after going up two levels on the evolution ladder, my figure completely changed when compared with the former one.

Shoulder length silvery hair, with metallic sheen to them,

The blue hue of my eyes, from the time when I was a cold undead, changed from light blue to indigo blue.

Silver hair, indigo eyes.

That hue seems to be well paired with Nee-san's blond hair and red eyes.

Is this the influence from becoming the Angel kind? The face, form and figure were further refined, much more beautiful than I ever was in my past life.

... No.

This appearance may be something for which I had hoped for deep in my heart.

Nee-san... she's by my side because I'm beautiful.

Therefore, if I were to become more beautiful.

If I do so, Nee-san will be with me all the time.


I'm a hopeless case if I'm seriously considering such a thing.

The great kindness Nee-san has showered me with, trying to tie it down onto myself.


This must not happen.

Such a behaviour, that repays kindness with abuse.

Even thinking about it, is not permitted.

There will come a time for me to be separated from Nee-san.

I don't know when it will be.

It may be a far away point in time, and it may be close.

If Nee-san says a word, I will readily do as she says.

Faithfully hear out whatever she says.

Because for Nee-san, that's the least I can do.

However, at the very least.

As long as she says that it's okay.

I want to be by her side.

I want to be allowed to do so.

If there's anything I can do, I will do anything.

... Therefore, it's long.

Even a day is long.

I am by your side.

Please, take a seat.

After having patted my cheeks and hair happily for a while, Nee-san left for the outside again.

In the middle of her looking for some wine, she seemed to have found a somewhat whole deserted house where I could take a nap.

Nee-san choose that place to stay in until I obtain high enough resistance towards sunlight, which was in approximately three days.

Meanwhile, after she reported to me that she's going to sleep, she left.

... Believe it or not, but that person can keep on sleeping for three days straight.

Well, this time it's completely enough to just wait slowly for the level up, and there is no associated danger to it.

Then, since it's faster that way, I will sleep.

I was told to go wake Nee-san up if there was anything.

Besides, at the moment... It is more convenient now that Nee-san is sleeping over there.

I flung the door leading to church's interior open and descended the stairs leading underground.

It was deeper than I initially thought.

So as to not miss a step with my staggering foot, I cautiously advanced with my hand constantly attached to the wall.

Before long, I arrived at the bottom, a solid, double door appeared in front of me.

I halted and shut my eyes for a little while.

Heat perception, life perception... Neither of them works, huh...

The present me is unable to confirm what happens on the other side of this door.

Until I open it directly.

I opened my eyes calmly.

Since I have already come here, I cannot really back away.

I stretched out a hand slowly and pushed my palm onto the door.

And, strength was put into my arm.

While producing the sound of a creaking wood, the door opened.

... It's wide.

This underground space, was much wider than I thought it would be.

That was, so to speak, a place akin to a Cathedral.

The light cast by candlelight mysteriously turned and twisted flickering on the wall.

The people prayed to a distorted cross, which started shining lightly, standing on something that faintly resembled an altar.

I spread my wings.

Although my physical condition is still not in the best of states, it doesn't matter that I can't yet fly in here.

The people offering their prayers noticed my existence.

Feelings of admiration and intoxication appeared on their faces.

There was even a person who shed tears among them.

The cleric girl, whom I met first, was offering her prayers near the altar, lowered her head and bowed deeply towards me.


Several of them muttered so.

They weren't wrong, but I couldn't say it's right either.

However, I didn't correct them.

That's because it's convenient for me to be in this church with what I'm about to do.

I'm sorry for deceiving you.

It is, however, better by far than for all of you to die.

I walk in daringly with an exaggerated gesture.

I stood on the altar as if it was natural.

And I told them.

I, my pious believers.

A great power is going to approach this place soon.

If you don't want to lose your lives, part from this land at once.

The deadline... is in 3 days!

It was a very comical performance, even if I do say so myself.

However, by doing this, I can keep them away from here.

That's all there is to it, the kind of fanatics that wouldn't stop praying even if ridiculed for heresy.

The words of the being they believed in, I'm sure they will follow my words unconditionally.

... That's right, like this.

These human beings won't be murdered by Nee-san.

By Nee-san in front of me.

I will finish it without letting you murder anybody.


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