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Undead Seeks Warmth - Volume 2 - Chapter 34


Slowly, I descended.

As I reached 10 meters above the place I was at, I looked towards the ground.

Looking at the grain of ice, that fell each time I flap my wings.

Those that fell down slowly, glittering inside the unchanging scenery.

... This looked like I was really out of place here.

This scenery felt like it said that to me.

This place uncomfortable.

Hallucination that felt like this darkness coiling around my body.

Strange space, where nothing changed except for myself.

It felt like I will become crazy if I stayed too long in this place.

Also ... though I didn't have any proof, but I have bad premonition.

Let's quickly find the magic item and retreat from this place.

As I flew at a low speed, I looked around my surroundings.

As I said before, there wasn't anything strange.

But well, before long, surely I'll find some lead.

However, even if I said that this place was the smallest among the [six nights ], its area was surely not less than 1 kilometers.

Honestly, the probability of me finding the thing that I was searching for in this place was easily very slim.

That's why ... I will find it.

With the power of [ reverse-reverse ] that has the power to reverse that probability .

Black lake, despite its located at dessert, it has vegetation growing wildly on it.

If I had to said, inside wasn't a dessert anymore, but more of a plain.(ED: More like a pain in the ass)

I don't know if this was the blessing of the demon lord or not, there's fact that the more vegetation existed, the lower of the possibility of me finding the item.

... Nevertheless, there's no way that the magic item is just laying down among those vegetation.

Each of the magic items have a great power resided within them.

Plant, or perhaps mineral that emitted magical power.

And after a while, it underwent some special processes by humans or monsters, the material itself already possess strong power.

And so, it was possible for a living being to use such strong magic without the burden of using such magic.

Because of that, almost all of the magic items are sealed.

The probability of that thing rolling over around here was close to none, furthermore the monsters that lived here was supposedly to be Lilith or succubus which was part [ Demon race].

On the contrary of me who can't detect any magic power, their race was very sensitive to magical power.

There's no way they didn't realized a magic item's presence and left it around like that.

That's why, they surely have taken it into custody.

If that wasn't it, they shouldn't have left it in a place that was easily found by others.

After few second, I rotated in the sky.

I wished that there was maybe a cave that I missed, but sadly there wasn't such a thing.

The vegetation was less compared to the forest where I lived before, and I can see plainly all of the ground.

However, I can't find any place to keep a magic item anywhere.

Perhaps, the entrance was hidden?

Perhaps if that's so. Though it was only hunch, but I am quite certain of it.

Then, where could it be?

Underground ... somehow, I felt that's wrong.

In the first place, in the place where no life force can be detected like this. I'm sure that there was some kind of trick hidden, somewhere is connected to another place ... the probability of its existence is high.

And this magic item that I am searching for, I think is also at that place.

The demon king that was resided in this place, is the Queen Lilith.

She loved grandeur and luxury things, and totally hate unrefined and plain things.

Such kind of demon king, will she even want to stay underground?

The answer was no. It's impossible.

The pride and moody queen Lilith which was higher than those of the vampires, there's no way such a being would stay underground.

If that so, where could it be?

The answer should be something simple. Lilith hates troublesome things.

Transparent and easy to be seen, showy luxury and beautiful.

Furthermore, they have kind of the taste of a little girl, there will be some kind of fairy tale like aura being shown off that place.

Perhaps, [ the world inside mirror ] ...

... Ah, is that so?

It was there ... I've overlook it.

I flew through the air, and then stopped at some place.

Looking on the top of the black coloured lake below me, I flew right at the middle.

Slowly descending, I stopped only until bit further away from the surface of the lake.

Looked as if I was standing on the top of the lake, I gazed at the lake.

Making small pieces of ice on the top of my hand, thus I dropped it onto the lake.

And thus, the ice, sank without any sound.

Without even creating any ripple, it disappeared as if got sucked in.

Hmm, I understand ... It wasn't a mirror world, but a water world.

It was inside.

The thing that I've been searching for.

... And also, unfortunately demon king will also be there.

I'm sure that inside will be quite vast.

Let's somehow tried to not meet with demon king and her subordinates, and silently take the magic item.

And after that, silently retreat from the place.

As for preparing my heart, I took a spin in the air.

*Plop*, thus I dived into the lake.


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