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Undead Seeks Warmth Chapter 4


.. The heck ... is this?

The boundary between night and day.

Me who stopped near the border of the [black lake], took a step back.

It was different crimson colored night that I've seen in deep red prairie.

It's also differ from the beautiful golden night of the woodland of the golden night.

It felt like I've seen an illusion that there was a huge aquarium that was filled with mud.

The darkness that seems to even have its own mass, due to the deep darkness that resided in it.

If there was darkness without anything else within it, perhaps, would it become something like this?

I can't understand. What and how so that this kind of darkness to be created?

If, the one who created this was the demon king that resided in this place, which was the [ Queen Lilith - Queen Lilith ] .

The only thought that made fear went down to my spine.

How abnormal --- no, heresy ... perhaps.

Could, could it really be someone created this thing?

I've seen several abnormal things in my life.

Nee-san which her sense of value of her own tribe is strange.

The sister who left the [ boundary ] of human common sense.

Even in my eyes, those girls were [ abnormal ] , they were in state of madness.

However, this thing was ... heresy.

It's not abnormal, it was heresy.

It wasn't in state of madness, or even deviated.

It's just, different.

It was different from myself, and the other, from its root - from its basis.

It was muddy and messy, it was degenerated, perverted, immoral, unbalanced taboo ran through it, as if was licking and drinking from a cup that poured a shattered glass into it.

I can't see the end of such odd, unclear and un-understandable things.

No matter where I look, it's just deep and deep darkness.

A world where even light, darkness and chaos were absorbed.

---- Scary.

For an undead like me, who should be an existence that was born from the darkness itself.

This darkness was the [darkness], that even I am scared of it.

I've looked too lightly on these things, the perpetual night. This [six night ] .

At the [dusk mountain range], the darkness was already become thin.

and at [ woodland of golden night], there was nee-san at my side as my ally.

I didn't understand anything. The dread of the darkness, its deepness, and its brutality.

This place. The [ dark lake],

was showing the true nature of darkness, showing how loyal darkness is.

Just like a sword that's too sharp, it'll cut even its owner.

A fire that was too hot, will even burn its surrounding.

The darkness that was too deep, will even engulfed the creature that was born from darkness itself.

But I, without hesitation, stepped inside, into the darkness.

No matter how deep the darkness is.

No matter how scary it is that even made me stagger.

If the thing that I was searching for laid right in there, even if it's the entrance of the hell, I will enter it.

The place where that kid now, is the place that was darker than this.

The place where that kid now, is a place that was scarier than this.

If, for the sake of reviving Misha, I need to enter into this place.

I will raise my leg, and put it into the deep of darkness.

Towards, the [ black lake ].

No matter how dark it is, I can use my skill to perceive the life force of other beings in this darkness.

Inside the black lake, was silence.

The black lake that was spreading at the middle, as far as I can see, didn't have any slightest ripple on it.

My eyes, my ear, even my life detection.

Didn't have any response. Everywhere can't be seen, can't be heard.

This kind of thing was the first for me.

This feeling of the darkness that felt like it was crawling onto my body.

Even this silence was hurting my ears.

These unchanging scenery, that didn't even have winds blow.

And then at the most of all, I can't sense any life.

Not even the demon kind, I can't even feel any sign of monsters that supposedly lurking around this kind of place.

As I look around carefully, even if strain my ears.

I can't find anything.

I think, this was already beyond cliché, and it made me scared.

Why no accidents or something unexpected happened yet? Why was there no accident that will threaten my life happened yet?

Such thoughts crossed my mind.

I felt somehow, the coldness in my body increased.

... Anyway, if I only brood over it, I won't make any process.

Honestly, I felt anxiety because of these abnormal scenery ... but I only need to quickly find the thing that I was searching for and leave this place.

I search in my pocket, and took out the [reverse reverse] from it.

It'll change the probability of anything in the range of several hundred meter, the [magic item] that I first found.

Though it was only barely, but it was an item that's capable to even rewrite the world.

Only looking at this one thing, I can understand how amazing these things called as magic item.

Though it can't do anything to the thing that was outside of its range, but this was still a priceless thing.

Whatever it is, it depends on how it was used.

That's why, I decided that I will bring back every magic item that I could find.

Flipping the coin, the coin rotated in the air several times.

With this, reverse-reverse was activated, the probability of the things around me are now reversed.

The coin shone bright for a moment, thus I caught it as it was falling.

As it fell right on the top of my palm, the coin felt hot.

This slight warm sensation after activating it, I quite liked it.

Finishing reversing the probability.

I suddenly, looked above.

The sky without any cloud, stars, or even moon.

The sky without anything.

The demon king that created this empty place.

Queen Lilith, I wonder what kind of existence is she.

So, I thought.


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