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Undead Seeks Warmth - Chapter 35


Chapter 35

Inside the dark lake, it was a totally different scenery than outside coming into my view.

Perhaps a space that was created by magic, and a castle stood right in the middle of it.

Totally different from nee-san's palace which was fitted to be called as an old fortress, this castle was decorated luxuriously.

Created from luxurious gems, it wasn't even integration to called it as the sweet stage of harlequin, it was such palace.

I who landed on the top of the rampart, got a little dumbfounded by the unexpected ... feminine taste.

And then, I realized.

The fact that I can detect, almost all the life force within the castle.

I thought that it was weird.

Ever since I can't use heat detection, my life force detection became stronger than before, its performance has clearly increased from before.

However, its range was 30 meters at most.

This castle which at most will be a size of a small town, for me to be able to detect all the life force inside it, was supposedly impossible.

... Perhaps, it was because this was a space that was created by magic?

And so, tuning and using magic will become much easier in this place, is that so?

I asked Proffes, and it seems so.

Well, other than that, it seems there was also other factors that made this possible .... but since it will be too long, I will omit it.

For now, I know that inside this place, I can detect life force in much more vast area than before.

This was some fortunate miscalculation. Hiding myself will be much easier.

Perhaps, there was about several hundred lives inside the castle.

Though unfortunately I didn't know the extent of their power, but my intuition said that several of them are dangerous.

In the first place, all of them who life in this place was a high level.

Certainly, they will be on the same level as of Hannibal or even TAKAHINA.

Not even winning, the possibility of me to be able to run away from them is very thin.

The only fortunate thing is the fact that Lilith and succubus are both whimsical creature, they shouldn't easily ask to fight.

As long as they are not in the bad mood, the possibility of me getting attacked as soon as we meet were thin.

And then, one of the defect of the life force detection.

... I totally didn't know the terrain.

Due to the heat detection that able to detect delicate change of temperature, it surprisingly made me able to understand the structure of building or some passages.

As I cannot use that anymore, all I can do is just estimate the position by the life forces that were detected.

It wasn't that different from searching by hand. This searching perhaps will be quite hard one ... but

Reverse-reverse that I used some time ago.

Same as my life force detection, inside this space, its performance should increase too.

Then the possibility of me to be able to find the magic item inside the castle, will be greatly increased.

For now, as I already have gone this far, I can't return anymore.

I dispersed the wings on my back, and silently enter the castle.

Luxurious furnishing, interior that was colored with red and gold.

Inside the passageway with red carpet covering it, adored with some meager ornament, it sparkled in my eyes.

It was to the extent that I thought that perhaps I was lost inside of some fairy tale.

For them to be able to live in this kind of place, I somehow felt a strange admiration.

For now, I haven't meet any of its residence.

Though it was mostly thanks to my life detection, I also have this [shadow gate]

It was a ring that gives its wearer the power to lurk inside the shadow.

I can use this quite well with the shadow from the candle on the ceiling that swayed.

The thing that I have to most cautious about was the opponents' charms.

Among the demon race, it was a technique that was used by that who have pride in its appearance, it has some fiendish effect.

If I just by a second got attracted by their appearance, they will use that gap to forcefully link their mind with mine, and then use me as they want, their magic was such.

Nee-san is also able to use it, but only a little.

For me who wasn't able to detect magical power and thus have a little resistance to magic, if I got caught in that magic there will be no way out.

... Well, perhaps charm won't be effective against me ... I think.

I remembered all of the woman I met after I arrived at this world.

Merlan, also nee-san, Misha, the sister.

Every one of them had a good appearance. Especially nee-san and the sister, they were possessing the beauty that will make 1000 of 1000 person say that they were beauty if asked.

In other words, I got used to seeing beauties.

Actually, I slightly looked at 2 succubus and a Lilith, and I didn't felt anything.

They certainly were beautiful and their appearance were attractive, but nee-san's attractiveness was a whole new level higher than them. I can say that it's impossible for me to get attracted at that level anymore.

Though I am already dead, for me who was once a man, I don't know if this was a gain or a loss.

But for now, it saved me.

Secretly hiding inside the vase with rose patterns on it, I waited until a passing succubus to pass.

Inside this space which was brimming with magic power, I don't know if my presence and magical power were hidden, but I completely ignored it.

I somehow felt like it was too easy ... but for now I didn't need to think anything unimportant, relying on my intuition, I silently advanced into the castle.

................ Snickering.


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