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Undead Seeks Warmth Chapter 3


Glidding through the sky, it was several hundred of meters in the sky.

... Soon, I should be able to see the nation border.

Different from Shardia who were blessed with forest and mountains, Bolt Haizen was 80% dessert.

For the sake to living in such a harsh environment, they were the country which magical technology is the most advanced among the 3-great country.

And so, they were called as [ Bold Haizen the Country of magic]

The place where I was aiming for, was [the black lake] that located about 2 days of walking away from the country's border.

If by flying it'll only take a day ... If I hasten it can probably take only half day.

In front of me, I can see the end of the forest.

What came after the forest was prairie and if I go further I will find the dessert.

The border of the country was the border between the prairie and this forest.

After 5 minutes, I will enter the territory of Bold Haizenn

At the end of the forest, I can't find anything that resembled the sign of the border.

Well, that was a matter of course. Each of the three-great nations were having friendly relationship. I've never ever heard once about them having a war before ever since they were founded.

I also read about it in history books at nee-san's place so it can't be wrong.

Looking at the whole world's level, thinking with my logic that came from the earth where no matter what era we lived in, there will always be some kind of quarrel, a country that gets along for thousand years of time, was something that was impossible beyond impossible.

Perhaps, it was the result of a being that was called [ monsters ] that become the same [enemy] of every humans.

In the end, unless there were such things that exist, human cannot be united.

While there was nothing in particular that happened, I passed the border.

The perpetual night area that still didn't enter my sight.

Compared to the especially big [ Dusk mountain range ] and [ woodland of the golden night ] ... no .

Among the 6 territories of the perpetual night, among the name of the [ six night ]. The black lake was the closest.

With the area of almost about 1 km, it seems to be a place that was similar to a miniature garden.

Well, it helped me that it was small since it made the search became easier for me.

But at the same time, there was a thing that worried me.

What I was worried about, was the contact with the [ demon king ] and nothing else.

A place where monsters of rank 6 and higher gather, the area of perpetual night.

And then, among the [ six night ], excluding a place, each of them have one demon king resided in it.

[ Woodland of the golden night ] with the vampire lord , vermouth - Erzalord .

[ Solitary island of the forbidden ] with orichalcon dragon , Rindoburm .

[ Empty wasteland ] with Despair Evil , Marei-jack .

[ Full moon paririe of the seven tribe ] With Kaizer Beast , Aslan-Leoga. (TL : NARNIA!! )

And then, [the black lake], resided a being that govern over all of the lilith (sucubi)

Queen lilith, Rafa-Kirushi.

The one among the demon king race with the moodiest temperament, resided inside it.

I heard all their names from nee-san.

It's just ... about the queen lilith, they will undergo a change once every 100 hundred years, so it's probably different now.

... It's not like they will be any big merit by knowing their name, so it doesn't really matter.

By the way about [dusk mountain range], that place was already empty.

It seems, it was the land of the demon king with the title [grim reaper] that was slayed by the legendary hero several hundreds of years ago.

That's why, at the thin part of the mountain foot.

In other words, there were only weaker monsters at the crimson plain, the danger lever was comparatively low.

However ... It was different with other five areas. I realized it by staying in the woodlan of the golden night.

It feels like in the different world, inside that place where darkness resides.

Greatly different from the monster from the outside. A deep darkness that will devour anything that lost its focus.

The black lake where I go toward right now, perhaps was something similar to that.

Honestly, it was a place that out of the reach of some 4-rank monsters like me.

But, even so.

Since the thing that I wish for, perhaps existed at that place.

The died that was due to my fault, that one that felt like a little sister to me.

Right now, that kid, rest inside a cold coffin made from ice.

I want to revive her.

I want to return her life that was taken away because of me.

Flapping my wings, I increased my speed.

... No matter what danger laid ahead.

I am, an Undead. the one that shall never be broken even when my head was separated from my body.

If depending only my undead attribute, it was the only thing that I won against nee-san.

Only now, I was thankful for this body.

Even if my body was half destroyed, I can act like it was nothing.

Because of the cold air that gathered within this body, I can repair any kind of defect in a flash.

When fighting someone that was higher rank than me, there was nothing more helpful than this, right?

The prairie below my eyes, slowly changed into a dessert.

Before long, the lake that was clad in darkness should enter my view.

Somewhere at that place, the fourth magic item laid.

This was a game about speed and luck.

Without meeting with the demon lord, as fast as possible.

Quickly searching for the magic item, finding it.

Then quickly leaving afterwards.

... ... No problem

I have the magic item to change probability after all, and I'm good at hiding myself.

I'm a monster that attack based on assassination and surprise attacks after all.

As long as I don't meet the demon lord, nothing bad will happen.

Nothing bad .... right?

Guided by the wind, while slowly feeling the big presence with this body.

Finally, in the bright of the day, I found the darkness of the night.


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