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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! - Chapter 9


The boring days are over.

That's right! I can finally lift my head!!

And then, I learned how to crawl immediately due to the result of me doing muscle training frantically every day. Now, I can even do 'bye bye' movements.

Yep, I was so moved when I can first turn myself. It was my most emotional moment since my reincarnation that I could just cry...

But, from her on now it would be difficult. Why? I am under 24 hours surveillance. By Mother. By Mary San. By all the other maids.

Talking about them, they love to make silly faces as they look at me while going ’’ So cute! So cute that I can just eat him! ’’ and pinch my cheeks. To tell the truth, they are really scary. Mah, to the plain looking me, this might just be the only time I am going to get this treatment.

And so I will slip under their surveillance and escape from the room....which have to happen after I can break out from my crib.

This. Annoying. Fence!

I wanted to climb over it but as the strength in my legs is lacking, I sadly gave up. This will be impossible till I have the strength to stand. And so, in my disappointment, I moped around. While glaring at the fence.

And then, I realized something.

There is a door on the fence! The lock is fashion like some wooden puzzle ring to prevent babies from opening it. However! I have this (brain)!

I point to the sky, setting it as my victory pose and grin.

The result.

So easy.

It is a little scary going down but relying on the special strength of a baby's grip, I somehow managed to reach the floor.

’’ Hmpt. ’’

I looked at the crib and waved bye-bye while laughing.

Yep, what a sense of achievement.

But I cannot afford to stand here carelessly anymore. Because I made use of the time where everyone is busy doing the chores to slipped out.

And so, after many cycles of infiltration, after so much sweat and tears, I finally conquered this huge house! What great job I did since I was not once found by anyone. Please praise me. Can it be that I actually have the talent to become a spy?

-Incomplete, 80% done-


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