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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! - Chapter 4


004 - The Thoughts of The Boy

Posted on June 14, 2016 by crazypumkin

[TN: Looks like an interlude.]

The boy was in a single-mother family.

His mother worked overtime everyday. In addition to the difficulties of raising a child single-handedly and doing her job is proving to be more difficult then she thought causes her spirit to wears away everyday.

The boy's mother was beautiful.

But .........

That day, the boy's mother returned home late after her overtime.

’’ Welcome home. ’’

The boy who turned 8 honestly waited for his mother to come home every night.

Just so to give his mother warm food after working hard everyday for his sake.

’’ ..... I'm home. ’’

The dinner prepared by the boy was splendid. So good that he could open a restaurant. The boy, since young, has been trying his best with the housework.

In order to lessen his mother's burden. In order to get a smile from her. In order to get praised by her. In order to get approval from her.

But no matter how he tried his best, his mother never smiled at him. Never ever praise him. She even treated like he was not even there.

Today was the same. His mother did not smile, did not said that the food was delicious and simply went to bed with a darkened face.

Even so, the boy never did once blame his mother.

Because the boy knew how many difficulties his mother had faced.

The boy had a thought.

Anyone can do housework. It was the boy himself who haven't tried his best.

And so the boy tried harder.

His studies. Sports.

He tried hard as like in the past. He got full marks every time. Before he realized, he had already studied all the way till university level.

Without slacking at housework.

He would fold the clothes neatly, cleaned every nook and corner, cook delicious dinner every night, got full marks in every test.

And all he got was a ’’ Right. ’’.

It was a wearisome, short reply.

A reply that did not recognize the effort the boy put in.

And even so, the boy did never once blame his mother.

It happened on a certain day.

The boy's mother fainted.

She was admitted into the hospital but no cause could be found.

She was already skinny and yet she got skinnier day by day.

The boy devoted his time in taking care of her.

And even so never had once his mother looked at him.

The final day came.

It was a rare day where his mother is smiling self-deprecatingly which causes the boy to involuntarily ask.

’’ Mum, why do you hate me? ’’

The boy knew it in his heart.

Why his mother never once looked at him no matter how hard he tried.

The boy's mother smiles a gentle self-deprecating smile.

’’ I hate that face of yours. ’’

The boy's mother knew in her heart that the boy was not in the wrong.

In fact she is even thankful towards him. If she ever managed to be frank to him.

In the end, anger took over her.

Ever time she looked at his face she would remember her divorced husband.

And now she is looking at that person's eyes.

’’ I'm sorry. ’’

The hoarse mumble of the boy's mother did not reach him. For he had left the hospital room.

The next day, it was the first time the boy was not in the hospital room.

Then, as if it was at her own choosing, the boy's mother breath her last.

With a graceful smile that not even the boy had even seen on her face.

’’ So it was because of this face. ’’

The boy clenches his fist.

’’ This face..... ’’

And he decided.

To live strongly.

That even with his face there wouldn't be a problem.

’’ .....It's a dream.’’

He woke up as it is hard to breath.

Looking outside the window, the sky is still somewhat dark, looking like it's a little before dawn.

But it had been some time since he last had that dream.

.....He thought he managed to forgot about it.

He laughed self-mockingly as he got up.

Careful not to wake his parents who is sleeping on either side of him, he got out of the bed and walk down the corridor.

’’ Fuwaaaa ’’

He let out a huge yawn as he heads towards his own room.

It must be because of the conversation yesterday that he had that dream.

The meaning behind what John Sensei said can be guessed easily as he had been through it before. He thought they are quite alike.

Which is why he thinks that they can get along well.

Even though there is a huge age gap, he still thinks that they can become close friends.

Even though he was a little worried when he heard about John Sensei's problematic family, unexpectedly it just might turns out well.


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