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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! - Chapter 32


032 - My Work Can't Seemed To Finish

Posted on August 25, 2016 by crazypumkin


I had no idea what the heck just happened.

I was simply trying to bear my pain by glaring. Then suddenly, in the middle of everything, the scenery changed and I seemed to be sitting on top of a sofa. I think they tried asking about my identity a few times but I am beginning to think that the reason I cannot move might be because the collar was broken.

That thinking/hope only lasted for an instance before disappointment crashed in.

[TN: She heard or knew it was because of her broken bones.]

Before I realized it, the cloth around my neck was unfasten and my collar revealed.

Then, the angel-like child walked over and without even asking anything, started to murmured something.

A warm mana then wrapped around me and around my neck area, a sound was heard.

My understanding can't catch up.

’’ ...........Why? ’’

The word just slipped out.

I had a feeling I said that before. But right now, my cracking voice exposed my emotions. My clouded world just suddenly became clear. Unable to process all of this, my vision went white.

Onee San, who came to recognized that her collar had been taken off, looked at me with eyes filled with questions before passing out. The control from the collar was broken which allowed her to faint from the pain.

’’ Sensei, what do you think? ’’

Before she fainted, the expression that she had, made me felt like she was no longer our enemy.

By my voice, Sensei seemed to had come back from his thoughts.

’’ ...How many times do you want my heart to stop...? ’’

Sensei, who was sighing, sounded happy despite his words.

...It is going to hard after this. But really, I am only gasping at straws just now.

’’ I am not a guinea pig you know? ’’

I am going to try my upturned eyes attack!

This was super embarrassing but I will do anything to protect my mental health! My life is precious to me!

In the end, Sensei snickered at me.

...Isn't it fine? You don't have to laugh at me !

But just a little, I was relieved that Sensei was still Sensei. I had been afraid that our relationship will fall apart by me using my magic.

I am embarrassed at myself for thinking about this!

’’ ....And so, is this Onee San our enemy? ’’

’’ Ah, maybe. Will, are you thinking that she is not an enemy? ’’

’’ Yes... It is just my intuition though. ’’

John Sensei heard the last part I murmured.

’’ My intuition is telling me the same thing but... without anything concrete... ’’

He said, troubled.

...Sensei, who had a troubled look on, looked at Onee San. With dusk lighting framing the both of them, they looked picture-perfect...

Damn... I am so jealous of their beautiful faces...

For a moment, I stood there, hanging my head, before managing to continue the conversation.

’’ But, having the collar attached means that it is very likely Onee San have no idea who her 'client' is, right? ’’

That's right. Of course, in the best case, the person who attached the collar was the one who ordered this job. But they had went through the trouble to attached the collar onto her, which means the 'owner' would not want the 'client' to control them easily. Which is why, it was most unlikely that it was the 'client' who attached it.

’’ ....I agree... Well then, let us wait till she regains her consciousness, shall we? I am sure Master will return by tomorrow as well. ’’

Sensei said, nodding at me. Catching his meaning, I chanted.

’’《治癒》’’ [TN: Chiyu, Heal]

And another on just in case.

’’《武器探知》’’ [TN: Buki Tanchi, Weapons Detection]

I chanted as I imagined if any weapons were found hidden on her, even with her clothes on, would emit a red glow. Her arm and leg glowed. I removed the pointy-knife-like weapon and passed them over to Sensei before he carried her over to the bed.

I then remembered the other 2 and gave them the same treatment as Onee San.

By then, it was so deep into the night that the sky might just be getting bright soon. Somehow today seemed to be extremely tiring... I had unknowingly tensed myself up all this time and when I relaxed, a strong wave of sleepiness swept over me.


’’ .... ll... ill... Will! ’’

’’ Y, yes! ’’

I answered by reflex as I seemingly heard Sensei shouting my name.

’’ ....Hm? Why is Sensei here? ’’

When I realized it, Sensei was laying beside me in my bed, with his clothes in a mess. I think no one will blame me for panicking a bit. I turned to John Sensei with surprise.

’’ Why? ...You... Will, you grabbed onto my clothes and fell asleep and I tried but I cannot released your grip. ’’

’’ I'm sorry... ’’

It was deep in my psych to apologize reflexively. And when I looked around, I found out that the room I am in was not my own but Sensei's...

At that point I snapped out of my drowsiness and remembered all that happened yesterday.

That's right... I removed the trio's collar, healed them, placed Onee San on my bed and the rest on the sofa... with restrictions.

I snapped up. Mary San was going to my room to wake me up!

’’ It's okay, it is not the time yet. I woke you up early. ’’

Like he had just read my mind, Sensei smiled.

’’ Well, thank you for all your hard work yesterday. You saved me. Thank you. ’’

John Sensei said his thanks again, making me a little awkward. But the smile, void of any scheming or plans, from John Sensei was extremely destructive.

E..Even me... In the future... I can!

Undauntedly, I smiled and turned to Sensei.

’’ You are welcome. ’’

With that, Sensei stood up.

’’ Well then, shall we clean things up before Mary San comes? ’’

We moved the trio to the office and I went back to my bed, feigning sleep. By the way, John Sensei was in the office as well because he had not 'returned home' yet and would cause surprise if seen.

I managed to pull one over Mary San's eyes and after breakfast, succeeded in secluding myself in the office. How did I do it? .... Please do not ask. I said something along the lines of aspirating to become Father... Who am I explaining to, anyway.

As I was bathed in questions after questions from Sensei in the office, my savior came home. Hearing a knock, I looked out into the corridor and saw a maid standing there.

’’ Young Master Will, Master had returned. ’’

For some reason, the maid seemed to be in high spirits as she forcefully held my hand and having no choice, I let her as we hurriedly made our way to the entrance hall. Once there, I saw Father, face ashen.

’’ Welcome home, Father. ’’

Happy that he was back, I rush over as Father, with a about-to-cry face, laughed and hugged me.

’’ You are safe...! Will! ’’

Although his beard hurts but I decided to let it go this time. The fact that I returned Father's hug happily is a secret between us. It must also be my imagination that Mary San, leading the rest of the maids, looked at that scene of us warmly.

After that, I dragged Father to his office and together with John, explained all that happened yesterday. Listening with a grim face, Father nodded and began to rely his version of what happened.

’’ I had a bad feeling throughout the entire case. As I thought, that was just a lure. ’’

Once Father reached the capital, it was confirmed that merchants, that had once been suspected of slave trading, and Nobles that was closed to Veltor, were seen at the harbor. Moreover, they seemed to be piling up large bags of something.

When Father launched a surprise check on the luggage, both the merchants and Nobles had a nonchalant air about it while smirking. At that point, Father was certain he was tricked and when checked, all the large cages contained only chickens.

Now it was confirmed he was tricked. He then hastily finished the procedures and proceeded to rush home. To go through such a trouble just to lure him to the capital, he was certain the target was his family. Plus Mother, who possess the strength to fight back, was staying over after her tea party and John was back at his house due to his mother illness. There was only 1 person left to target and just by thinking about it, Father panicked and rush as fast as he can back home.

’’ Will, you did well! You really wanted to help John Sensei right? Amazing! As expected from Lily and my son! ’’

In the end, I was caught by Father again as he ruffled my hair over and over again.

’’ Pleassseeee Stttooopppppppppp!! ’’

My cries of distress did not seemed to reach Father...

Shortly after, Mother came back and the 2 looked like they wanted to discuss something. Father let me go and they entered their private room.

I had done all I can, and would leave the rest to Father. After which was... The Shadow Onee San's trio I guess... As I stop along the corridor, a hand was placed onto my shoulder. Turning back slowly, I saw John Sensei, who had a smile on his face.

’’ Well then, it is time for you to explain. ’’

He remembered.

....It seemed like my work was not yet done.

Ah... How do I explain....

That night.

After dinner, when everyone was asleep, John was called to the office by Gion.

’’ Is it true.... the [Collar of Slavery]? ’’

Gion asked bitterly.

’’ ...Yes. I had suspected my own eyes as well. ...But it matched the description as written by the court's classified book. The rest... will to have to wait till they are awake. ’’

John said, looking at the Shadow trio on the sofa.

’’ It might became a troublesome case... ’’

Gion murmured in a low voice that even John cannot catch. In any case, the both of them had the same bitter expression on.


AN: Finally I can see the end of this case. It had been so long... I dragged it for too long.

And right now I am hesitating if I could write an explanation of Will's abilities.

But, thank you so much for being with me all this time! I am trying my best so please give me any of your opinions or thoughts so I can use it as a reference. Or rather, I would be extremely glad to receive it!

Please continue to support [Tensei Shichatta Yo] from now on as well.

PS: I am crying into my pillow because I just realized this is a such a no-sense name for my novel title. [laughs]

TN: Argh, long chapter. Enjoy~


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