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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! - Chapter 16


016 - The Son of Beryl House (14 POV)


TN: 4 more to go.

Oh yes, the author uses 14 (jyu-yon) to call John as they sounded alike in Japanese. I find it amusing so I'm keeping it.

AN: Introduction of a new character. As promised, a scholar.

However, 85 likes!?

The moment I saw that my eyes dropped onto the floor...

I am too happy!

Thank you!

It will still be slow-tempo from now on so youroshiku onegaishimasu.

Tonight, I am invited to the birthday party for the son of the famous Beryl's house.

The head of a distinguished family as well as the leader of the knights, Gion Sama. Well known was also his intellect and his strength, as seen by the military. A person I greatly respect.

My name is John Veltor.

I was born in a mid-class noble house and is currently a scholar. Even if I say so myself, I think I can be considered as clever. But my house can be said as rotten.

My father is deplorable and my foolish brothers follow his footsteps. They squeeze tax money out of their subjects and spend it on pleasure. How shameless.

As the 2nd son, I can do nothing. It is frustrating so to become someone who can stand up to that, I abandon my house. Now, I am working hard as a scholar.

Gion Sama, whom I respect. As rumors goes, he imposed good governance across his territory and when I met him in person, I trembled at his wiseness. How can such a perfect person exist?


I often heard rumors about Beryl's house's child.

That he is a genius.

That he is a prodigy.

Gion Sama said that too...It is unimaginable.

He is a strict person for better or worst.

But he is a parent after all.

This is disappointing. I feel like going home.

Possessing great intellect, is very reliable, that is why...

The person standing on the stage talking, is that really Gion Sama?

Certainly, standing in front of a crowd at only 3 years old is a little impressive but at most that means his growth is faster then other children. [TN: You have no IDEA.]

In the end, this is just fond parents showing off their child, I thought as I look up at the stage.

’’’’’’’’’’ OOH! ’’’’’’’’

The young child walked out from the curtains. And the event hall is filled with commotion.

I too, unintentionally held my breath.

.....It is like an angel had appeared. Soft silky silver hair, that ends a little below his ears, sways along the wind, green transparent pupils that stares gently yet with focus, he walks out with an air of composure. All of his well-featured parts are perfectly arranged on his face, like a miracle.

And most of all, the aura surrounding him.

You would not think he is just 3 years old.

His eyes, shining with intellect, faced the front.

’’ As introduced, I am Williams-Beryl. Today is my birthday party for celebrating me becoming 3 years old and I am really grateful to all of you for accepting the invitation. I hope you can enjoy yourselves and hope you have a great chime. ’’

What in the world is this.

That speech with no hesitation, you would not believe a 3 year old child said it. He is a, a prodigy. Now I finally understand what Gion Sama said.

And then, he smiled gently.

An ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A commotion stirred up again, Gion Sama said something but I can take nothing in now.

Lighting had struck me.

I want to talk to the child, Williams Sama, so badly that I cannot stand it.


AN: Well well, what will happen to him I wonder.

It is about time for Will's [cheat] to be seen by someone.


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