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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! - Chapter 14


014 - Birthday! Debut! (First Part)

Posted on July 1, 2016 by crazypumkin

TN: And finally the story is moving onto 002 of the digest chapters.

AN: Thanks for your likes! The number of people increased so my heartbeat is raising...And so.

A child's work is to play, to eat and to sleep.

I bid farewell to the 1 year of being a kid which I enjoyed very much.

In that year I played with Father in the garden sometimes, had Mary San read pictures books to me, played building blocks with Mother. And also practicing mugic when no one is looking.

It seems like in this world, the growth of the body is faster as compared and nowadays, I am eating what adults are eating. Eating food that Nobles eat.

But somehow..Even though the ingredients are are high-graded, there are times when the taste is so bland that I yearn for a stronger, junk-food like taste.

Which I feel is such a pity.

And that kind of me is finally turning 3 today!

Finally! 3 years old!

Actually, upon coming into this world, I made a promise with myself. 3 years old, it is 3 years old. When I can finally show my thirst for knowledge as well as speech and conduct. As I have memories of my previous world, I came to the conclusion that it would not be strange for a child to have a thirst of knowledge at 3.

Honestly, hearing all about Father's hero's tale and gossips about the nation from the maids made me unable to stop thinking about it!

And finally the day which I can do something came and I am so excited.

Ah, no, it is that I am excited about the party or looking forward to the presents or stuff like that. I am not.

’’ Young Master. ’’

Mary San took my hand and open the huge door.

’’ Good luck. ’’

With that, we entered the room. I gave a small nod, and looked in front of me. A red curtain filled my sight. Splendor gold ornament embellished it, a rare sight in our house.

And if I turn my head a little, what entered my sight will be people, people, people....

Yes, today is my birthday party slash debut party.

3 years old debuting is a little early but when I heard about it, my first impression is that it must be a custom among Nobles.

Tentatively, it is the birthday of the eldest son of a distinguished family so a magnificent buffet is held, where the likes of Nation's high ranking officers and Nobles are invited.

....Uwah, how very noble-ish... Even though I am a Noble as well...

Do I have to do courtesy calls? To become a Tanuki to find out what is their intentions? [TN: Meaning using sly methods to gauge their intentions or what they are thinking.] Well, I have been worrying about all these but it turns out that because I am only 3, my duty is only to do the introductory speech at the beginning.

Ah, I am relived.

And thus, I am at the stage of a ballroom-like room in my house, standing at the side, behind the curtains, waiting for my turn.

...I am not..nervous..not but since I am only 3, I can pretend to be innocent. Thinking of ridiculous excuses like that, I can somewhat remain calm.

There is no royalty here. There is no state officers here. Everyone is a pumpkin! [TN: Me!]

Yes,, that person might be an egg that looks like a pumpkin. Oh, I am about to burst into laughter, and thanks to that, my nervousness lessen.

Thank so much, Egg-like Uncle. In my heart, you are THE Humpty-Dumpty.

And as I am thinking about rude stuff like that, Father finished his greetings and my name was called on stage.

On the palm of my hand, I wrote 'EGG' 3 times and swallowed it down. I steeled myself and walked out of the curtain and onto the stage. [TN: Japanese custom is to write people, 人, 3 times on the palm and swallowed it down to prevent nervousness.]

’’ Oooh! ’’

Immediately all eyes are on me and astonished gasps could be heard.

....E,eh?! Eh, eh, is there something wrong with me? Is there something stuck on me? It cannot be, is my clothes are torn?

The EGG I just swallowed felt like it exploded somewhere inside me but somehow, I managed to control my expression and walked to the center of the stage slowly, minding my posture.

I faced the front.

I can see the Egg (-like Uncle). ...Phew...I felt more composed.

’’ As introduced, I am Williams-Beryl. Today is my birthday party for celebrating me becoming 3 years old and I am really grateful to all of you for accepting the invitation. I hope you can enjoy yourselves and hope you have a great tiimu. ’’

Commotion stirred among the guests.

Uwah...Damn it, I fumbled!

Isn't it fine, I am only 3! ...Of course, I guess a Noble have to really do it properly...

I control the urge to hang my head and muster the last of my energy. Pasting a pleasant smile on my face, I slowly and elegantly bowed.

’’ And so, let the feast start. ’’

With that one sentence from Father, the room became brighter.

...It must be light magic.

I bowed once more, to the noisy guests who held wine or appetizers in their hand, and walked back backstage.

....Hahhhh....I am tired.

As I released a deep sigh, the door opened and I met eyes with Mary San.

’’ ....... ’’

’’ You worked hard, Young Master. It was a wonderful speech. ’’

...I fumbled though.

But I accepted Mary San's compliment honestly. ...I think it is okay to not rub salt into my wounds.

’’ Thank you. ’’

I smiled, finally relaxed, and entered the room.


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