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Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 315


Chapter 315: It Was All of You Who Forced Me to Transform!


The ground in front of the car suddenly exploded!

A giant sword shot through the air and struck the ground before them, creating a giant pit there. Dust billowed. The entire road had been destroyed!

Xu Que didn't have to see to know that it had been the crazy mob from the entrance of the Sword Catacomb who had caused this.

Those people's powers were not to be underestimated. Some of them were elders of various schools and sects, and some of them had reached the Infant Transformation Stage. That was how they had caught up with Xu Que's Bumblebee so quickly.

"Damn it, these people are asking for trouble! I've told you that I'm not going to bother you anymore and you people still want to chase me? Don't blame me for what happens next then…"

Xu Que immediate stomped on the brakes in fury!

He had originally intended to quietly sneak to the Imperial Tombs after exiting the Sword Catacomb, and had not wanted to cause any more commotion.

However, it seemed that he was fated to get trapped in situations where he would have to act tough. He hadn't planned to act tough at all, but it seemed that these people were going to chase him around and force him into it again. Well… it wouldn't be his fault, then.

"Just release the Sword Spirit to deal with them! I told you, that's how you should deal with this bunch of bastards. I hate them, they ganged up on me and hit me. Quick! Help me teach them a harsh lesson! Just kill them all!"

Er Ha was happy as he yelled and yelled at Xu Que to get the Sword Spirit out. He was sure that once the Sword Spirit appeared, all these people would be killed in seconds.


At the same time, many Cultivators had caught up with them now. They were made up of powerful fighters with great skills. They could even be the heaven's army.

Some of them were driving their own divine chariots as well and ramming Xu Que's divine chariot from the back, trying to kill him on the spot!

Whether they were out for personal vengeance of for a reward, at that moment Xu Que seemed to be dead meat from everyone's perspective.

"We've finally caught up with him! Everyone, concentrate on your attacks and destroy his divine chariot! Don't let him get away!"

"His divine chariot isn't all that fast after all. It's been running for so long, yet it has only reached this place!"

"It's probably those types that look good but are totally useless."

"And look at the material, it's such a strange kind of metal! No matter what, it's incomparable to what the Spirit Treasures Pavilion makes! Our divine chariots are made of materials that have been refined for 49 days! They are the essence of the finest iron…"

"Ha! The Spirit Treasures Pavilion! It's ours from the God Treasures Pavilion that are the best in the world!"

"F*king hell, will you stop it? It's not the time time to be fighting about whose divine chariot is the best! Let's just kill that bastard and the Jade Sword Sect will give everyone great rewards!"

"Yeah! Everyone, speed up! That iron on his divine chariot can easily broken with the cut of a sword!"

"Yeah! Kill him!!"

They then shouted threat after threat as they rushed down the road and charged towards Xu Que's car.

The Jade Sword Sect people had caught up too, and all their faces were darkened by their fury!

Even some elders from other sects and schools had come, all of whom had attained the Infant Transformation Stage.

Some of them had come because of the promised six-star sword. Some of them had come because they had been provoked by Xu Que before and would be more than glad to see the bastard dead!

Strong and talented fighters had flocked here and converged into a powerful group.

It was a spectacular scene!


Even Er Ha looked horrified. He stared wide-eyed at the scene behind them and shouted, "shit! Bastard, isn't it time to get the Sword Spirit out?"

"Why should I? It's not our first time anyway. Come on, I'll make us fly. Don't forget to yell 666!"

Xu Que smiled and put the car in reverse gear. He then stepped on the gas pedal and drove backwards at a frightening speed!

Everyone was stupefied! This was an unexpected move!

"That divine chariot can move backwards? That's amazing!"

"What's so great about that? It's just a huge lump of rusty iron painted in some weird color. What's color. What's so impressive? Our chariots from the Spirit Treasures Pavilion are still the best!"

"F*k you, it's ours from the God Treasures Pavilion that are really the best!"

"Stop fighting, let's go faster. Don't let that guy escape! Let's slam into his iron divine chariot!"

"Hahaha, don't worry, our people from Spirit Treasures Pavilion have blocked up the road ahead!"

"Hahaha but we from the God's Treasures Pavilion have made plans as well! We've got some divine chariots to block the road. When that bastard slams into them, he'll be dead instantly!"


As they spoke, everyone turned their attention to the road and saw that there were rows of divine chariots there situated so close together that there would be no way for the bastard to escape.

Everyone was relieved. This way, they had surely trapped the bastard in a corner!

In fact, they could see that Xu Que's chariot had been made with low-quality material, totally inferior to the chariots from Spirits Treasures Pavilion and God Treasures Pavilion!

The moment the bastard slammed into the other divine chariots, he wouldn't even live to regret it.

The divine chariots stopped, and they smiled as Xu Que drove backwards.

Someone sneered and said, "I think I can crush that pile of iron with my fist!"

"If the elders hadn't said that they wanted us to take the opportunity to showcase our divine chariots' sturdiness, I would've rushed over to that bastard and killed him right then!"

"Come on, let's see how this pile of iron is going to look once its look once its crushed!"

"Ha, it's definitely going to be smashed into bits if he drives that fast!"

Everyone was laughing and ridiculing Xu Que, completely certain of his demise!

In their views, Xu Que would be dead soon. What use was it that his divine chariot looked so strange? It was useless! There was no way he would be able to escape with so many Infant Transformation Stage Cultivators here!


"Ah… slow down! You're going to crash!" Er Ha couldn't help but scream.

Even though the dog was near invincible and no one could really kill him, he was still as cowardly as a mouse!

Xu Que smiled. "Get ready to yell 666! Ha, these idiots think I'm going to crash into them? They're joking! This is my ultimate move. Come on out, Bumblebee! Transform!"


Xu stepped on the clutch and changed to forward gear. His right leg then moved back and forth between the gas pedal and the brakes!

The car instantly slid in a perfect arc and drifted into a rotation.

Then, the metal parts of the car suddenly came apart and rearranged themselves—the car was transforming!




The sound of the mechanical assembly echoed across the area. The metal parts had completely changed forms and the vehicle was now no longer a car.

Under everyone's shocked gaze, the car had transformed!

"Lightning has hit the ground, and the Transformer Bumblebee has made its first appearance, frightening a group of idiots! Buttface, it's time to yell 666!"

Xu Que sat in the driver's seat and laughed to his heart's content.


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