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Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 306


Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Awesome!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


The capitalisation of the letters?

The crowd turned to look once again . They paused for a moment, looked carefully again and nearly fainted .

Brother, you are too good at fooling people!

The change in capitalisation is essentially meaningless, isn't it?

The Sword Spirit was clueless as well . He looked towards Xu Que, as if he wanted an explanation as well!

Xu Que behaved like a wise and mysterious man . He waved his hand and replied indifferently, ’’if Life is like the first sight, regardless of human or object, the first impression is very important . One needs to have a meticulous eye . It's the same for the Way of Sword . If you are able to thoroughly understand something in one glance;that is invincible!’’

. . .

Everyone was dumbfounded:

It can actually be explained in this way?

This sure sounded like nonsense but yet it seemed to make a lot of sense as well!

Brother Fujiwara, you sure are difficult to understand!

Sometimes what he said could sound like a load of bullshit, but at the same time those words could invoke deeper thoughts that could bring new understanding .

’’Brother Fujiwara, will you be able to tell us what is the first thing that comes to mind when you attack?’’ One of the elite cultivators humbly consulted Xu Que .

’’It's acting tough!’’


’’Sorry, no, actually when I attack, the first thing that came to mind is a world, a vast world . Because... there is a world in a wild flower, and a bodhi in a leaf . When all of you reach my level of attainment and able to see a world in every little thing, you have become a creator . You are God, you are electricity, you are light, you are the only myth!’’

Silence filled the area again .

Everyone opened their mouths wide and looked bowled over!  

A world in a wild flower, and a bodhi in a leaf!

This sentence ... is totally profound, so esoteric . It encompasses such powerful teachings of Zen!

Awesome! That's so wonderful!

So ...

Brother Fujiwara is really not what we see on the surface .

Shamelessness and insolence is only pretense . In reality, he is a genius who possesses profound knowledge and thoughts!

’’Elegant, that's really elegant!’’

’’We didn't expect ... brother Fujiwara to be so knowledgeable and brilliant!’’

’’We've misunderstood brother Fujiwara . Brother Fujiwara is a real gentleman!’’

’’We owe Brother Fujiwara an apology . Today, all of us are sinners!’’

Everyone sighed at their own short-sightedness .

The sentence 'a world in a wild flower, and a bodhi in a leaf'from Xu Que had deeply touched their hearts .

Ordinary people might feel nothing from these words but cultivators were able to sense and understand something more from the sentence .

This single sentence was equivalent to giving them the concept of thinking objectively and subjectively, so that when they faced a problem, they would be able to see the problem from new, different angles!

And so, science and blowing smoke they matched up perfectly!

Or to put it simply... the most terrifying rogues were the ones with culture!

Ding! ’’Congratulations to host 'Xu Que'for successfully acting tough tough . The reward is 210 Acting Tough Points!’’

Ding! ’’Congratulations to host 'Xu Que'for successfully acting tough . The reward is 240 Acting Tough Points!’’

Ding! ’’Congratulations to host 'Xu Que'for acting as a good man again . The reward is 800 Acting Tough Points!’’

Ding! ’’Congratulations to host 'Xu Que'for gaining the trust of the Sword Spirit and successfully gaining his respect!’’

As the system notifications rang in Xu Que's head, Xu Que looked towards the Sword Spirit .

The Sword Spirit's eyes were flashing as he gazed at Xu Que . He seemed to have made a decision .

He waved his sword again and a sentence appeared on the stone wall 'My name is You Hun . I admit defeat and will be your follower!'

Xu Que was extremely happy to see that!

Damn, I've finally managed to win over the Sword Spirit! I'm on cloud nine now!

With such a formidable Sword Spirit as my sidekick, who in the Cultivation World would dare provoke me? Hahahaha . . .

’’You will surely be proud with your decision in future,’’ said an excited and impassioned Xu Que . ’’Let's go, we'll go rob ... ah, no, we'll uphold justice and righteousness, and save mankind!’’

Subsequently, using the power of the System, Xu Que made contact with the soul of the Sword Spirit using his Soul Strength and successfully completed a contract!

Ding! ’’Congratulations to host for successfully subduing the Sword Spirit!’’

The system notification rang again . This meant that the Sword Spirit had acknowledged Xu Que as his master and would not betray him ever, him ever, or he would perish!

The crowd was full of envy . But there were also some who felt numbness on their heads . Their eyelids were twitching .

’’Uh... just now I thought I heard brother Fujiwara mentioned the word 'rob'. Would brother Fujiwara really do that?’’ An elite cultivator asked in worry .

’’It can't be . That's impossible . You must have heard wrongly!’’

’’Precisely, brother Fujiwara said to uphold justice and righteousness, and save mankind!’’

’’Correct, how can anyone who can utter profound words like 'a world in a wild flower, and a bodhi in a leaf', be going around robbing others? You are being unreasonable here, that's equivalent to slandering brother Fujiwara!’’

’’Our brother Fujiwara is a real gentleman!’’

The group of cultivators criticised the elite cultivator in an attempt to correct his thinking!

At the same time, Xu Que was chatting with the Sword Spirit . He asked him why he had named himself as You Hun? Had the Immortal Emperor he had followed been a man or a lady? Had he ever seen the color of the Immortal Emperor's undies?

The Sword Spirit was expressionless . He chose to ignore all these questions . He even felt that he could have misjudged and actually felt uneasy!

But it was too late for regrets!


Finally, he raised his sharp sword and wrote on the stone wall 'I've been in deep slumber for tens of thousands of years so my memories are incomplete . The wisp of soul you have is very important to me!’’

’’Oh right, the wisp of soul . Come, come, come, I'll return come, I'll return to you . You know, when I entered this place, I fought with a terrible presence out there for more than 300 rounds . I risked death to snatch this back . You owe me a favour, ha!’’

Xu Que started to brag again as he pulled out the piece of broken iron from his system storage .

When the piece of broken iron appeared on his palm, bright lights appeared and immense sword will started to gather around him!

Xu Que was once again enveloped by the bright light and the surrounding Spiritual Qi moulded into invisible swords!

. . .

The crowd of cultivators were stunned by that sight!

What ... What's happening?

Isn't this the Sword Spirit we saw earlier?

But, this is brother Fujiwara . So the Lord Sword Spirit just now ... is a fake?


In an instant, as if everyone had been dealt a blow on their chest, they nearly spat a mouthful of blood .


So f*king shameless!

Brother Fujiwara? Go to hell!

Gentleman? That's crap!

You disguised yourself as the Sword Spirit and boasted that you are innocent, naïve, simple, honest, respectful of elders and doting on the young!

I must have been possessed by an evil spirit because I believed you . All of us are fools!

This is bullying! You treated us like idiots and you played us around for so long!

Damn it, this is so infuriating . Even Buddha would be angry!

A man can be killed but not humiliated!

Fujiwara, we're going to fight till one of us ... ugh, forget it!

. . .

. . .


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