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Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 252


Chapter 252: This Old Bus Driver Is About To Drive Off. Move Aw

The way Xu Que had behaved and the words he spoke had completely left the crowd stunned!

Although all of them could tell that the Water Empress had some relations with Xu Que as though they were old friends, they were still shocked.

This person is the Water Empress! Someone who came from such a formidable background and whose status was loftier and more important than the Fire Emperor! She was even the most powerful disciple of the Sky Incense Valley and is now the esteemed Water Empress of the Water Nation!

Yet you actually referred to her as ‘fair little lady"?

Skin is soft and smooth?

F*k me! Is your life’s mission to offend as many monarch as possible?


The situation had exceeded the wildest imaginations of everyone around!

The calm and composed, sweet tempered and mild mannered yet highly esteemed Water Empress, who many people never got a chance to see in their entire lives, wasn’t the least angry!

Instead, her lips parted to reveal a wide smile. Her gorgeous smile was so alluring that it made everyone feel as though all the good things in this world had happened to them. The magnanimous and charming aura on her wafted around, causing everyone to feel a strange sense of happiness.

Amidst the shocked and appalling looks given by everyone around, the Water Empress laughed softly as she replied, "Alright."

She then stepped atop Xu Que’s excavator and sat down beside him!

"Let’s go then. The old bus driver is about to drive off. Move away everyone! Move away please! If I run over you, I shan’t be paying any insurance!"

Xu Que then pulled the gear in one direction as he stepped on the gas pedal, which caused the excavator to start moving. It then cruised into the Imperial Palace after its walls had been knocked down by this very machine.

"Little fair lady, watch closely. This is the gear and this is the accelerator. Once you step on it, it moves!"

The sounds of the excavator moving were getting rather loud and yet Xu Que could be heard teaching the Water Empress on how he was operating it.

The Water Empress paid very close attention as she listened and nodded her head from time to time.

The look on her face was one of a student who was learning and listening in class.

The crowd were all stumped by this.

As they watched Xu Que bring the Water Empress towards the Imperial Palace, moving further away from view, everyone started to regain their senses as they looked towards one another in shock. Their eyes were opened wide in disbelief!

"Am… Am I seeing this right? The Water Empress is following Xu Que as he digs his way in?"

"You didn’t see it wrong… because I’m seeing the same situation!"

"But what the hell is going on?! Why is the Water Empress showing so much care and concern for that Lord Prince Consort?"

"She probably started pitying and sympathizing with his plight. After all, someone like the Water Empress has such a big heart, she never hesitates to interact with mere commoners!"

"Indeed! Besides, the powers exhibited by the Lord Prince Consort was tremendous and impressive as well!"

"At the Original Infant Stage, he’s already so skilled and powerful. It’s no wonder that the Water Empress feels a certain bond towards him!"

"Ai, I wonder when will I have an opportunity like that as well. To sit with the Water Empress as we sit atop the excavator and take a sweet joy ride in the palace!"

"Outrageous! The Water Empress holds such a high and divine status and is the powerful monarch whom many people never had the chance to see with their own eyes. And you dare to harbor such fantasies about her?"

"Exactly! The audacity of you!"


"Come, let’s go nearer to take a closer look. I wish to see how powerful this excavator truly is. There’s even a chance that it might be able to dig through the palace and break into the sacred grounds!"

Amidst the discussions, everyone started flocking towards the Imperial Palace.

After the Imperial Palace lost the protection of its guards, nobody stood by the entrances to prevent unauthorized access. An entire group of nosey outsiders then entered the palace, hoping to catch a glimpse of action.

Xu Que was still riding with the Water Empress, cruising towards the back of the palace, looking extremely flashy.

There was a tall wall built at the back of the palace. It seemed like an entire area of lush greenery rested behind the wall.

There was another separate building in the middle as well.

Xu Que was thus made to stop since he was being obstructed!

The entire wall was covered with a layer of light. The light was so thick and resplendent, an indicative that many spells were casted within. The layer of light even seem to extend behind the wall, covering the trees and plants.

In the middle was a large bronze door with a dragon inscribed on the wall. The dragon was made up many strange words and had the aura of powerful ancient magic. Atop the door, there was also a sign board which read, "Sacred Grounds!"

Xu Que casted a glance towards the wall and looked at the layer of light. He could then faintly feel the Fire Emperor along with a dozen other shadows lurking behind as they ran towards the building at the other side of the wall.

A dozen eunuch were running towards the building as well as they carried large spiritual boulders, which were filled with strange inscriptions. They tossed the boulders by the side, erecting an altar of sorts.

Atop the altar were strange writings which formed the strength of the spells. Xu Que could see the boulders and their inscription through the spell wall. Although Xu Que wasn’t very skilled in deciphering such inscriptions, he knew that there were many layers of spells embedded within.

"This is a small scale teleportation spell!" The Water Empress saw it and exclaimed loudly.

One look was enough for her to recognize what it was. The large boulders sat together, forming the altar and she could tell that the teleportation device was almost completed.

Xu Que listened to her as his brows were raised.

This dog Emperor is too cunning! He actually built a teleportation device and tried to flee.

Did he think that he was going to best me with this?

This Act Tough King has numerous tricks up his sleeves and he’s ready to play this game with you till the very end. And yet, you thought you were clever by attempting to flee with your officials and ministers.

At this point, he condensed his energy within his dantian and shouted out loudly, "Dog Emperor, you’re going to forsake your own Imperial Palace? What kind of monarch are you? How dare you create a teleportation device to flee? If you have the guts, come out and fight with me! In this realm of cultivation, the most important characteristic would be to have courage. And yet you don’t have a single ounce of courage to have a solo duel with me. How do you still have the pride to continue living in this world? Be careful that your heart’s demons don’t wreck you!"

The Fire Emperor and his officials had long heard movement behind them and paused in shock, turning their heads back to see what the source was.

The wall between them wasn’t very tall. Xu Que and the Water Empress sat atop the seat of the excavator, letting them peer over the wall clearly. Hence, half of their bodies were made visible to the Fire Emperor.

As soon as they saw Xu Que and the Water Empress, the Fire Emperor and his officials were all taken aback.

Right at this point, there was a buzz within the Imperial Palace as many cultivators executed their own spells in order to let them have a closer look at the situation. Each of them were afraid to miss out on a good show.

However, as soon as they saw the powerful spells before the Sacred Grounds, all of them paused in shock.

Before this, nobody had the chance of entering the Imperial Palace, much less seeing the Sacred Grounds with their own eyes. It’s been said that nobody ever had the chance of seeing immense spells placed over the Sacred Grounds with their own eyes that’s why everything that they knew were based from rumors.

At this point, having witnessed this personally, they were all astonished.

One look and anyone could tell that the quality of spells casted over the Sacred Grounds wasn’t compromised at all. In fact, these were all extremely high grade and powerful restrictive spells. There wasn’t even the slightest chance for a normal cultivator to break through a single spell, much less the entire complex weave of numerous powerful spells.

Much less Xu Que, a mere Original Infant cultivator. Even a Void Refining Stage cultivator probably wouldn’t stand a chance in the face of such a wall.

With this multitude of restrictive spells, how could one ever hope of breaking through it?

There were no particular place to start with for there wasn’t a single weakness on this wall. Unless the entire wall was demolished, there was no way of breaking the spell.

Indeed, nobody around had the slightest doubt about the capabilities of this excavator. After witnessing how it demolished the palace walls effortlessly, it wouldn’t be a problem for the excavator to knock down this wall, which held all the powerful spells in place.

However, they’ve also seen the numerous eunuchs working on the teleportation device and saw that it was very near to completion. It wouldn’t be much longer before it would be completed.

Was it possible for the excavator to demolish this spell wall before the completion?

The crowd shook their heads. That was going to be too difficult… almost impossible!

However, to most of them, the fact that Xu Que had made it up to this point was remarkable.

The Heavenly Explosion Faction is truly not simple with the number of genius and talented people within. Besides, they also have a myriad of strange equipments including this Godly Weapon!

Before this was the God Powered Cannon and now, the excavator. All these were equipments which nobody had ever seen or heard of before!

It was a shame that there was only a single excavator on him. Despite the fact that its prowess were out of this world, it was going to be an impossible feat for only one excavator to break through the powerful spell wall. His efforts were futile.

It was precisely because of this, that the Fire Emperor was rather calm and composed. When he saw the Water Empress sitting together with Xu Que, his heart raged out. He then lowered his voice and spoke solemnly towards the Water Empress.

"Hong Yan, what’s the meaning of this? How could you sit with someone like him? Unless you wish to make an enemy of me and pit yourself against the Fire Nation?"

Following the Fire Emperor’s exclamation, everyone turned to look at the Water Empress as well.

Many people had already speculated and guessed what the relationship between the Water Empress and Xu Que was.

Why was she so protective over him and why would she, as a monarch, sit beside him this way?


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