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Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 197


Chapter 197: Master Ye’s Sword Broke!

"Ding! Congratulations to host for purchasing the Nine Deserted Swords Technique. Would you like to learn it?"

Xu Que agreed to the system and felt a wave of warm energy wash over his entire body, filling his meridians.

An image of a black robed person wielding the blade with supreme dexterity and skill appeared in his mind.

He could visualize how this technique worked as though it’s within him all these while.

At the next moment, Xu Que’s eyes opened wide as he retrieved a sword from his inventory and shot a glance at Ye Chang Feng. Killing intent radiated from within. He held the sword up and felt as though his body had been baptized by the energy from the sword.

He’s using a sword?

He actually dared to use a sword against the Legendary Swordsman Ye Chang Feng?

The Imperial Guard along with the rest of the audience were stumped by Xu Que’s decision.

Is he crazy? Doesn’t he know that Ye Chang Feng’s forte is with the sword?

Aside from cultivation prowess, within the entire five nations, nobody ever dared to use a sword against Ye Chang Feng!

This Ye Liang Cheng is truly insane!

Maybe he’s insane or maybe he just never heard of the name Ye Chang Feng, the Legendary Swordsman!

Either way, he’s doomed!

The audience shook their heads in sympathy for Xu Que as they watched on coldly.

The group of disciples from Jade Sword Sect were watching on in astonishment as well, as they shook their heads. "This black robed cultivator who called himself Ye Liang Cheng… Hahah! He’s really tired of living!"

Senior Brother Ye really doesn’t care about the rules. Look at him! I’m afraid that he’s planning on killing his opponent!

"If he really did kill his opponent, I don’t even think the Fire Emperor can do anything about him. In fact, he might even defend his actions!"

"Hehe, there’s no choice. Our senior brother Ye is truly that outstanding that he can do no wrong."

On the other side, Tang Liu Feng was stumped as well. He was standing by the side of the stage screaming out, "Brother Li, quickly come off the stage! This is one battle you mustn’t fight!"

There was another group of people watching and were taken aback by this scene as well!

The disciples from Sky Incense Valley who were led by their elder were equally shocked to see Xu Que on the stage.

One of the disciples was so appalled that he spoke out, "This black robed cultivator and the way he dresses looks so similar to Hua Wu Que, the person we’ve all been searching for!"

"In actual fact, I’ve seen the portrait of Hua Wu Que and it looks exactly the same as this person. Could it just be a coincidence?"

"It’s a pity that we’re unable to see his facial features, but according to what I know, this black robe indicates that he’s from the Heavenly Explosion Faction, the same as Master Hua! It seems like all the members from the Heavenly Explosion Faction owns a set of black robes."

"Elder, should we step up and discourage him from fighting this battle before asking him if he knows where Master Hua is now?" A disciple stepped towards the elder and whispered.

The elder had thick eyebrows as he frowned and shook his head, "We shall wait and see. If he’s really from the Heavenly Explosion Faction, it’s impossible that he would lose to Ye Chang Feng."

The Sky Incense Valley disciples heard this and opened their mouths but didn’t speak.

The gazes of the audiences were all on the stage which Xu Que was on.

Everyone was paying close attention to the bout between Xu Que and Ye Chang Feng. This match was supposed to happen with neither of them being able to use core energy and could only use their techniques and physical strengths!

"Everyone who’s ever dared to use a sword against me are all dead. You are no exception." Ye Chang Feng looked at Xu Que and spoke plainly.

"Oh little servant. You really can act tough well. Looks like you’re similar to me in that regard. You’ve been acting tough your entire life! But the one thing I, Liang Cheng, enjoy the most is facing up against people who think they’re the strongest. I shall make you understand that I don’t speak empty threats. Today, you shall get a taste of my true strength!"

As Xu Que finished speaking, his lips curled into a snarl as he held his blade up and ran his finger down across the entire length of it.

The blade of the sword produced a strange vibrating sound that reverberated across some distance within the stage.

"I’m guessing that you’ve not experienced what it feels like to act tough, but end up eating grass instead, huh? Don’t worry, for today, this act tough king shan’t even give you the chance to act tough!" Xu Que giggled as he spoke before he pointed his sword right at Ye Chang Feng and taunted him.

A cold glint flashed in Ye Chang Feng’s eyes as he saw what Xu Que did and struck out towards him skillfully.

His Shadowless Blood Blade moved so quickly, that indeed, its shadow couldn’t keep up with the blade itself. Even without core energy, the Legendary Swordsman moved with such insane speed that the audience found it hard to follow his moves.

Even Xu Que was somewhat startled by how quick he was and didn’t expect him to react this way.

However, after inheriting the Deserted Nine Swords technique, he was gifted with the natural reflexes and awareness which came along with the technique and felt innate. He could actually understand what Ye Chang Feng was trying to do.

In that second, Xu Que squinted as he moved his blade, causing a whistling sound through the air.

When everyone saw this, they were startled!

Is he really so unafraid of death that he refused to go into a defensive stance and went on the offensive instead?

Is he crazy?

Everyone opened their eyes wide!

What the audience didn’t know was that the Deserted Nine Swords Technique was all offense and no defense.

Every single stroke was to attack, which forced the opponent into a defensive stance.

Offense was the best defence.

This was often used to break the rhythm of a person’s techniques. The Deserted Nine Swords Technique had a reputation for being able to interrupt most sword techniques which it came against due to the unrelenting nature of its strokes.

Soon after, the sound of metal on metal rang out and sparks bursted forth from between their blades. Ye Chang Feng’s techniques had been completely brushed away by Xu Que effortlessly.

In fact, it wasn’t that Xu Que was successfully defending himself against his opponent. It was more of the fact that Xu Que was applying a rather unorthodox approach towards this battle. At times, it seemed like he was using a particular technique and yet it also seemed like he was swinging his sword wildly, taking his opponent by surprise.

This forced the Legendary Swordsman, Ye Chang Feng to change his stance in order to block himself against Xu Que’s strokes, counterattacking at every chance he got.

Ye Chang Feng then halted as the point of his sword faced the ground. He felt his palms tingle with numbness and looked up at Xu Que in surprise.

"What sword technique is this?" He asked coldly with a profound level of disbelief formed in his heart.

Xu Que laughed plainly as he opened his mouth and was about to act tough.

Kuang dang!

Xu Que’s blade fell to the ground as he held onto the hilt of the sword, bladeless.

The entire scene turned silent before the crowd erupted in cheers and astonished discussions.

Quick, look, Master Ye’s blade broke!

Look at how the Legendary Swordsman has defeated him! In fact, his opponent’s sword even broke!

"This must be due to the Shadowless Blood Blade. That sword is a Four Star Grade Weapon! Even without using any core energy, it’s might is unparalleled."

"Haha! Looks like Ye Liang Chen is doomed!"

"But that’s strange. Why did Ye Chang Feng stop? Is he giving Ye Liang Chen the chance to surrender?"
"That’s very unlike Ye Chang Feng’s character! For he never shows mercy!"

The crowd broke out in frenzied discussion.


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