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Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 128


Chapter 128: Automatic Refining Function

Su Ling’er had just tasted the chocolate and was astounded beyond words.

Such an amazing taste was enough to cause anyone to be addicted to it.

Still, she was slightly suspicious. Every single time she licked the chocolate, she noticed a strange smile spread across that monkey’s face, making her feel strange all over.

Su Ling’er looked at him suspiciously, before falling deep into her own thoughts.

Of course, she had been thinking of the best ways to convince someone like Xu Que to stay here in Sky Demon Tribe.

In actual fact, after watching Xu Que demonstrate such amazing powers outside the tribe domains, she had already been thinking of ways to invite him to join the Sky Demon Tribe.

Today, Xu Que managed to surprise her once again with his alchemy skills, causing her to be more sure that she has to do everything in her power to make such a capable freak join her tribe.

At this time, Xu Que was still smiling as he walked up to her.

"What is it?" Su Ling’er paused in shock as she asked.

"You promised me a request, do not forget. You should lick more of that thing. It would be good for your body…" Xu Que dragged his words as a sly grin appeared on his face.

Su Ling’er was astonished and clearly misunderstood his expression. She then recalled what Su Xiao Qi had told her earlier, and her face blushed as she cleared her throat and looked down, clearly too embarrassed to look at Xu Que.

When she looked up, Xu Que had already turned around and walked over to the shelves along the walls. He started picking several herbs and ingredients from the shelf.

After examining the contents of the herbs, Xu Que started to prepare the necessary items to refine the Lightning Evasion Pill.

There were many required ingredients needed to make the Lightning Evasion Pill. However, he noticed that most of them were already available on the shelf. Hence, he didn’t bother to access the system store to purchase at first. He decided to search for as much as he can get on the shelves before purchasing the items which weren’t available to him here.

Su Ling’er watched as he took down so many ingredients. She then asked, "What pill are you going to refine now?"

Xu Que laughed and replied, "You will know when I’m done. It will be useful for your Thunder Worship Tribulation as well."

"Useful for my Thunder Worship Tribulations?" Su Ling’er started to get suspicious once again. Apart from the Vitality Pill and Circulation Pill, she couldn’t think of any other pill which would help her.

Xu Que didn’t intend to explain as well, smirking before walking over to the furnace. He waved a hand and started doing everything he did earlier once more.

This time, the audience weren’t as tense or worried anymore. They looked towards him with eyes of admiration and reverence. At the same time, each of them were licking their lips, hoping that Xu Que would coat the new batch of pills with his delicious chocolate again.

A proficient Alchemist would always be deeply respected and treated with reverence everywhere he went. Even more so when he can conjure something as delicious as chocolate. It was so delicious that they would have given up their souls just to have more of that.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

After the system rang out several times and came to a halt, Xu Que thought to himself. Adding all the points he had earned after creating the Vitality Pills, he had earned more than 500 act tough points. He was being extremely profitable.

He turned his attention towards the pill refining process and started congealing all the essences of the ingredients.

In order to refine this Lightning Evasion Pill, many more ingredients had to be used. After adding the first few ingredients essence into the mix, he realized that he didn’t have enough strength to continue adding more essences and maintaining the same level of stability.

He turned his eyes away from the furnace and called out the system, "System, do you have an automatic pill refining ability?"

"Ding! Since the host has mastered the recipes of the required pills, he can activate the automatic pill function. Every hour would cost 1 act tough points!"

"F*k, there really was an automatic function? Why didn’t you say so earlier? I’ve spent so much time doing all these hard work. Fine. I shall activate it. Such a small amount of act tough points, I can afford it." Xu Que replied happily.

With the automatic function being activated, this was now more like a game to him. Even without anyone to manage the concoction, the system will ensure that everything is in order.

"Ding! Automatic refining function has been activated. The host’s soul strength has been temporarily reduced by half, directed towards the refining process. At the same time, the host must not wander further than 100m away from the furnace. If not, the automatic function will cease to operate."

"It’s fine. I shall sit down and take a rest. At the same time… Right, I shall roast some chicken wings!"

Xu Que smiled as he exited the system interface.

At the moment, he could feel his soul strength weaken considerably as his strength was directed towards the furnace to operate the automatic function.

Concurrently, the Molten Green Lotus floated into the air as it heated up the rest of the congealed ingredients. The system was managing the heat as it started melting the ingredients and combining them together.

After some time, Xu Que was confident of the system and stopped observing the process. He then used his thoughts to take out items from within his inventory.

Grilling forks, sauce, chicken wings…

Meanwhile, the group of Original Infant Stage elders observing him were stumped by Xu Que’s actions.

They watched as the green flame which was originally on Xu Que’s palm float into the distance. They thought that this was another method of pill refining and started paying attention to it, afraid of missing out on something amazing.

However, when they saw Xu Que taking out strange and odd items, they were astonished.

"Looks like my friend Sun is using another complicated refining method." One of the tribe elders sighed as he spoke out.

"That’s right. He’s using so many ingredients and even took out strange looking equipments. It must be that this method is extraordinary."

"Eh? If i’m not mistaken. That… That looks like chicken wings?"

"Chicken wings? Can that be used to refine pills?"

"That’s strange. I wonder what strange pill he’s going to refine this time, which would actually require chicken wing as an ingredient!"

"Looks like... This pill might be of the Three Star grade! My friend Sun is definitely using the chicken wings as an ingredient!"

An elder was eagerly anticipating the product as he spoke out, trembling in excitement.

Even Su Ling’er was watching on in curiosity, extremely sure that this pill would have supernatural powers. It would be even stronger than the Vitality Pills. If not, it wouldn’t be so complicated!

Everyone were holding their breaths as they stared at Xu Que hard at work.

Each one of them was extremely curious and wanted to know how a chicken wing would fit into a pill concoction process.

Indeed, Xu Que didn’t pay the onlookers any mind as he impaled the chicken wings with grilling forks. He then took out some peanut oil and applied a layer around before walking over to the furnace and squatted down.

He then used the heat being emitted from the bottom of the furnace to grill the chicken wings while he started singing a song!

"Grilling chicken wings to fulfil my food cravings. Once I hear your old mother approaching, I hide my food from her..."

"..." The entire group of people were appalled!

"He… He’s grilling chicken wings?"

An elder was astounded as he asked the person next to him, as though he was unable to believe whatever he was witnessing.

Everyone was speechless. They could feel their vision slowly getting dimmer as though they were about to pass out soon.

Ever since the ancient days, which Alchemist would be so distracted and not pay attention to his batch of pills? If an Alchemist would lose just a little concentration, disaster might happen. And now…

You were refining pills halfway and decided to grill some chicken wings in the midst of it?

And you can even sing songs?


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