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Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 109


Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Such A Perfect And Complete Man Exists In This World!

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At this time, the Empress' heart and morale had crumbled. She was utterly devastated.

As the reigning monarch of a country, she never expected her naked body to be looked on by an unknown stranger. She felt silly for thinking that he was the manifestation of her heart's devil. At last, her cultivation efforts which she had been striving towards for the past few months were futile.

And now, this stranger was trying to feed her 'manure'. This was the biggest humiliation to her.

Her heart was trembling. If the events of today were to be leaked out, there would be dire consequences in future.

And yet she was still helpless at this point. Her body was immobile, unable to move. She couldn't even speak and had no way of stopping the youth before her.

Xu Que looked at her and could tell the amount of rejection, despair and helplessness in her eyes.

Bemused, he spoke, ’’Missy. You are going overboard now! Although I have to admit that you are extremely beautiful, that doesn't mean you should be stubborn. Alright fine, I guess since you're such a beauty, you have the right to be a little stubborn. But how can you hurt my feelings this way?’’

’’???’’ The Empress was extremely taken aback. She was full of wariness as she asked herself, ’’How did I hurt his feelings?’’

Xu Que then continued speaking, ’’When I was being stuck just now, you didn't raise a finger to help me out. But I'm not being calculative or vengeful now and even decided to help you in return. However, you're pulling a long face and making strange eyes at me. In all honesty, if it weren't for the fact that you're a mess and extremely pitiful, I would've left a long time ago. Come on, be good. A smelly tofu a day, keeps the doctor away.’’

As he spoke, Xu Que brought the smelly tofu right to her lips.

The Empress couldn't even open her mouth. Her eyes were extremely terrified.

’’Oh, so it's because you can't move? You should've said so earlier. Come, let me help you with that!’’ Xu Que seemed to have reached a profound understanding as he gently pulled her chin downward and peeled her lips apart.

Hsss... Her skin is so soft and smooth!

The second his fingers touched her lips, Xu Que inhaled a breath of cold air as his heart was hammering wildly in his chest.

In the next second, he forced the piece of smelly tofu into her mouth in spite of her terrified expression!


At the same time, within a secluded room in Sky Incense Valley...

The Clear Sky Lens was hovering in mid air as light shot around in all directions.

This particular lens had been passed down within Sky Incense Valley for thousands of years all the way 'till today. It was one of the most precious treasures within the sect and was extremely valuable.

However, the strength and power of Sky Incense Valley had dwindled over the years as the mantle of sect leader passed on from one to another. Presently, even the sect leader wasn't able to handle the Clear Sky Lens alone. Just to gain vision of the Empress, Hong Yan was within the domains of the Fire Nation and requires the strength of four Infant Transformation Stagers.

It could also be partially attributed to the fact that the powers of this Clear Sky Lens was way too strong. This lens was able to track anyone including his environment, sounds, smells and auras as if the person were sitting next door.

The transparent windows along the first few levels of the Tower of Souls was made up of the same material as this Clear Sky Lens.

It's just that the windows weren't as strong as this lens. Hence, it was impossible for the windows to reveal anything beyond the fifth level.

And now, this Clear Sky Lens was able to peer through the higher levels.

The second this thin looking mirror was infused with core energy, it lit up and shone prismatic light all around the room before revealing an extremely lifelike image.

The image which appeared on the mirror was the image of Xu Que prying open the Empress lips apart.

At the same time, an extremely pungent smell wafted through the mirror and perforated the nostrils of the old ladies within the secret room.

The four old ladies trembled in fear as their faces turned ashen. One of them hurriedly conjured some energy and directed it towards her nose to block out the smell.

’’What was that stench?’’

’’It smelt like faeces!

’’It was coming from the Tower of Souls. How could that be?’’

’’Not good. Take a look! See what that kid is holding onto!’’

’’Eh? What is happening? Why was he holding onto a piece of dung?’’

’’Hong Yan looks hurt as well.’’

’’This is bad. Hong Yan must've been interrupted by that kid and thus took injuries to her soul. Look at the position she's in. It looks like she can't move!’’

’’Wait a second. What's that kid trying to do?’’

’’He... He... The audacity! He's too audacious! How dare he touch the lips of the Empress? Hong Yan is the monarch of the Water Nation and her skin is precious beyond measure. How dare he touch her?’’

’’Not good. Look! He is forcing her lips open and it seems like he's...’’

’’My god, is he crazy?’’

The four old ladies opened their eyes wide as they squealed out. They were so upset that their entire bodies were shaking.

’’He... He... He's actually feeding the Empress of Water Nation, faeces?’’



The sect leader was so enraged she slammed her palm onto the wooden table beside her, causing the table to completely disintegrate into specks of dusts. Her face was brimming with intense killing aura and anger. She glanced at the other three old ladies and shouted out, ’’Activate the teleportation spell! I shall personally go down to the Fire Nation. This kid acts too outrageously. No matter how amazing his potential, I will not spare him!’’

’’Right away!’’ The three old ladies were filled with anger as well and acknowledged.

Soon after, the four of them transformed into beams of light as they disappeared from the secret room.


Meanwhile, on the eighth level of the Tower of Souls...

The Empress had a dejected look in her eyes. She was the reigning monarch of a powerful nation but had been reduced to such a state. She knew that such an incident would leave a huge scar on her and would actually become her heart's devil in the future.

Indeed, the second that black piece of faeces entered her mouth, a succulent and decadent aroma coursed through her palates. She gulped down and was stumped.

This... This is how faeces taste? That's not right. How could it be so delicious? It tasted like the best tofu she had ever had. Was this really tofu?


Just as she was amazed by the taste of this item, a strange and mysterious energy appeared in her mouth and rushed towards her head.

In that second, the Empress' mind was completely blank.

Her soul strength seemed to have increased a notch. In that instance, she had managed to cross through the bottleneck of her cultivation as well and made a breakthrough!

’’How was this possible?’’ The Empress gave out a shriek of delight.

When that happened, she realized that she could speak!

She looked at Xu Que in astonishment, her heart was full of amazement.

She was extremely clear that the wave of mysterious energy had came from that smelly piece of tofu and it was the smelly tofu which added to her soul strength and cause her fragmented and broken spirit to recover. It even gave her the additional edge to breakthrough that bottleneck which she had been stuck in for the past few months.

’’Haha, how was it? I told you my cooking skills were extremely good. For example, this piece of smelly tofu would help to increase your soul strength.’’ Xu Que laughed out plainly as he stuck his chest out proudly.

The smelly tofu's feature was that it could increase a person's soul strength by 1% of the person's strength. Since Xu Que's soul strength was extremely little to begin with, this 1% didn't do much and had minimal effects.

However, it was different for this Empress. She had already cultivated to the Infant Transformation Stage and her soul strength was immense. Hence, 1% of that gave a rather scary addition towards her existing pool of soul strength!

This is compounded by the fact she had been in secluded meditation for several months and was extremely close to that breakthrough. So this piece of smelly tofu had allowed her to breakthrough the bottleneck.

’’How could... How could there be such a mysterious piece of food in this world?’’ The Empress asked herself in surprise.

Xu Que waved a hand and replied, ’’Miss, you are wrong to say that. There is an entire world within a flower and enlightenment within a leaf! This was such a vast world and would definitely be filled with mysteries and strange wonders!’’

’’An entire world within a flower, enlightenment within a leaf?’’ The Empress muttered to herself several times while her body was trembling. She looked at Xu Que in utter disbelief, her heart racing fast.

It was extremely hard for her to reconcile the fact that this young, Golden Core Stage teenager could speak such profound words of wisdom.

'And this young man doesn't look very ordinary. He has a sort of refined, and elegant air around him. In fact, he doesn't seem the least hindered by the eighth level's pressure and could even cook such delicious food here. It was hard to imagine that such a perfect and complete man existed in this world!'

She then looked at Xu Que once more, as her heart was filled with admiration!


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