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Tsuki Tsuki - Volume 4 - Chapter 3


Chapter 03: Seductive Bridal Showdown!

I'll seduce Nanjou-kun. It's been a few days since Gogyou-san said so, but she hadn't made any kind of approach.

I was sure she had reconsidered.

I spent my days optimistic like that, when the morning of the first day of the culture festival came.

I woke up earlier than my alarm clock and decided to go back to sleep to escape reality. ...I didn't want to cross-dress after all. If possible, I would like to just keep sleeping here at home.

I lazed around on my pillow, when there was a knock on my door. I heard a cheerful voice.

’’Shinobu~ Are you awake already? A new morning has come~’’

That voice belonged to Elni. Without doubt, she came to wake me up.

There I slipped my blanket over my head and pretended to not having heard her.

Then I heard the door opening...and my body was shaken wildly through the blanket.

I peeked out from under the blanket, where I saw Elni saying with a smile.

’’It's morning, Shinobu. C'mon, hurry up and get up.’’

’’Fufu. What are you saying, Elni? Today's a Saturday. There's no school.’’

’’Mh? Rather, what are you saying, Shinobu? Today's the culture festival.’’

Immediately I once again hid under the blanket.

’’...I'm currently not at home. If you need something, wait for the 'Beep!' sound and then leave at once.’’

After that I leaked a ’’Beep!’’ sound, when Elni said like leaving a message.

’’Hello, here's the Goddess. Everyone is coming to your school today, so please give it your all with the cross-dressing.’’

’’...How do you know about me cross-dressing? Actually, everyone is coming?’’

I timidly peeked out my head from under the blanket. Elni said with a grin.

’’Machina told us, so everyone knows about it. We're all looking forward to it!’’

Oh damn. Even Luna and the others will see me cross-dressing...

’’...I don't want to go to the culture festival. I can't serve costumer while cross-dressing. Help me, Elniemon.’’

I was clutching at a straw.

But Elniemon replied with a serious expression.

’’Shinobuta-kun, you can't avert your eyes from reality. Fight, Shinobuta-kun! Cut short, Buta-kun!’’

’’Who are you calling Butter! And what's with that weird tone! It doesn't resemble it at all, Elniemon!’’

I retorted at full power, when Elniemon said displeased.

’’I'm Goddemon.’’

’’You're confusing something there!?’’

I said surprised with a tone like Kaorun, but Goddemon, fromer Elniemon, paid it no mind and pulled out a confection from the pocket of her hoodie and presented them to me.

’’Shinobuta-kun, if you properly go to school, I'll give you Machina's snack as a reward. By the way, everyone is really looking forward to it, so I believe you'll be dragged to school anyway.’’

...I no longer had a way out.

After leaking a dry laughter, I shouted in my despair.

’’Aww, okay! I'll go! I'll go to school! And I'll let everything come to an end! Though it'll be mostly my self, who comes to an end!’’

I snatched away the Dorayaki from Goddemon, dressed up and went to the living room. There my mother sat on the sofa and checked upon the video camera.

’’...What did you take that thing out for?’’

I asked timidly, when my mother showed a bright smile and answered.

’’Fufu. I want to perfectly record your cross-dressing.’’

’’Oh, I see. Make sure it turns out cute, damnit.’’

I gave my mother a slovenly wink, readied myself and went to the front door together with Luna and Machina...but for some reason Gogyou-san and Kaorun stood in front of our house.

’’Huh? What's up, you two?’’

The moment I called out to them, Kaorun and Gogyou-san suddenly grabbed my arms and just like that they pushed me into the car that was waiting in front of our house.

Meanwhile Elni, who knows when she entered, secretly bowled inside the car on the floor mat of the backseat.

Didn't Gogyou-san and Kaorun notice her?

While I pondered like that, I gave Luna and Machina, who stood dazed in front of the house, a backward glance, when Kaorun drove off expressionless.

’’Sh- Shinobu-san has been kidnapped!’’

’’Hey, where are you taking Shinobu!’’

Immediately Luna and Machina cat-called, but their figures soon enough came out of view.

’’...Uhm, what's this so suddenly?’’

When I asked, Kaorun answered plainly while driving.

’’Excuse my rudeness, but after hearing from the Miss, I allowed myself to kidnap you, Nanjou-sama. I will now lead you and the Miss to a place, where the cow woman and her friends will not reach us.’’

’’Mh? What did you hear?’’

Mimicking me, Elni asked, when Kaorun said somewhat happily.

’’Nanjou-sama, you do not need to play dumb. The Miss will now proceed to seduce you, so please accept it and become unable to live without the Miss anymore. And while you are it, marry ’’

’’I won't let that happen!’’

Elni cut into Kaorun's words and stood up with attitude.

’’Uwa, why is Elni here!?’’

Gogyou-san, on the passenger seat, was surprised while Kaorun turned around even though she was driving.

Upon making eye-contact with Kaorun, Elni puffed her cheeks and shouted.

’’I have seen through your scheme! As long as my black eyes are open, I won't let that happen!’’

’’...Elni-sama, your eyes are red, so please turn a blind eye to it.’’

’’Oh right! My eyes are red!’’

After a shock, Elni said pleading to Kaorun.

’’...Then can you at least let me join in?’’

’’No, that would prove to be troubling, but... I propose a compromise. What do you say about you and me seducing Nanjou-sama together?’’

Immediately Gogoyu-san shouted hastily.

’’That totally crosses me out! That's not fair!’’

’’Please rest assured, Miss. It was partially a joke on my part.’’

’’No, make it a joke entirely! Actually, look in front when you drive.’’

She warned Kaorun, who had repeatedly glanced backwards, when Kaorun face in front reluctantly.

Well, the car seemed to be heading towards the school, so I should be fine.

Gogyou-san grabbed a paper bag to her feet and while presenting it to me bright red, she said.

’’N- Nanjou-kun, please put that on me...’’

I took the paper bag and looked inside. It contained unexpected items.

The cute dog ears aside, the problem was the other item.

...Why a choker?

It wasn't a necklace-like chocker like Luna's, but a real choker for dogs. It was even carefully set up with a lace.

Inadvertently I made a catch-and-release with the paper bag.

’’H- Huh? You're not happy about it, Nanjou-kun?’’

’’As if I would get happy over putting something like that on a girl! What kind of pervert do you take me for! To begin with, what do you even want to do after putting on a chocker?’’

I cross-examined, when Gogyou-san mumbled ’’...Taking a stroll’’, but I pretended not to have heard it.

’’Nanjou-kun, a stroll...’’

Gogyou-san repeated spoiled, but I closed my eyes and averted my face to keep my reasoning.

’’H- He turned me down!? Kaoru-san, that's different what you said! Nanjou-kun isn't happy at all!’’

’’Now that is strange. I had believed you could satisfy a man's control instinct with it...’’

After her sentence, Kaorun raised a ’’Hah!’’ as she realized something.

’’It might be possible that Nanjou-sama does not desire to put the choker on the Miss, but rather onto himself!’’

’’Like hell! Don't treat me like a pervert! I'm leaving now!’’

I shouted resentful, when the car stopped in front of the school with a perfect timing.

I immediately got off the car and headed for the school with fast steps.

Upon that, Gogyou-san came running over hastily.

’’W- Wait, Nanjou-kun! If I made you angry, I apologize, so please forgive me!’’

With that she lowered her head, so I stopped and made a small sigh.

’’Don't do anything weird anymore.’’

’’....Yes. Next time I'll do something that will certainly please you.’’

Gogyou-san didn't really seem to reflect on her actions.

I was ready to head with Gogyou-san to the classroom, but... Elni tagged along.

First of all, I grabbed Elni at the neck like a cat and took her out of the school grounds. Then I reminded her to stay put until the culture festival started and proceeded to the classroom.

* * *

We arrived at the classroom, which had totally become a café, when the girls suddenly grabbed both my arms and dragged me to the changing room. Putting make-up on, I was made to cross-dress in no time.

For references, I was wearing the same waitress uniform as the girls, but instead of their miniskirt, I had a long skirt, which expose barely anything.

But Minami cheerfully put dog ears, wherever she might have them from, onto me and even pulled the sash with ’’Class 2-4's cross-dressing Staff’’ from before over my head.

...I hated to cross-dress, but there would be customers from outside of school, so I had to do it seriously. I returned to the classroom and took a deep breath renew my spirit, when


I was called out from behind. I turned around and there was Gogyou-san.

Gogyou-san in her adorable waitress uniform was wearing dog ears like me.

Usually Gogyou-san was collected, which made this appearance even rarer.

’’..Uhm, does it look weird?’’

Faintly flushing her cheeks and rolling her eyes uneasily, Gogyou-san was extremely attractive.

Inadvertently I was smitten, but pretending to be calm, I answered.

’’It's no weird. It looks really good.’’

’’..Th- Thanks.’’

Gogyou-san smiled happily and reached out for her dog ears.

’’I made myself match to you.’’

’’I see. Then shall we bark together?’’

I was embarrassed, so I replied on the spot, but Gogyou-san looked down and her ears turned red.

’’...Wuff, wuff.’’

She quietly barked.

Then she came closer to me and said.

’’I- If you want, I'll dress like this every day. So, well...’’

Gogyou-san fidgeting rubbed her knees against each other and opened her mouth, when the classroom's door was yanked open and Machina, wearing the waitress outfit like everyone else, appeared.

Reminded me, we had parted in front of the house.

Machina noticed Gogyou-san and me. Frowning, she approached us with her short skirt flattering. She got in-between Gogyou-san and me and said still frowning.

’’Gogyou, I heard from Elni. You plan to seduce Shinobu.’’

Machina made a sharp look, but Gogyou-san warded it off and nodded.

’’I'm Nanjou-kun's fiancée. And since he's not dating you or Luna-san...I don't have to hold back anymore.’’

’’Wh- Why! Hold yourself back! Shinobu already has my sister and me and even Elni, so that's enough! I won't hand him over!’’

Machina declared so with teary eyes, then took my arm and walked away.

’’Hey, Machina?’’

I called out to her while being pulled along. Machina averted her eyes from me.

’’You feel troubled too when she says such stuff, right? S- So I'll help you out.’’


I was perplexed, when Machina added hastily.

’’Since the time to play with you will decrease when you go out with her. I didn't mean anything special by it!’’

’’...You surprisingly get lonely easily, huh.’’

When I said so, Machina suddenly stepped onto my foot.

’’Oww! Wh- What are you doing!’’

’’...You're so dull.’’

’’I don't want to be called that by you...’’

I replied with such, when this time Minami wearing the waitress uniform called out to me with a ’’Hey~ Nanjou-kun’’.

’’How does it look, Nanjou-kun?’’

Minami confidently stroke a pose.

Her big breasts bounced right in front of me...

’’Ehm, kinda cute.’’

I spoke out my mind unmeant, when Minami turned red and ran away just like that.

What was up with her? The moment I wondered that, Machina stepped onto my foot again.

’’...Do you have a grudge against me?’’

’’I, I don't, but I have! You air-head gigolo!’’

’’Mh, I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks, Machina.’’

’’Yes, you're welcom wait, I wasn't praising you! Besides you...’’

Machina started a lecture like that, but a broadcast for the opening of the culture festival was streamed immediately, so I escaped back to everyone.

Ever since the broadcast, customers wouldn't stop flowing in, so it was really busy at the stall.

Then I finally got a break.

I was rather tired as I wasn't used to serve customers.

For now I should rest somewhere.

I walked down the hallway with these thoughts, when I was called out to with ’’Nanjou-kun!’’ and ’’Shinobu’’ from behind.

I turned around and there were Gogyou-san and Machina.

Both of them approached me and competed over taking my hand.

’’Nanjou-kun, let's go around together.’’

’’G- Gogyou might do something weird to you, so go together with me!’’

Saying that, both of them started walking while pulling on me.

I wanted to take a rest, but apparently it wouldn't go that easily.

...But I had to say, this was like a costume festival.

People wearing ridiculous self-made animals suits strutted along the hallway and Maids, Shrine Priestesses and policewomen in miniskirts handed out promo flyers. The school grounds really had turned into a festival.

Within all that, Gogyou-san stopped before the haunted house and said.

’’Nanjou-kun, let's go in here.’’

’’Yeah, I don't mind, but...’’

If I remembered correctly, Machina was weak against ghosts.

I glanced at her, when Machina made a pale expression like I had expected.

’’What about you, Machina? Will you wait here?’’

’’D- Don't be stupid! I'm coming too!’’

With a somewhat forced expression, Machina took the vanguard position and called out to the girl at the reception.

There we got told to remove the charm at the goal and stepped into the haunted house. Inside it was dim and a faint blue light gave it quite ominous atmosphere.

’’Hee, it's well done.’’

’’Yeah, this might be really scary.’’

Gogyou-san, used to it by her job as an exorcists, seemed to be with ghosts and made an agreeable response. On the other hand, Machina, scared after all, turned even more pale.

I watched Machina with a wry smile, when Gogyou-san suddenly grabbed my hand.

The warmth transferred to my palms made me excited and Gogyou-san said spoiled.

’’Nanjou-kun, it's so dark.’’

’’Y- Yeah, it sure is.’’

’’No one will find out when we get a bit perverted here.’’

’’No, I think they will.’’

’’it's okay. We're all alone.’’

While saying that, Gogyou-san put her other hand on my shoulder and came closer. Then she gently blew into my ear and opened her well-shaped lips.


Putting my earlobe into her mouth, she started to nibble on it.

The sensation of warm and soft lips. A pleasant stimulation through my earlobe and numbing breathe.

It felt really good...

Inadvertently I lost my strength, when Machina hastily pulled me away from Gogyou-san.

’’Hey, what are you doing! Actually, what you mean all alone! I'm still here! Why are you ignoring me!’’

Machina's eyes became teary while Gogyou-san made sorry expression and lowered her head.

’’S- Sorry. I didn't mean to ignore you, Orangelo-san. But according to the plan, I should be all alone with Nanjou-kun...’’

Plan? Could it be Kaorun was plotting something again?

When I thought that, a student, who was on stand-by, jumped out, playing a ghost.

Immediately Machina screamed ’’KYAA!’’ and clung onto me.

’’A- Are you okay?’’

Having Machina's firm, big breasts press on me, it was me, who wasn't okay, in a certain way. But I hid that and called out gently to Machina.

’’You can still turn back. What will you do?’’

’’I, I'm fine. These are just fakes anyway...’’

Even while saying that, Machina didn't get off me and strongly clung onto my arm.

Seeing that, Gogyou-san took my arm in opposition to Machina. Her voluminous breasts pressed on it So now both my arms were engulfed in breasts.

With every step the bouncing soft breasts stimulated my arms and I was far away from enjoying the haunted house.

Gogyou-san seemed somewhat happy while Machina screamed every time a student jumped out as a ghost, but I only could react indifferently to the ghosts.

Actually, if we didn't reach the goal soon, it would turn bad in various ways.

Thinking that, I swiftly headed for the goal, when I saw a big charm plastered obviously on the wall at the back of the classroom.

It must have been the charm the girl that the reception spoke of.

’’W- We just have to take that off.’’

Machina must have wanted to get out quickly since she was scared. She extended her hand towards the charm.

But at the moment Machina tore down the charm,


Along with an eerie roar, a boy disguised as a ghost peeked out from the wall.

I, caught flat-footed, trembled my shoulders with a shiver while Gogyou-san and Machina raised an adorable ’’KYAA!’’ scream and clung onto me.

Then Machina powerless got down on her knees right there.

’’Hey, hey, are you okay?’’

She must have been quite shocked.

Thinking that, I gave her my hand, when Machina looked at me half-crying and said.

’’...Shinobu, I lost all my strength in my legs.’’

’’I see. Good-bye.’’

’’Noooo! Don't abandon me, Shinobu! I'll listen to your every word!’’

I had turned my back to her in a joke, when Machina begged rather serious.

So I turned around and said.

’’Machina, a girl shouldn't say something like that so easily.’’

’’...I'm sorry, Shinobu. But you're the only one I No, wait! You were just going to abandon me, so what are you acting cool for now!’’

Machina gave me a blaming look.

Seeing that, Gogyou-san gave her hand to Machina.

’’It's okay, Orangelo-san. I'll lend you my shoulder.’’


Machina looked at Gogyou-san with wet eyes and I completely turned into the bad guy here. I hastily approached Machina and squatted down with my back to her.


’’I was just joking earlier. C'mon, I'll carry you.’’

’’...Th- Thanks.’’

On a rare occasion, Machina honestly said her thanks and climbed onto my back.

’’Shinobu, uhm... I'm not heavy?’’

’’I'm done for. You're so heavy that I can't move a single step.’’

’’How weak are you! Actually, you're walking normally!’’

’’Well, you are light.’’

I replied so, when Machina didn't say back anything more and just clung tightly onto my back.

In other words, her soft and big breasts were stimulating my back and I got agitated.

’’L- Let's get out of here quickly.’’

While saying that, I corrected my grab on Machina on my back, when suddenly I felt an incredible pleasant sensation on my palm. H- Huh? What could it be?

’’Wh- What are you thinking for suddenly touching my butt, Shinobu! Even when we're all alone in the dark....that's just not good! I'm still not mentally prepared...’’

Machina raised an angry voice, but her voice got gradually quieter and she clung to me somewhat stronger than before.

However, seeing that, Gogyou-san made a sad expression and shouted.

’’Nanjou-kun, Orangelo-san! You're not all alone! I'm still here too! Please don't forget about me!’’

’’Well, you're right in front of me, so how could I forget you.’’

I retorted, then we left the haunted house and headed for the infirmary just like that. There I laid Machina on a bed.

’’To think your legs gave in to you over some fake ghost...’’

’’Sh- Shut up. Real ones come out in such places. You two didn't seem to notice, but I saw a real one there and was shocked.’’

Machina told an obvious lie, when Gogyou-san said with a slightly shocked expression.

’’Impressive that you could tell, Orangelo-san. There really was a ghost there.’’

Most likely, as an exorcist, Gogyou-san could see real ghosts.

But these words came as a surprise to Machina without a doubt.

’’...No way.’’

Opening her eyes wide, Machina started to tremble in fear.

Seeing that, Gogyou-san tilted her head wondering with a ’’Huh?’’.

’’Orangelo-san, you saw it too, right? It was a type not harmful to humans, so I left it alone, but it's still behind you, you know?’’

In that moment, the curtain suddenly opened and the nurse in a white coat peeked her head inside.


Machina mistook the nurse for a ghost.

After raising a scream, she left the words ’’...Sister, Elni, I'll leave the rest to you’’ behind and fainted.

’’...What a rude girl.’’

The nurse said in a resentful tone and sighed lightly.

’’I just came here to sleep.’’

’’Hey, do your job seriously.’’

I said wearily, when the nurse widened her eyes somewhat.

’’...Could it be, you're a boy?’’

’’And you're a girl?’’

’’Why a question? At any rate I know I'm not at an age anymore to be called a girl!’’

It was a small joke, but she got angry.

For now I apologized honestly, when the cell phone in my skirt rung.

I took it out and looked at the display. It was a call from Elni.


’’Hey, Tortoise.’’

’’Hey, Mr. Tortoise.’’

’’In this world ’’

’’Nah, you don't need so sing along. What's up, Elni?’’

’’Yeah, I wanted to play with you, so I called.’’

Elni continued with a happy voice.

’’Right now we're all in front of the booth of the tea club. Where are you? Still on your shift?’’

’’Nah, I'm on break. I'll come over immediately. I can bring Gogyou-san with me, right?’’

’’Just perfect.’’

No clue why, but it was just perfect.

I hated to be seen cross-dressing, but I should enjoy the culture festival together with everyone. I pulled the blanket over Machina and then headed for the school gate with Gogyou-san.

Those guys in a club were running booths from the school gate to the school building.

There were booths for shaved ice, crêpe, fried soba, takoyaki and ikayaki lined up and while making our way through the crowd, we headed for the booth of the tea club.

Then we arrived.

Apparently the tea club was running a kimono rental booth, but besides kimonos, the store also had cosplay costumes like a bunny girl or shrine priestess. It felt really out of place.

’’What kind of activities is the tea club usually doing...’’

’’Wh- Who knows?’’

I talked like that with Gogyou-san, when I was suddenly called out from right beside.

’’...Are you Shinobu-san?’’

I turned to it and there was a peerless blonde beauty. And besides her was a silver-haired beauty. They were without doubt Luna and Elni, but... their clothes came as a total surprise to me.

They most likely rented them from the tea club.

Luna wore a bright red Chinese dress, the tight fitting, no-sleeve dress emphasised her beautiful body line.

Specially the chest part peaked up bigly and with every movement Luna made, the voluminous swellings swayed around, it highlighted the height and size of her bust. Furthermore, her se*y thighs were peeking out from the high-cut slit, so the line from her waist to her angles was seductive.

Besides her, Elni had clad herself in an elegant kimono and emitted a somewhat neat and clean aura. Her white skin peeked out brightly from the kimono and her short and slender body packed up so tightly invoke the desire to protect her.

’’It suits you two well.’’

When I gave them my honest opinion, Luna and Elni blushed lightly and smiled.

’’Thank you very much. You look beautiful too, Shinobu-san.’’

’’Yeah, I didn't recognize you for a second.’’

’’Fufu, call me a Scorpio girl. Laugh all you want.’’


I replied desperate, so Elni laughed without holding back.

I was a bit angry, so I pinched both her cheeks to show my chagrin. Then Luna approached Gogyou-san and said with a smile.

’’It does suit you very well too, Gogyou-san. It is cute.’’

’’Th- Thanks. You look pretty too, Luna-san.’’

For a while they smiled at each other, but then they suddenly sharpened their looks.

’’But I will not lose to you, Gogyou-san.’’

’’I won't lose either, Luna-san. The battle is on.’’

’’Bring it on.’’

...What were they talking about? Were they going to hold a cosplay showdown? I pondered like that, when Elni pulled out a digital camera from her kimono sleeve and took pictures of everyone.

’’...Where did you get that camera?’’

’’Tomoe-san gave it to me!’’

Elni answered with a bright smile.

’’And where is said Tomoe-san?’’

I hadn't seen my mother or Nazuna around yet.

I looked around restlessly, when I spotted a woman wearing maid clothes and facing a video camera towards us. And besides her was a small girl, likewise wearing maid clothes, was eating takoyaki. She waved her hand widely when we made eye-contact.

It were my mother and Nazuna, but...what was this? Nazuna was quite cute, but the maid clothes strangely suited my mother, so I was scared.

’’...It's rather unexpected my mother would choose a maid outfit.’’

’’I wish you would refrain from saying so, since it only lowers the worth of my existence.’’

I mumbled, when Kaorun expressionless made an agreeable response beside me.

....Just when had she popped up?

’’You show up as random as ever.’’

’’I am the always-by-your-side Kaorun.’’

Saying so and striking a pose, Kaorun then bought an ice candy at a nearby booth and presented it to Gogyou-san.

’’Miss, we are moving on to plan B.’’

’’O- Okay.’’

Gogyou-san took the ice candy from Kaorun and faced me. Then she blushed and started to lick the ice somewhat erotically.

Extending her pink tongue, Gogyou-san licked the ice, sometimes gentle, sometimes fiercely. I found it rude to stare, so I averted my eyes from Gogyou-san, when Elni approached with a chocolate banana in her hand, which she bought at a booth.

’’Shinobu, Tomoe-san bought this for me!’’

Elni opened her smiling small mouth, put the chocolate banana in with an ’’Ah~’’ and then proceeded to move it up and down.

Elni was probably not aware of it, but that felt somewhat erotic.

I hastily averted my gaze from Elni too, but then my gaze fell on Kaorun.

Kaorun was holding a video camera and joyful filming Gogyou-san.

’’Miss, please do it more erotically.’’

’’Uh- Uhm, Nanjou-kun isn't even looking at me anymore? I don't think this will excite him after all.’’

’’Then how about you take off a layer of your clothes, Miss?’’

’’Then I'll be in my underwear!’’

’’You put on your lucky underwear for today, right? It is a chance to show it off to Nanjou-sama.’’

’’I, I can't do that in front of everyone!’’

Gogyou-san denied forcefully, when the nearby men, who had sparkles in their eyes, dropped their shoulders dejected. Kaorun stopped the video camera and said.

’’Then we will move on to plan C, Miss.’’

Along with her words, Kaorun turned on her heels and disappeared into the crowd.

After affirming that, Gogyou-san approached me and took my hand.

’’Nanjou-kun, there's a place I want to go to. Come with me.’’

I had no real reason to turn her down, so I followed her, when Luna and Elni also tagged along and I heard Nazuna's voice from behind.

’’Brother, let's play later~’’

’’Yeah, later.’’

I waved shortly over my shoulder, when my mother stopped the video camera and mumbled.

’’He got a surprisingly pretty face with make-up...’’

’’He looks like you, Mom.’’


That was what I should be saying.

I mumbled so in my heart while being lead away by Gogyou-san... For some reason we ended up behind the school building, where there was no one else.

There stood an obviously quickly built up flag with ’’Maid House’’ writing on it while the ground was covered by blue sheet with Kaorun sitting on it formally.

’’Everyone, I welcome you to the Maid House. Please enjoy your stay to the fullest.’’

’’Kaorun, did you get the proper authorisation from the school? I'm going to get angry when you set this up illegal.’’

I asked a little worried, when Kaorun averted her face from us and said.

’’I am not Kaorun. I am Kaorun 00.’’

’’...Could it be you like G*ndam?’’

’’Yes. There was a time when I believed that if I turn my maid clothes red, I could move thrice as fast, but when I actually tried it, nothing changed. And it even made the Master angry at me.’’

In all truth, I thought she was an idiot, but I didn't dare to put it into words.

’’...So, what's Karoun 00 doing here?’’

’’Running a booth, as you can see. In case you only came to as a window shopper, I will cut you down without asking questions.’’

’’You sound like a thief.’’

’’Please do not group me together with such people. Nanjou-sama, in case you should be willing to participate in the game, I will bestow you with a ticket for the lottery held by the student council. Please muster your courage and participate in the game.’’

While saying that, Kaorun pointed towards a white blanket that was laid out on top of the blue sheet. On top of that blanket were red - blue - yellow - green circles painted.

’’I will spin the roulette, so, Nanjou-sama, please obey the instructions.’’

...No matter how you looked at it, this was a twister game. Why did I have to play an indoor game outside and even on the day of the culture festival?

I was doubtful, when Kaorun added ’’In case you should refrain from participating, you will surely end up without your clothes, Nanjou-sama’’ threatening. Then she spun the roulette already and gave me an instruction.

’’Nanjou-sama, your right hand on red.’’

’’Well, fine...’’

I considered it a pain in the ass, but I would get a lottery ticket for just participating. It wasn't such a bad deal. I took off my shoes and obeyed Kaorun's instruction.

Upon that Kaorun spun the roulette again and looked at Gogyou-san.

’’Miss, your left hand on blue.’’

’’...Eh? Gogyou-san's playing too?’’

’’Y- Yeah. I'll give my best.’’

While I was bewildered by Gogyou-san's behaviour, Kaorun spun the roulette indifferent.

’’Nanjou-sama, your left foot on yellow.’’

Left with no other choice, I was about to move, when suddenly Luna put her foot on the yellow spot before I could.

’’...Miss Cow-woman, please refrain from participating without application.’’

’’I, I am not a cow-woman! Besides it is not fair with just Shinobu-san and Gogyou-san!’’

’’Right, right! It's not fair!’’

Elni, who had came along with Luna, said supporting.

However, Kaorun answered that expressionless.

’’The world is full of injustice. I cannot approve of this.’’

’’...You won't get a present from the Goddess like that, Kaorun.’’

Elni quickly pulled out a takoyaki box from her vinyl bag and fluttered it in front of Kaorun's eyes. Upon that, Kaorun loosened the corners of her mouth lightly.

’’Goddess, you are a sneaky one.’’

’’No, no, right back at you.’’

Kaorun smiled suspicious and took the takoyaki from Elni.

Seeing that, Gogyou-san shouted shocked.

’’Kaoru-san was easily bribed!?’’

’’Miss, these takoyaki are rather delicious.’’

’’And she's even drooling over the takoyaki!’’

’’No, it was merely a joke, Miss. I, myself would like to object, but continuing with seductive plan C ’’Twister Scramble’’ in this situation will prove to be impossible. We are left with no other choice, but to play the game like this. Nanjou-sama, next up is your right leg on...’’

Well, like that the twister game started with Luna included.

By the way, since I trained my body as not to become dull, my body was flexible.

Same applied to Gogyou-san and we handled the game without any difficulties, but it was different for Luna.

’’Ahh...O- Oww...Shinobu-san, don't move....’’

Leaking a strangely se*y voice, Luna raised a shriek.

’’Yahn...I will fall...Hah...Ah...’’

And as the game went on, our bodies gradually became tangled up and Luna's voluminous breasts hit swaying my head.

Furthermore, my arm was pinched in between Gogyou-san's firm thighs while her skirt got turned up and exposed her panties.

Neither of Gogyou-san or Luna seemed to have noticed that and when Gogyou-san moved once more, these panties directly touched my arm.

Now this was certainly not good. I moved my arm with these thoughts, when


Gogyou-san suddenly raised a bewitching voice and a shiver made her body tremble. Then Gogyou-san turned head and said with blushed cheeks.

’’Nanjou-kun, please don't move so much...’’

’’...S- Sorry.’’

I apologized hastily, when Kaorun said without mercy.

’’Nanjou-sama, your right hand on green.’’

’’Eh? When I move me right hand now, then, well...’’

When I hesitated, Luan leaked a cornered voice from above my head.

’’Sh- Shinobu-san, please move quickly. I, can't hold out anymore...’’

Luna's voice was rather bewitching. Moreover her wonderful elastic breasts were pressing onto the back of my head, so I moved my hand like told to.

As a result, it was now rubbing against Gogyou-san.


Gogyou-san's body trembled in shivers and she fell down just like that.

Seeing that, Elni said sighing.

’’That's kinda perverted, Hijiri.’’

’’Elni-sama, the Miss is rather sensitive. That is the reason why Nanjou-sama wants to tease her.’’

’’No, sorry to interrupt your talk, but Luna seems to be at her limit. So hurry and spin the roulette.’’

’’P- Please h- hurry up...’’

When Luna said so, Kaorun and Elni looked at each other.

’’Elni-sama, would you not say that she is rather perverted too?’’

’’Mh, people call her the natural erotic big sister.’’

’’I have not been called that!’’

The moment she shouted that, Luna lost her balance and fell onto me from atop my head. I was pressed down by Luna and...collapsed into Gogyou-san's body.

I was sandwiched by Luna wearing a Chinese dress and Gogyou-san wearing a maid outfit. I hastily got out from there.

But Gogyou-san and Luna kept laying there with their cheeks flushed.

Moreover, their outfits were in a mess. From Luna's slit in the Chinese dress and from under Gogyou-san's flipped skirt, there peeked out their panties.

...Not good. Inevitable my heart beat rose, but I had to calm down first.

I took a deep breath, when Kaorun came over and opened her mouth.

’’Nanjou-sama, up next please have a second round with Elni-sama and myself.’’

’’As if I could! To begin with, why do I have to play a game that I can play at home anytime, at the culture festival!’’

I turned my back to her and walked away in an escape, when Kaorun followed me right away, but Gogyou-san, Luna and Elni didn't come along.

When I turned around curiously, the three of them were cleaning away the ’’Maid House’’ faithfully.

’’Guess we should help too.’’

I called out so to Kaorun, when she made a small sigh.

’’...The Miss is so faithfully. She should just leave such things to the maid.’’

’’Then you have to go all the more!’’

’’I am Karoun the red comet, so I cannot go.’’

’’...Your name changed from earlier, you know? Moreover, it's the nickname of a pilot. Why are you suddenly switching from the titles to a nickname?’’

’’Because he was a spoiled brat.’’

’’Your imitation doesn't sound like him at all.’’

Talking like that, Karound and me returned to the others and helped them clean up. Then we returned to the booth near the school gate to regroup with Nazuna and my mother.

Where was Nazuna?

I looked over the surrounding, when I spotted Nazuna, wearing maid clothes, walking around alone. For some reason she now was wearing cat ears on her head that weren't there before, but I called out to her not bothered by it.

’’Yo, Yo, Miss Maid, wanna play with us?’’

I invited her like you would pick up a girl, when Nazuna answered meekly.

’’Brother, I'm not a maid.’’

’’Not a maid...What do you mean?’’

When I said so, Nazuna pointed wordless to the cat ears on her head.

’’...So you want to say that you're not a maid, but a cat?’’


Nazuna replied full of energy and continued after shaking her cat ears.

’’I'm a car right now! My profession is a dancer! I'll show a wonderful fire dance at the after party!’’

’’Hee. While everyone is doing the folk-dance, you alone are going to do a fire dance, huh.’’

’’.....Y- Yeah! I'll do a fire dance!’’

’’What's with that pause there? Actually, you just mistook the word, right?’’

’’N- No! I'm doing a fire dance! I'll jump through a fire wheel!’’

For some reason Nazuna was fussing over a fire dance.

I patted Nazuna's head with a wry smile.

’’So, why is the cat wearing maid clothes when she's going to dance?’’

’’I'm working as a maid part-time!’’

When Nazuna said so, Elni and Gogyou-san got sparkling eyes.

’’Wow! You're so cool, Nazucat!’’

’’And really cute. I wish I had a maid like you. Just part-time is fine, would you work at our house...’’

Gogyou-san said vaguely, when Kaorun called out to me discouraged.

’’Good grief, the Miss already as an excellent maid as myself, so that phrasing is rather mean. Do you not agree, Nanjou-sama?’’

’’No, not at all.’’

I denied flat out, when Kaorun leaked a shocked voice saying ’’A heart of stone!?’’.

As we had regrouped with Nazuna, we picked up Machina up at the infirmary after my mother had joined as later on too, then enjoyed the culture festival together.

* * *

In the evening sun, I dragged my tired body homewards. Next to me, Machina called out to me in a good mood.

’’A culture festival sure is fun. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.’’

’’...Yeah, it sure was fun, but I'm a bit tired.’’

Later on Kaorun's plans had still continued and Gogyou-san had come at me with erotic approaches. But Luna and the others hadn't stayed quiet about Gogyou-san's attempt to seduce me and had opposed her.

As a result, I, who had to put up with all of that, had become quite tired.

’’I'll go to sleep early today...’’

When we arrived in front of the house, I stretched myself a bit and then opened the front door.

Upon that, Kaorun stood in front of my eyes.

’’Welcome home, D.e.a.r <3’’

’’...Wrong house.’’

I tried to close the door, when Machina stopped my hand with a displeased expression.

’’What are you doing? Get inside already.’’

While saying that, Machina peeked inside over my shoulder. Noticing Kaorun, she frowned.

’’...What are you doing here?’’

’’I am here to welcome back my future Master Nanjou-sama--- Is what I would like to say, but today I came with an important matter to discuss.’’

’’Important matter?’’

When Machina asked back, Kaorun nodded firmly.

’’Miss Cow-woman, Elni-sama and the Miss are waiting in the living room. Let us discuss the matter there.’’

Machina and I looked at each other, then entered the house. Urged by Kaorun, we went to the living room. There Luna, Elni and Gogyou-san sat on the sofa and when they noticed me, they each showed a smile.

’’Welcome home, you two.’’

’’Welcome home!’’

’’Excuse my intruding.’’

Yo, I'm home. Welcome, Gogyou-san...Mh? I don't see Nazuna and Mom, where are they?’’

I looked around the living room and asked, when Kaorun answered my question.

’’I bestowed those two with a 2day-1night hot spring trip. So the two of them will not be back until tomorrow.’’

’’Eh? Really? I wanted to go too...’’

’’Nanjou-sama, hot springs do not have mixed bathing.’’

’’I wasn't hoping for that. Anyway, what's that matter?’’

I sat down on the sofa and looked at Kaorun, when her expression suddenly turned serious.

’’Today I would like to speak with you all about the test that the Miss will have to take.’’

’’A test, it is?’’

When Luna asked back, Gogyou-san nodded and answered.

’’...Should I fail that test, I'll have to quit my job as an exorcist. But I can't pass the test with my own strength at this point, so I wanted to have Nanjou-kun's help.’’

Gogyou-san said. Kaorun let her gaze wander over everyone, then she took over and continued.

’’For that reason, we would like to get all your permission for Nanjou-sama giving the Miss a helping hand.’’

’’A helping hand, what exactly are you going to make Shinobu do?’’

Machina asked alarmed, when Kaorun answered indifferent.

’’To be frank, putting his body on top of the Miss.’’


Upon Kaorun's words, Luna hastily stood up and shouted loudly.

’’That is not allowed! What if Shinobu-san ends up going out with Gogyou-san because of that?’’

’’Yeah! Besides, why would Shinobu have to do that!’’

Machina stood up in agreement with Luna, but compared to them, Elni stayed calm. Elni crossed her arms and said to confirm.

’’By chance, are you going to use an on you technique?’’

’’As expected from Elni-sama. As you have guessed, we want to use a on you technique, where Nanjou-sama gives his energy to the Miss.’’

’’Energy? Will it be the same as with an incubus or succubus?’’

’’These examples are not quite fitting, but in general, yes.’’

kaorun gave Machina a nod, then she looked over everyone and continued.

’’Well, we do not believe that you would obediently accept. You would surely obstruct the Miss' seduction, just like today.’’

’’Obviously. You're only after Shinobu's body.’’

’’Yes, I cannot accept this.’’

Machina and Luna said protesting, when Gogyou-san made a sorry expression and curled herself up. Kaorun lightly shrugged her shoulders.

’’I knew that you would be saying that. So will you stage a bet with you? In case the Miss and me win, you will refrain from any interfering until tomorrow. On the other hand, should you win...’’

While saying so, Kaorun pulled out some kind of paper from her pocket.

’’I will bestow you all with a wonderful hot spring trip. A murder in the bath.’’

Right away, the girls glared at Kaorun with half-closed eyes.

Then Gogyou-san hastily snatched away the tickets from Kaorun and Kaorun cleared her throat with a cough.

’’It was meant as joke. In case you win, the engagement between Nanjou-sama and the Miss will be void. I would believe that this is not such a bad deal for you.’’

’’It certainly is alluring...But what's the bet about?’’

Upon Machina's words, Kaorun answered with her look lightly sharpened.

’’A Bridal Showdown.’’

’’Huh? A Bridal Showdown?’’

When I asked back like a parrot, Kaorun faced Luna and said.

’’We will have Nanjou-sam decide who from us three, the Miss, Miss Cow-woman and myself, is the most suited for the role of his bride. The time limit is today. The person, who managed to seize Nanjou-sama's heart, will be victorious.’’

Kaorun sharply pointed at Luna, but I interjected wearily.

’’Hey, you say bride, but you as a maid are included too. Or rather, it would be two against one then and unfair to Luna.’’

I pointed out, when Machina and Elni laughed boldly.

’’Fufu. Of all things you want to take on Sister--- So foolish!’’

’’Hijiri, Kaorun, you screwed up! The term Hostess was made just for Luna! Even you two together won't be a match!’’

When Machina and Elni said confidentially, Kaorun looked at Luna.

’’Then I take that you will accept the conditions?’’

’’Of course. I definitely will not lose.’’

Luna strongly clenched her fists and nodded.

Like this, the Bridal Showdown started with completely ignoring my opinion.

I was tired and wanted to sleep already, but that didn't seem feasible now...

While I washed my body in the bath, I made a small sigh.

Afterwards I had accepted Kaorun's words ’’We have to make preparations, so please take a bath first’’ on reflex, but what exactly would they do at a Bridal Showdown? Another cooking contest? I pondered like that, when I suddenly heard a noise from the anteroom.

I perked up my eyes since it was strange, when for some reason I heard the rustling of clothes, so I turned around and face the door of the bath.

There I could see the silhouette of someone taking of it's clothes. I confirmed a dynamite body and long hair. Then followed a small knock sound on the door.

’’Shinobu-san, you are in there, right?’’

That voice was Luna's...but wait a moment.

I hastily wrapped a towel around my waist, when the door opened with a clatter and Luna appeared, clad in a single white bath towel.

Wrapped by the towel, Luna's melon-like big breasts created a deep cleavage and every time she took a step, the voluminous breasts bounced and her beautiful legs extending from her glamorous thighs were candy for my eyes.

I had frozen up completely, when Luna shyly looked down and said quietly.

’’...Shinobu-san, I came to wash your back.’’

’’Eh? Ah, thanks.’’

Agitated, I nodded back and faced forward hastily.

...Aw, damn. I was so smitten by Luna that I lost my timing to escape.

Actually, before Machina and Elni had come to wash my back, but this pattern again? I wished they stopped. I was weak against such stuff.

Amidst my raising heart beat, I faintly could hear the sound of something falling down softly.

...Eh? Could it be that Luna took off her towel?

The moment that thought crossed my mind, Luna suddenly clung to my back while putting her arms around my chest.

I felt two breasts, voluminous and soft, on my back. These breasts transmitted a bursting elasticity and a pleasant warmth.

’’L- Luna?’’

’’Please stay still. I will wash you like this.’’

Luna said whispering near my ear. Using her two big swellings covered in soap, she rubbed slimy all over my back.

’’M, Mm... Hah...’’

While leaking a bewitching voice from her mouth, Luna shook her breasts and washed my body without missing a spot. And on the voluminous breasts there were two pointed parts that tickled my skin.

’’Hah, Nhaa, Fuh...’’

In the mirror in front of me, I saw Luna's cheeks turn red, which was quite erotic.

Furthermore, once Luna strongly hugged onto my back along with my body, she rested her chin on my shoulder and while breathing heavily, she mumbled absent-minded.

’’Mm, feels so good...’’


I asked back, when Luna hastily rephrased.

’’I, I meant, does it feel good, Shinobu-san?’’

Luna leaked an agitation voice.

’’...Something wrong?’’

’’N- Nothing! I am not feeling funny because I rubbed on you at all!’’

Saying that, Luna restarted the washing of my back.

But Luna's breath gradually turned heavier and the voice coming out of her mouth went up an octave.

...I already might be done for.

Inadvertently I was about to lose myself, but if I were to do something weird, Luna would hate me.

I held out with that thought, then Luna go away from me regretful. While she then rinsed off the soap on my back, she whispered into my ear softly.

’’Next up I will wash the front, Shinobu-san.’’

Eh? That was dangerous. Shinobu-san's reasoning wasn't that resilient.

It was quite unlikely that I could endure that, so I stood up with attitude.

’’H- Huh? Shinobu-san?’’

’’...Luna, Shinobu-san is at his limit. He needs to retreat right away. Luna, prepare a barrage.’’

’’Eh? Uh- Uhm, but Machina and Elni told me to go into the bath with you now...’’

I see, it were Machina and Elni, who put the idea of washing my back into Luna.

...Could it be these two noticed I was somewhat pleased when they came to wash my back before?

I turned a bit embarrassed, when Luna took my arm.

’’P- Please don't go, Shinobu-san.’’

She said with wet eyes.

’’I'll, make you feel good with my breasts, so...’’

Most likely that sentence was also urged to say by Elni and Machina.

However it had a devastating effect and should she wash my front too at this rate, I would ended up wasted.

’’...Sh- Shinobu-san got dizzy.’’

Fooling her like that, I shook off Luna's hand and jumped out of the bathroom in my escape...

Like always after my bath, I drank milk and sat down on the sofa in the living room, when the nearby by sitting Elni and Machina made a surprised expression and called out to me.

’’Shinobu, what happened to Luna?’’

’’Weren't you together in the bath with her?’’

’’I humbly excused myself from there.’’

I answered civilized, when Elni and Machina scowled and left with a ’’Need to rethink the plan’’, so I was left alone in the living room.

There I relaxed, when Kaorun showed up in the living room.

As she had changed clothes, Kaorun was wearing maid clothes with a skirt shorter than usual.

I looked at her and she approached me with her short skirt flattering.

’’Nanjou-sama, how about a massage after your bath? I am quite skilled at massaging.’’

’’No need to.’’

’’Nanjou-sama, when you keep saying so cold things, I will hit No, I mean, I will gently 'Meh!' your body.’’

Opposite to her words, it was rather scary.

’’Th- Then please...’’

I had no other choice but to accept the massage, so I lay face-down on the ground as Kaorun instructed. Kaorun moved away over my back and I felt a warmth on my legs.

Kaorun reached out her hand for my back and started to gentle massage me.

’’You are rather stiff with all these muscles.’’


’’Yees. You are really, Ahn, stiff, Masteer.’’

Kaorun raised a strangely erotic voice, but it was obvious that it was only an act.

’’How is iit? Mastaah.’’

’’...I'm a bit grossed out.’’

’’No way!?’’

Kaorun leaked a surprised voice and then started to massage me wordless. Pleasant stimulation to my shoulders, back and waist made me naturally leaked a small sigh from my mouth.

’’...Just as a footnote, Nanjou-sama, have you heard that woman, who are skilled at massages, are also skilled in bed?’’

’’Nah, never. What's that about? I have no clue.’’

I replied in confusion, when Kaorun for no apparent reason clung onto me.

I could feel two soft swellings on my back. Additionally there was the sweet fragrance of a perfume and a warmth that melted my brain.

Kaorun firmly clung to me as to give me satisfaction by all that. She whispered softly into my ear.

’’Would you like to see if I really am skilled in bed?’’

A shiver ran down my spine.

Furthermore, Kaorun blew into my ear and said.

’’This lady will teach you various things.’’

’’...S- Somehow your character is off, Kaorun.’’

’’No, I am merely complying with your expectations.’’

Kaorun slowly got away from my back and resumed the massage.

’’But when you do engage in a marriage with the Miss and I become your maid, I will also grant your wishes.’’

’’My wishes? Oh, you'll go buy juice in my stead?’’

’’Not just the juice, I will even buy a hamburger and fried potato chips. Since it will be cheaper as a set. Well, though I will take the hamburger for myself...’’

’’You seem useless even as an errand boy.’’

’’I am a maid after all.’’

Saying that, Kaorun suddenly stood up.

’’What's up?’’

’’Nanjou-sama, let me tell you beforehand, I will not comply with your wish of 'Now step on me'. Now turn around please.’’

’’Turn around? Sure, but let me tell you beforehand too. I won't comply to your wish of 'I want to step on Nanjou-sama' either.’’

I said warningly and turned around on my back. Kaorun mounted my body with her back facing me. This time she started to massage my thighs, but... I could see it quite perfectly.

From pointing her well-shaped hip-line towards me her short skirt had winded up and exposed her garter belt and even her pink panties.

I quickly averted my eyes, when Kaorun said while kneading my leg.

’’Today I am wearing the underwear you gave me earlier, Nanjou-sama.’’

’’Hee, is that so...’’

’’...Do not feign ignorance. You can gaze upon me all you want.’’

Kaorun smiled erotically and lovely rocked her bottom.

This was too stimulating...

I got away from Kaorun, stood up and headed for the door of the living room.

’’Nanjou-sama? Where you are going?’’

’’To a meeting with the God of the toilet.’’

I told a lie and tried to escape, when I heard a teasing voice saying ’’You are such a shy boy, Nanjou-sama’’ behind my back, but I paid it no mind. I left the living room with fast steps.

...Somehow I was abnormally tired, so I should retreat to my room for now.

Thinking that, I opened the door to my room, when Gogyou-san stood in the middle of my room.

In a swimsuit for some reason.

The swimsuit she wore was a suggestive red bikini, which covered rather sparsely. Because of that, the cleavage of her voluminous breasts, her sideboobs and underboobs were exposed and her firm waist and elastic thighs were also left defenceless.

When did my room become a country of everlasting summer?

When I stared at Gogyou-san dumbfounded, she blushed and covered her breasts with her arms.

’’It, It's embarrassing... So don't stare so much...’’

’’No, no, if you're embarrassed, then don't dress like that to begin with.’’

’’But Kaoru-san said this would please you, Nanjou-kun...’’

I couldn't deny that. I was pinned down by Gogyou-san.

Upon my gaze, Gogyou-san fidgeted, then sat down on the bed, which made her big breasts in the swimsuit bounce around up, down, left and right.

What a sight. I would have liked to demand an encore, but if I were to do that, Gogyou-san would surely be grossed out.

I took a deep breath in my mind to calm down, when Gogyou-san offered me her hand with a reserved look.

’’Uhm, Nanjou-kun, please come here. I want to clean your ears.’’

Saying that, Gogyou-san leaned forward and took a box of tissue that was left on the bed along with cotton swabs.

What now? Having Gogyou-san clean my ears was rather appealing, but would my reasoning hold out? Wouldn't it be more wise to pull back here?

I thought that, but Gogyou-san smiled gently and said.


For some reason, this word pulled me towards her and before I noticed it, I was on the bed and dived for Gogyou-san's thighs.

I lay face-down

’’Ehm, Nanjou-kun, I can't clean your eyes like that. And your breath is hitting my thigh...Hyahn, st- stop...’’

Yeah, that was not good. A perfect out.

I immediately retreated from her soft, yet firm thighs and stood up.


’’Eh? Why are you apologizing? Don't go...’’

Gogyou-san leaked a worried voice and grabbed my sleeve. Then she said with upturned eyes.

’’Nanjou-kun, I'll be really gentle, so please let me do it.’’

’’No, it's rather embarrassing...’’

When I scratched my cheek, Gogyou-san one again said with a smile.

’’Come, Nanjou-kun.’’

Before I noticed it, I had dived into Gogyou-san's thighs.

Once again I lay face down.

’’Wh- Why are you laying face down again?’’

’’...For an artistic aspect?’’

In truth it was for my desire, but I said so to deceive her and turned over in her thighs. Now I lay face up.

Ohh, I could only see her boobs No, wait. If I didn't stop soon enough, Gogyou-san would come to hate me.

I turned sideways right away and entrusted my cheek to her warm thigh.

’’Okay, I'll start now, so don't move.’’

’’O- Okay.’’

I nodded, then the cotton swab slowly entered my ear.

’’Nanjou-kun, I'll move now. Please say when it hurts.’’

Along with her words, the inside of my ear was stirred up. It tickled, but more than so it felt pleasant. I unintentionally leaked a voice, then hastily cleared my throat with a cough to cover it up.

Upon that Gogyou-san giggled and said while patting my head.

’’You don't have to hold in your voice. If it makes you feel good, I'll be happy too.’’

Not good. My cheeks got hot on her gentle whispering and I was overflowing with shame.

If she realized my feelings or not, Gogyou-san said gently.

’’Here, does it feel good there?’’

’’Wh- What stupid.... Uh...’’

When the depth of my ear were tampered with, I leaked a voice mix with a sigh from my mouth unmeant.

Feeling bashful, I covered my mouth with my hand, when Gogyou-san mumbled ecstatically.

’’So cute...’’

M, Mh, my head was patted again. I was completely treated like a kid.

But strangely enough, I didn't get angry over that with Gogyou-san.

Then my other ear got cleaned, when the warmth of her thighs and the pleasant stimulation of the cotton swap gradually made my eyelids heavier.

After the cleaning of my ears was done, I was dozing off in Gogyou-san's lap, when there suddenly was a knock on the door.

Mh? What?

I straightened up my body, when the knocks became urgently louder.

’’Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.’’

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and opened the door.

’’Sixteen fold rapid fire!’’

Suddenly my body was knocked by a fist and inadvertently I let out a scream and got down on one knee.

’’...I knocked so that you would notice me, but it turned into a real mess.’’

I raised my head and there stood Kaorun.

Right away Gogyou-san hastily ran over to me with a ’’Are you okay?’’, but since she did so in her swimsuit, her big breasts bounced around again.

I quickly averted my gaze from Gogyou-san and glared at Kaorun.

’’What are you doing! If you have such skills, quit your job as a maid and join the army.’’

’’You f*king piece of trash!’’

’’Suddenly a drill sergeant!?’’

Kaorun slapped my face left and right.

Somehow, Kaorun looked a bit amused.

Gogyou-san, standing besides me, slackened her cheeks upon seeing that and opened her mouth.

’’What's up, Kaoru-san? You need something?’’

’’Yes, the preparation for dinner are complete, so I came to call you down.’’

’’Mh? What about Luna?’’

Usually Luna would come to get me...Did something happen?

Considering it strange, I asked, when Kaorun frowned a little.

’’That is what bewildered me. I had thought for sure that she would stop me, but she gave up this duty to me with just a 'Please do'.’’

’’Hee, that's surprising.’’

’’This might prove to be a trap.’’

’’You're reading too much into it.’’

I laughed and left the room together with Kaorun and Gogyou-san.

Gogyou-san didn't change and was still in her swimsuit, so I avoided to look at her as much as possible. Then we showed up in the dining kitchen, but... apparently Kaorun's hunch was right. What awaiting me in the dining kitchen was Luna wearing nothing but an apron.

When Luna noticed me, she bend forward even while being embarrassed.

In that moment, her white skin peeked out from under the apron and her wonderful cleavage presented itself. Furthermore, the sides of her breasts crowded out of the apron and bounced gravely. An indescribable stimulus ran through my whole body.

’’H- How is it, Shinobu-san? Does it excite you?’’

Unable to answer, I just swallowed my saliva and stared at Luna.

Upon that, Machina and Elni showed their face from behind Luna and each of them said.

’’Sister, the last push.’’

’’Luna, give it your all.’’

When Machina and Elni called out to her, Luna turned bright red while she slowly made a full turn on the spot. My vision got filled with her firm and well-formed bottom.

Damn, I was about to get a nose-bleed...

I hastily pressed my hand onto my nose, when Luna blushed and looked at me with wet eyes.

’’Shinobu-san, would you like to slap my bottom?’’

’’Yeah, with a sixteen fold rapid fire -wait, no, no. Please stop the jokes, Missy.’’

I averted my eyes from Luna agitated, when Gogyou-san shouted bright red.

’’S- Such a bold outfit is impossible for me!’’

No, I believed her own outfit was more than bold enough.

I retorted as such in my mind, when Kaorun left the room frowning.

’’Fufu, even that maid became scared of Sister.’’

’’Yeah, the only one, who can oppose Luna at this point is me, the Goddess, and my rival Machina.’’

When did Machina become Elni's rival? I wondered, when

’’Excuse the long wait.’’

Kaorun came back.


I stopped my sentence halfway unmeant.

She wore nothing but an apron.

Moreover, the apron was even smaller than Luna's while her smooth, white skin and her beautiful collarbone line were dazzling. Her soft thighs and beautiful legs covered in black stockings were exposed freely.

Kaorun blushed seemingly and said warningly.

’’Nanjou-sama, the moment you step behind me, I will chop you without any questions, so please keep that in mind.’’

’’S- Sure...’’

While saying that, I retreated backwards and attached my back against the wall.

...What was up with this situation? What happened to our dining kitchen? When I averted my eyes from Luna and Kaorun, Machina and Elni said with frustrated expressions.

’’What the, you're just copying her!’’

’’And it's not something you can be forgiven for by claiming it to be homage!’’

’’No, it is neither copying or homage, nor respect. This is the official nightgown for a maid. As a proof, I am properly wearing my maid hair band, you see?’’

Kaorun magnificently told her lies.

’’I, I didn't know that. To think a maid had such a hidden side to it.’’

’’Maids are so profound...’’

’’Ehm, Kaorun-san was just lying, you know?’’

Gogyou-san retorted with reserved eyes, then Machina and Elni glared together at Kaorun.

However, Kaorun ignored their gazes and called out to me.

’’By the way, Nanjou-sama, have you properly washed your hands before dinner?’’

’’Eh? I washed them earlier. Actually, Gogyou-san and you were present then.’’

I answered truthfully, but Kaorun frowned for some reason.

’’That is a lie.’’

’’It's not. Believe me. I'm a pretty boy, a sad and fickle creature that cannot lie.’’

’’I do not believe you. I am a maid. A hunter that only believes in his own strength within all these lies and fabrications. I can easily see through such a lie.’’

’’Ehm, Kaoru-san, Shinobu-san is not lying at all.’’

While saying that, Luna came closer with her voluminous breasts bouncing through her apron. She took right hand and brought it close to her face.

’’See, his hands are faintly emitting the smell of soap.’’

’’No, this might be merely the scent of some woman on him. I have no other choice, I will disinfect it myself.’’

Along with her words, Kaorun approached me and took my left hand. Then she suddenly put my finger into her mouth.

’’Wh- What are you doing, Kaoru-san!’’

’’Like I previously said, disinfecting. Mm...*suck*...’’

Replying to Luna nonchalant, Kaorun slowly crawled her tongue around the fingertip. Then she suddenly rocked it in and out of her mouth. After that she deeply held it in her mouth and entwined her hot toque around the fingertip inside her mouth. Seeing that, Gogyou-san turned bright red and Luna hastily grabbed my right hand. She opened her well-formed pink lips and put my finger into her mouth.

’’*suck*...Fuh... Mm...’’

’’...Please wait a moment, Miss Cow-woman. You are copying me.’’

’’Yes! I am copying you! I also want to do that to Shinobu-san!’’

Showing a refreshing defiance, Luna clung onto my arm. Her big breasts pinched my arm.

But doing so, turned up her apron and the sides of her breasts became visible until the utmost limit. Furthermore, Luna repeatedly kissed the tip of my finger pecking.

Embarrassed, I moved lightly, when Luna asked with upturned eyes.

’’Does it feel good?’’

’’Well, ehm...’’

I was at a loss for words, when Kaorun made her move.

Kaorun grabbed my wrist with both her hands and play-bit my fingertip as a stimulation. A shiver ran down my spine, but... I would be in real trouble if this continued.

I swiftly pulled away both my hands from them.

’’I, It's fine now. Never mind cleaning them, they're full of saliva now.’’

’’...Now we cannot have that. Nanjou-sama, please go ahead and wipe your hands on my apron.’’

Promptly Kaorun raised up, so I reached out my hands for her apron without hesitation. But when I lightly grabbed the apron and pulled it, Kaorun's apron softly fell to the ground as the knot came off.

Immediately well-formed, beautiful breasts filled my vision. Also a tight waist, a small navel and even the crotch of her soft thighs came into plain view. Suddenly my nose became hot I gushed out a nosebleed and collapsed onto the ground.


While hearing an unprecedented adorable scream from Kaorun, I los my consciousness.

...My consciousness came back from some talking voices.

’’Really... be fine.... Yeah... Okay... -kun be happy?...’’

’’...Miss...that is the spirit... Please give it your all...’’

Mh? These voices were from Gogyou-san and Kaorun? Why were their voices...?

I heard someone's footstep gradually fading away while I opened my eyelids, when I saw the living room's ceiling. Apparently I was laying on the sofa.

But how did it come to this?

When I tried to remember, Kaorun's naked body flashed in the back of my mind.

Her figure was properly preserved in my mind like a piece of art, but what had happened to the showdown?

Wondering, I straightened up my body, when I saw the girls at the table with their heads hanged.

Everyone seemed to be depressed and specially Luna.

Luna had tears dwelled up in her eyes and still looked like she would start crying at any moment.

’’...What's going on?’’

I mumbled unmeant, when Kaorun turned around, as she had her back to me.

When she met my eyes, she blushed a little and then slowly came over.

’’Nanjou-sama, today's Bridal Showdown ended with me as the winner. From now on until tomorrow, there will be no interferences. Please enjoy yourself with the Miss.’’

’’...Eh? When did that happen?’’

’’What are you saying? You became excited, snatched away my apron and satisfactorily spurted out a nosebleed, did you not? It was obvious on a glance to who had won.’’

’’Ehm, it might be too late to say it now, but I didn't took off your apron on purpose. It was an accident.’’

On my words, Luna's body shook lightly in a shiver. But

’’Even if it was an accident, it is a fact that you were satisfied by seeing my embarrassing appearance. It might have only been for a moment, but I excelled the Miss Cow-woman at that point. I am certain that the Lord had lent me his strength.’’

When Kaorun said so, the other girls dropped her shoulders and once again hanged their heads.

First of all, I thought of saying something to them, but Kaorun took my hand and dragged me to the hallway like that.

’’What's up so suddenly?’’

’’Nanjou-sama, comforting words only hurt the loser. The test for the Miss will be conducted tomorrow, so please go to bed earlier today in preparation for that.’’

...That reminded me, Gogyou-san also had said that the test would be on the last day of the culture festival.

Remembering that, I called out to Kaorun, who was pushing on my back.

’’By the way, where is that test being hold?’’

’’At your school.’’

’’Eh? At school?’’

When I asked back, Kaorun nodded firmly and answered.

’’After the end of the culture festival, a barrier will be erected on the rooftop of the school building. Then the Miss will undertake the test under the eyes of some observers chosen by the Master. Nanjou-sama, please assist the Miss.’’

On a rare occasion, Kaorun lowered her head with a serious expression.

...What to do about this?

While I wrecked my brains, we arrived in front of my room. I sighed and opened the door.

Upon that, the lights of my room were turned on for some reason and Gogyou-san was on my bed.

She had her upper body erected and covered her mouth with the blanket.

’’Ehm, what are you doing?’’

’’...Waiting for you.’’

Gogyou-san blushed and answered, then made a determined expression and came out of the blanket.

Right away, Gogyou-san's naked body jumped into my vision.

Gogyou-san covered the important parts with both her hands, but her tender skin graved itself into my eyes whether I liked it or not.

Then Gogyou-san looked at me with wet eyes.

’’Uhm, it's my first time, so please be gentle...’’

Saying that, she slowly removed her arms from her body even while she was embarrassed.

Upon that, her voluminous breasts shook fiercely and became fully visible while I even got a plain view on further down. My reasoning crumbled in an instant and when I felt my nose getting hot, it was too late already.

Spurting out the second nosebleed of the day, I tumbled down just like that and fainted...


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