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Tsuki Tsuki - Volume 12 - Chapter Epilogue



...I could hear a lullaby.

A song from a foreign country. When I followed that clear voice to the back of the living room, I found Luna. She was sitting on the veranda and looking up to the starry sky, singing the gentle lullaby.

There was no more hesitation in me. I slowly approached and stood besides her, whereupon she suddenly stopped her singing, looked at me with her emerald green eyes and smiled gently while being illuminated by the moonlight.

’’Shinobu-san, the stars are so beautiful tonight.’’

’’Yeah, indeed.’’

A short agreeable response. I didn't joke like usually. While my heartbeat accelerate a bit, Luna resumed her lullaby a song that Elni gave her previously, then she softly began to talk with ’’I will have to start studying for entrance exams soon too’’.

Hijiri, Machina and I were seniors this year.

Next year around this time, we would be studying for university. At that time, Luna and Kaorun would be with us. As she was imagining that future,

’’I believe I can make a lot of fantastic memories when we are all in university.’’

Luna mildly flushed her cheeks dreamful and animated her voice happily.

The memories with her. The days with her, who wasn't human. These were definitely not something brief for me.

But for her, it might be nothing more than a portion of her life. Do I want to stay in her memories forever? Or do I want to create memories for her?

Probably both.

Suddenly the advices from Hijiri and my father floated in the back of my head.

The people, who stayed by my side. The people, who supported me. The people, who would protect me. The difference between humans and devils. A real family. And myself, who had gotten stronger than before.

...I no longer need to hold back.

A night with a beautiful moon and stars.

A clear and quiet night.

I wanted Luna to remember this night, this day forever and that my words would be a small eternity for her.

’’Hey Luna...’’

I wanted to hold on to her forever, be connected with her, so I warmly disclosed the feeling that was overflowing in my chest to her.


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