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True Martial World - Chapter 909


Chapter 909: Fusing with the Heaven and Earth

’’This punk...was just lucky. Mental battles must be his forte, so it makes it easier for his Sword of Will to shatter the illusion!’’

The White Fox disciples were feeling depressed. The greatest advantage the Nine-tailed White Fox held happened to be countered by Yi Yun.

’’No problem. The Nine-tailed White Fox is more than just that. Even if he had broken through the mist of illusions, he still will not be able to break the Nine-tailed Domain! And the Nine-tailed White Fox is invincible inside the Nine-tailed Domain!’’

Being the amalgamation of nine domains, the Nine-tailed Domain was the highest manifestation of the Nine-tailed White Fox's mastered laws. If Yi Yun had known of the combat techniques the Nine-tailed White Fox employed ahead of time, he could have avoided in advance, but now, Yi Yun was already sealed.

In the Nine-tailed Domain, Yi Yun looked at the Nine-tailed White Fox with a strange feeling. He felt as though the White Fox was the world itself.

’’Is this the effect of a domain...?’’

With a thought from Yi Yun, his Golden Crow Aspect Totem burst out behind him. The phantom image of the Tang Valley with Fusang emerged as well!

Yi Yun shook the sword in his hand and slashed it at the Nine-tailed White Fox!


The sword beam tore through the void, hitting straight at the Nine-tailed White Fox's head. However, just at the moment the sword beam hit the Nine-tailed White Fox's head, a very strange phenomenon seemed to happen. Like water ripples, the Nine-tailed White Fox's body split apart, making way for the sword beam!

It was as if Yi Yun's strike was slashing at a phantom image! This was completely different from how the Ranyi Fish used water-elemental laws to dodge attacks. The Ranyi Fish was at least injured in the process, but the Nine-tailed White Fox escaped completely unscathed. Yi Yun's blade had missed!

’’An illusion?’’ The Luo clan disciples stared. Even the Nine-tailed White Fox's body itself can become an illusion itself?

But just as they came to this thought.


A fox claw that was as sharp as a blade swiped. It brought with it a breathtaking sharpness, as it slashed from Yi Yun's side!

Yi Yun dodged the claw, but the enchanted clothes he wore were directly ripped apart by the winds the claw stirred!

’’It's not an illusion!’’

It was not an illusion when it was attacked, but it would become an illusion when it defended?

Wouldn't this make it practically unbeatable?

Many people had such thoughts because they did not understand the Nine-tailed White Fox's combat methods.

However, Yi Yun's mind remained clear in the Nine-tailed Domain. The inkling he had from before was not wrong. The Nine-tailed White Fox had actually integrated itself with the domain. The Nine-tailed Domain was the Nine-tailed White Fox, and the Nine-tailed White Fox was the domain as well!

The Nine-tailed White Fox had manifested itself as a world. If this domain was not shattered, there was no way to defeat the Nine-tailed White Fox!


’’Senior Brother, you seem to have overdone it.’’ In front of Yi Yun's battle projection, Elder Duanmu transmitted his voice to Elder Shi.

If Yi Yun was battling the Ranyi Fish, he might have already severely injured it.

However, Yi Yun was lacking in experience when it came to battling the Nine-tailed White Fox, which had all sorts of bizarre combat techniques. It was very disadvantageous for Yi Yun.

Elder Shi faltered slightly and said, ’’It's not true that this domain is without weakness, but it will be very difficult for Yi Yun to find the weakness. However, that's fine as well. By letting him know what sort of bizarre and multifaceted battle moves exist in the martial world, it is worth the tiny loss against the young lass from the White Fox clan.’’

During Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi's conversation, Princess White Fox had already seriously injured the fourth Fey dragon!

This was the fourth Ancient Fey, yet it did not seem to put a stop to Princess White Fox's advancement.

As for Yi Yun, he was in a stalemate.

As for people like Jian Zhu, the Shadow Twins, and Wufeng, they had already been expelled in defeat. Only Jian Zhu and the Shadow Twins' elder sister, Nongying, had barely managed to kill the third Ancient Fey. They were completely no match for the fourth Ancient Fey when they faced it.

As for Nongyue and Wufeng, they had only managed to severely injure the third Ancient Fey, but ended up in defeat before falling short of killing the third Ancient Fey.

At the moment they were expelled by the Fey Refining Rock, they saw the two large projections of the Fey Refining Rock array.

’’Princess Xue'er, and the other one is...Yi Yun!?’’

’’Yi Yun is battling the Nine-tailed White Fox!? Furthermore, it has already conjured its Nine-tailed Domain!?’’

Nongying and Nongyue came to a realization as to what had happened outside their battles. As descendants of the White Fox, the gigantic Nine-tailed White Fox astounded them!

They did not need to ask which Ancient Fey Yi Yun had reached because they knew just from the aura of the Nine-tailed White Fox and the feeling the Nine-tailed Domain gave them that the Nine-tailed White Fox they were seeing was much stronger than the third Ancient Fey they had been fighting!

’’Could it be that Yi Yun is fighting the fourth Ancient Fey!?’’

The twins found it unbelievable!

’’That's right! The fourth one!’’

Bai Yueqing said as the fan in his hand was gripped tightly!

Even though Yi Yun was now at an impasse, Bai Yueqing was still unable to understand why Yi Yun had become so strong.


In the Nine-tailed Domain, another claw swiped at Yi Yun. Three bloody marks smeared through the Nine-tailed Domain where the claw's tips were. The consequences were obvious if the bloody marks had landed on Yi Yun's body!

Yi Yun dodged it in the nick of time. At this moment, Yi Yun remained extremely calm while facing the Nine-tailed White Fox.

The Nine-tailed Domain was something he had never been exposed to. The superposition of nine domains gave Yi Yun an experience he had never felt before in combat.

This was a challenge, but wasn't it also an opportunity to train himself?

Yi Yun had mediated over the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence through the Purple Crystal Fey God Stone. Although he had gained insights into it over a period of seven years, the gap between his and the long-haired man's realm was still a night and day difference.

Furthermore, to go from insights to actual combat required a process.

Yi Yun wanted to use this actual combat to complete a perfect fusion between the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence's laws and his actual combat.


The fox claw swiped, but this time, not only did Yi Yun dodge, he had even slashed out as a response!

Yi Yun's blade shimmered with purple runes. These purple runes were the runic patterns that came from the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

With Yi Yun's present realm, summoning the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence in its entirety was too difficult. It would nearly consume all his strength, resulting in him not being able to continue fighting.

That was to say that if Yi Yun were to summon the complete 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence and killed the fourth Ancient Fey, this would be as far as he could go for this Fey Refining Rock array. This was not the outcome Yi Yun wanted.

And if he distilled the complete 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence into nomological runes and augmented his weapons with them, it would save a lot of energy!

Saber beams appeared as 999 flying sabers shot out from Yi Yun's surroundings. Each flying saber was inscribed with a rune.

The flying sabers flew freely as it came to the boundaries of the domain!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

As metal struck the nomological barrier, it issued a jarring sound.

As for Yi Yun's sword, it was devoted to battling the fox claws!

Every flying saber slammed into the domain barriers and were repelled, as though it was in vain.

But in fact, Yi Yun was choosing a different point of attack every single time!

To Yi Yun, every strike of the saber array was a clash of laws. The feeling was completely different.

In the battle, he began deducing the way to crack the Nine-tailed Domain through the collision of laws.

At the same time, this was a form of training in Yi Yun's use of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!

As he attempted cracking the domain, he was enhancing his comprehension of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. Yi Yun believed that no matter how powerful the Nine-tailed White Fox was, it was greatly inferior to the long-haired man hidden within the Purple Crystal's phantasm.

The Nine-tailed Domain's laws were inferior to the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence after all!

The saber beams flew in all directions like flying snowflakes. As for Yi Yun, he was in a dangerous situation as the fox claws attacked him. It was as though he would be defeated at any moment!

’’Junior Brother Yi is embroiled in a bitter battle!’’ The Luo clan disciples were extremely nervous.

As for the White Fox disciples, it appeared as though victory was at hand. ’’Yi Yun is still flinging his flying sabers at this moment. Does he think he can crack the Nine-tailed Domain? What naivety!’’ A White Fox disciple said when suddenly a loud cheer erupted from the White Fox disciples.

’’Princess Xue'er! Princess Xue'er has killed the fourth Ancient Fey!’’

The Luo clan disciples were stunned as they turned their heads quickly. There they saw a long dragon's corpse floating above a deep blue sea. Its body was covered in wounds!

As for Princess White Fox, she floated in mid-air, while crimson dragon's blood slowly flowed down her sword tip.

’’Pa Da! Pa Da!’’

The heavy dragon's blood fell into the sea.

The scene of clothes as white as snow while blood dyed the sea was fixed in the irises of many disciples as they felt their entire beings in shock.

Momentarily, the Luo clan disciples were silent in front of the Fey Refining Rock projection.

Princess White Fox was too powerful!

Invincibility was a form of loneliness. Amongst the younger generation participating in the Luo divine Hall trials, Princess White Fox was probably an invincible existence. Thankfully, the Luo clan still had Luo Huo'er to match her.


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