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True Martial World - Chapter 798


Chapter 798: Fire-elemental Laws

At this moment, Yang Zishan's face sank so low that it appeared like a falling water droplet. Having transformed and having used ’’Fire-Spirit Transmutation’’ was already pushing his limits. It consumed a great deal of his Yuan Qi and with his consciousness and will that he attached to the Earth fire being wiped away, not only did Yang Zishan feel an energy deficit, but he also felt a dull pain in his mind.

As for Yi Yun, he appeared extremely relaxed... Yang Zishan hatefully looked at the fire plume in Yi Yun's hand and knew that he had embarrassed himself greatly today. If he continued to stay here, there was no way he could win back any face and he would even have to continue enduring Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er's ridicule.

Yang Zishan gritted his teeth and said softly, ’’We won't be fire-mining today. Let us go!’’

Having said that, Yang Zishan flicked his sleeves and left.

The disciples of Elder Heaven Scorpio looked at each other. They had to leave before they even began mining for fire?

However, the moment they saw Yi Yun looking at them with a faint smile that did not look like a smile, they felt their hearts jump from the wicked look he had.

’’Let's go. Even if we manage to mine any fire, it will be snatched by him. Senior Brother Zishan can't even protect his Earth fire after using Fire-Spirit Transmutation, so it will be pointless even if we tried.’’

’’Waiting here stupidly will just be an embarrassment. Who knew that this newly recruited disciple would be this powerful. Since we are inferior, sigh...’’

These disciples shook their heads and sighed before they left.

Although they could not mine for fire today, there were still ten days left and Yi Yun could not be constantly here. Everyone would spend at least a few days to consolidate the results of their fire-mining, so they could always come again.

Fairy Black Bamboo had only become an Earth Fire Hall Elder relatively recently, so she did not have many disciples under her. As for Elder Heaven Scorpio, he was one of the Elders with the largest faction and had numerous disciples under him.

The competition between warriors in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven was intense. Everything depended on strength. As Fairy Black Bamboo's disciples were few in number, they were often marginalized and oppressed. Although Man Dao had joined the Earth Fire Hall for quite a period of time, this was the first day he managed to vent his anger and be elated.

Seeing Yang Zishan and company leave in a hurry, Man Dao laughed loudly from behind, ’’Scramming so quickly? What happened to all the majesty from before!?’’

Yun Qiao'er also laughed and said, ’’With my Junior Brother Yi Yun here, it's best you don't come to Fire Spirit Palace, or you will only make a fool of yourself!’’

Yi Yun watched as Elder Heaven Scorpio's disciples left. Before Yang Zishan took his leave, his snakelike eyes looked at him with a vicious gaze, as though he had been stared at by a poisonous snake.

Yi Yun knew Yang Zishan hated him completely, but he did not mind. His goal was the Luo clan royal capital. Even the Heaven Fire Hall was not his goal, so an Earth Fire Hall disciple was naturally not worth his attention.

In a blink of an eye, Fire Spirit Palace was half-empty. The remaining Earth Fire Hall disciples did not have Elder Heaven Scorpio as their master so although they did not leave, they were somewhat flustered as they looked at Yi Yun.

No one knew if Yi Yun would snatch their Earth fire from them. This was not something that could be faulted on in the Earth Fire Hall. Whoever had the strength could naturally use their strength to bully others.

Yi Yun glanced at the dancing fire plume in his palm. In the pale redness was a slightest bit of whiteness in it. Even though it was enveloped in Yuan Qi, looking at it still allowed him to sense a tremendous amount of energy contained within the tiny fire plume.

It was unknown what would happen if he absorbed such a pure fire-elemental energy.

Yi Yun casually sat down beside the magma pond and faced the bubbling red magma and the hot gases that surged at him. Despite the hot gases being able to bake a warrior to death, Yi Yun appeared indifferent and at ease.

He opened up his mouth and the fire plume immediately appeared like it had life in it. It immediately beelined into Yi Yun's mouth.

Seeing Yi Yun begin to absorb his Earth fire without giving them a second look, the other worried Earth Fire Hall disciples finally relaxed. From the looks of it, Yi Yun was not a perverse tyrant.

They could continue mining for fire, but even though Yi Yun paid no attention to them, they still tacitly distanced themselves from him by retreating to another corner of the magma pond.

’’We can continue fire-mining.’’ Man Dao said to Yun Qiao'er.

They quietly sat somewhere relatively far from Yi Yun, both as a way to stand guard for him as well as leave him a quiet space.


The moment the Earth fire was absorbed into his abdomen and him closing his eyes, Yi Yun immediately felt a raging heat explode in his body. It was as though his Dantian was consumed in burning flames.

If he was a person who was being exposed to fire-elemental laws the first time, absorbing such an Earth fire plume was no different from throwing himself into a fire for grilling. Furthermore, it was a grilling that began from the organs, so it was obvious how excruciating painful it would be.

This was a flame formed at the birth of a new world. It contained a trace of the world's will when it was first born. And it was this will that made the Earth fire become so ferocious. When warriors absorbed the Earth fire, not only would they experience a burning sensation from the Earth fire's energy, but their minds would also experience the impact of the world's will.

In this state of suffering, one had to remain concentrated and calm. One had to guide the Earth fire to refine one's body and also meditate over this trace of will and the fire-elemental laws. The absorbing of Earth fire was much more difficult than fire-mining.

As for Yi Yun, not only did he have a pure Yang body, but he also had the Purple Crystal. When this heat blasted out in his body, it made him feel extremely comfortable!

The Earth fire's heat surged out madly from his Dantian, spreading to every corner of his body. The vicious fire toxins were directly absorbed by the Purple Crystal, leaving behind the purest fire-elemental nomological energy.

Yi Yun's meridians were repeatedly being tempered as though it was being struck by a hammer. Although he had recovered from his serious injuries from before, he still had hidden injuries left behind in his meridians. It needed gradual nourishments to be healed completely, but now, under the impact of the Earth fire, all the hidden injuries in his meridians were healed.

At this moment, his meridians were like glass that had been tempered clean of its impurities. The hidden injuries disappeared as his meridians turned crystalline. Furthermore, they became increasingly tough.

A fire-elemental will that appeared at the birth of a world embedded itself into Yi Yun's mind. Instantly, he felt as though he was immersed in a gaseous mass that was extremely cold. Darkness surrounded him.

His internals were extremely hot, but his external body was extremely cold.

This extreme contrast was difficult to bear.

And at this moment, it was as though his Dantian could no longer withstand such a flame. The gaseous mass suddenly contracted before exploding!

Extreme heat was born from extreme cold, and it filled everything with a fire cloud after the explosion!

Yi Yun sensed a white light flash before his eyes as he immediately opened his eyes.

’’That was...’’

It was likely a scene from the first birth of the Fire Cloud State. This Spirit of the Earth Fire was that ray of extreme heat that was born in the extreme cold right from the beginning.

Extreme Yin gives birth to Yang, extreme Yang gives birth to Yin...

Yi Yun recalled the scene from before and immediately thought of Fairy Black Bamboo.

Fairy Black Bamboo clearly cultivated fire-elemental laws but her aura was icy-cold.

Yi Yun had a pure Yang body, so he was extreme Yang, but when he duo cultivated with Lin Xintong in the Great Empress Heart Sutra, what Lin Xintong gave him was extreme Yin energy. By mixing and blending between pure Yin and Yang, they complemented each other.

Yi Yun felt that the scene he just saw seemed to introduce another side of fire-elemental laws to him.

He was surprised to learn that absorbing a tiny fire plume had not only mended his meridians, but it had also given him new insights into fire-elemental laws, astonishing Yi Yun. The Spirit of the Earth Fire was indeed extraordinary.


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