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True Martial World - Chapter 666


Chapter 666: The Martial Alliance's Destruction

The Blood Moon members left behind to guard Greatsword Mountain had informed the Alliance Leader the moment the various large factions came attacking, asking for his advice.

However, the Alliance Leader did not return to preside over the situation. He had important things to do, so he only informed the Blood Moon politburo that he was in reclusive death training and that once he made a breakthrough, he could wipe out the Tian Yuan world alone!

As for the other Blood Moon members, the orders the Alliance Leader gave them was to guard Greatsword Mountain!

And if possible, they were to defend until he returned.

Amongst the Blood Moon members, some of them were Yin specters who had been personally refined by the Alliance Leader. There was a mental connection between these Yin specters and the Alliance Leader, so they would execute his orders.

As for the others, they lacked the fortitude.

Defend? What were they to use to defend?

Against the gray-robed man's question, an elder sneered from the clouds. ’’Destroy the Martial Alliance? Hehe! You still dare to call yourself the Martial Alliance? The organization known as the Martial Alliance has long since been secretly controlled by you Blood Moon. You have concealed the facts about the great war that happened tens of millions of years ago, distorting the truth and privately hoarding the martial inheritances that should belong to the Tian Yuan world. Furthermore, you even attempted to sacrifice all of the elites in the Tian Yuan world a few days ago, all for your nefarious schemes. To think that you have the shame to address yourselves as the Martial Alliance? Such an evil cult is enough reason for people to destroy it!’’

The elder's voice was loud and clear as it resounded like thunder from the sky.

Momentarily, many members of the Martial Alliance turned dumbfounded upon hearing this. Many of them did not know anything about the relationship between the Martial Alliance and Blood Moon. They suspected the words the elder said, but was still unsure of what had happened.

As for the opposing side, many people from the large factions were filled with fighting spirit. Although it was a battle, they all had their own selfish reasons. It could be said to be a plundering battle, but with reason on their side, they could plunder with their hearts at ease.

’’Attack and break through the mountain entrance!’’

The elder bellowed. Although the Martial Alliance's protective array was extremely formidable, how could it withstand the attacks from so many mighty figures?

Up in the sky, the old freaks from various sects attacked together. As nine-colored beams tore through the sky, the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi exploded into chaos, turning the scene into one that resembled Armageddon.


Under the powerful combined forces, Greatsword Mountain began to tremble. As the entrance's array began to fracture, a few Martial Alliance members, who remained too close to the arrays, suffered as their organs were being torn apart due to the tremors. They vomited large mouthfuls of blood! As for those with weaker cultivation levels, their organs were reduced to a messy mix of blood and flesh after their meridians were severed from the turmoil!

’’Charge, leave no one alive!’’

An elder transmitted his voice from the clouds. Since time immemorial, human wars were bloody and cruel. A typical extermination of a faction usually meant that no stone was left unturned, so as to prevent any future repercussions!

Thousands of warriors charged into Greatsword Mountain like a swarm of locusts.

These people were the Tian Yuan world's cream of the crop. As they attacked together, the sky was filled with thundering clouds amidst an inferno sea.

The mighty figures of the various factions from the Tian Yuan world did not show any mercy. As they swarmed forth, not a single life was spared in their path.

The Martial Alliance, which had previously enjoyed a magnificent existence, was now reduced to a pile of corpses after the slaughter from the various large factions.

’’You are courting death with your blasphemy against the divine Master!’’ A Blood Moon Yin specter roared, however he was met with a saber beam.

’’Go to hell to find your divine Master!’’

With the saber beam forming a curved arc, it sliced off his head. Even the soul residing within his head exploded as well.


With the head landing on the ground, the Yin specter's eyes stared widely, dying with everlasting regret.

The Yin specters, that were used to staying behind the Martial Alliance, were limited in strength. They were usually responsible for the daily affairs of the Martial Alliance. The truly powerful Yin specters were all sleeping within the Soul Tomb. However, these powerful Yin specters had all been destroyed by Yi Yun. Blood Moon had suffered disastrously from the battle within the Soul Tomb!

The killer stepped onto the rolling head with one leg before pouncing towards the Greatsword Mountain's peak.

Far in the distance, about fifty kilometers away, a man and two women were watching all of this happen from a black mountain peak.

These three people were Yi Yun, Lin Xintong and Jiang Xiaorou.

They were here to witness the Martial Alliance's destruction, but they knew very well that the Martial Alliance was going to be easily destroyed, but it would not be so simple to wipe out Blood Moon.

’’There aren't any experts. The true experts of Blood Moon are not on Greatsword Mountain. The people left behind here are either auxiliary members or Martial Alliance members who died cluelessly.

Yi Yun quickly figured out the situation. The people left behind on Greatsword Mountain were just sacrifices.

They were likely used as dummy targets to divert attention...

Yi Yun did not know what the true master of Blood Moon was doing. According to information obtained from Fengming and Sheji, Yi Yun only knew that the revived Yin specters were meant to be brought to a certain location in the Untraversable Sea so as to complete a task.

However, the Untraversable Sea was too vast and the exact location was not known by Fengming or Sheji.

Now with all the Yin specters dead, the plans the Blood Moon had could no longer be executed, but... the disappearance of the upper echelons of Blood Moon while the Tian Yuan world besieged Greatsword Mountain cast a cloud over Yi Yun's head.

He was not expecting the upper echelons of Blood Moon to die in this slaughter, but dealing a severe blow to Blood Moon was also something he would love to see.

’’Yun'er, what should we do now.’’

Jiang Xiaorou asked softly. As she looked at the battle in the distance, Blood Moon's remnant forces were completely wiped out.

Without a leader or any expert holding down Greatsword Mountain, and facing enemies more than ten times stronger than them, the battle outcome was imaginable.

’’Let us leave first. Increasing our strength is of utmost importance. I plan on breaking through to the Yuan Opening realm!’’

After cultivating the ’’Great Empress Heart Sutra’’, he had accumulated enough and it was time to make a breakthrough.

As long as he had sufficient strength, he could cope with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle.


Lin Xintong and Jiang Xiaorou agreed and accompanied him as they flew up and far into the distance.

Along the way, they also saw many onlooking warriors in the distance. It even included former Heavenly Blood Union members.

These Heavenly Blood Union members had signed a soul contract with the Martial Alliance. And since the soul contract restricted them from attacking the Martial Alliance, as well as not allowing them to disobey any non-fatal orders of the Martial Alliance, they could only be onlookers.

Yi Yun, Lin Xintong and Jiang Xiaorou disappeared over the horizon. At this moment, the various Tian Yuan world large factions of course realized that Blood Moon did not have any reasonable resistance. However, they did not care about this and still slaughtered everything in their path!

A group of people charged towards the Martial Alliance's core palace, afraid of being behind others.

A path of slaughtering led to a path of blood. The Martial Alliance, which was used to conceal Blood Moon, had existed for tens of thousands of years, over numerous disjointed periods of time, had finally met the day of their destruction today.


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