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True Martial World - Chapter 646


Chapter 646: No More Hiding

An Aspect Totem was a warrior's trademark. Although not every warriors' Aspect Totem was different in form from another's, it would not be easy to find warriors who had similar Aspect Totems, unless they cultivated in similar cultivation techniques, had similar physiques and condensed the same beast marks.

The Aspect Totem behind Yi Yun was a three-legged Golden Crow, which was a very rare Aspect Totem in the Tian Yuan world. It was nearly synonymous with being Yi Yun's personal trademark.

Today, Yi Yun's conjuration of the Golden Crow Aspect Totem naturally caused Zhulong to make the connection.

The chaotic blobs of light slowly dissipated within the sealed enchantment as Yi Yun's figure entered the crowd's vision.

He was hovering in midair, his clothes now slightly tattered. Other than that, there was nothing different about him. Even the compressed, violent blast within the sealed enchantment had failed to injure Yi Yun.

Zhulong narrowed his eyes as he stared at Yi Yun, as if he was trying to penetrate Yi Yun with his gaze.

The Golden Crow Aspect Totem alone was not enough to confirm that Jiang Yidao was Yi Yun, but with Jiang Yidao being a peerless genius aswell, there was pretty much no doubt about it.

As for the white-dressed woman accompanying Yi Yun, it was beyond all doubt that she was Lin Xintong.

’’So it is the two of you. Yi Yun... Lin Xintong... No wonder the two of you would save the Desolate race's devils. What a joke...’’

Zhulong's words resounded in the ears of many Heavenly Blood Union members, causing all of them to fall stunned.

Jiang Yidao was Yi Yun?

In fact, a number of them had already made the connection when they saw the Golden Crow Aspect Totem.

Zhulong's words just confirmed their speculations.

’’It really is Yi Yun!’’

Yi Yun, who was in reclusive training in the Great Empress mystic realm, came out this fast? And his strength was so ridiculously strong after emerging?

’’Who knew that Jiang Yidao would be Yi Yun. Jiang Yidao's bone age was twenty-six, while Yi Yun is actually about twenty-two years old, younger than Jiang Yidao.’’

To have such strength at twenty-two years old made people of the same age despair. Just looking at Yi Yun's back would cause them to lose the confidence to walk on the path of martial arts.

If he combined forces with Lin Xintong, would there be anyone in the entire Tian Yuan world who could stop them in another decade?

’’So what if he is strong? He does not know how to endure and hide. He will still die. If he hid in the Great Empress mystic realm, no one could have done anything to him, but now, with him emerging... how can the Martial Alliance spare him?’’

’’He was forced to use his Golden Crow Aspect Totem in the Soul Tomb, revealing his identity. Even if he manages to escape from Lord Zhulong, he will definitely be doomed once the news spreads when we leave the Soul Tomb.’’

Many of the Heavenly Blood Union members present yearned for Yi Yun to die.

Yi Yun's inheriting the ancient Great Empress' inheritance made them jealous. And now, with his strength being so ridiculous, not only was he invincible amongst people his age, even people from the older generation might not be able to beat him. If such a genius peer did not die, they would suffer from the pressure dealt to them.

Furthermore, Yi Yun had betrayed the human race by submitting to the Desolate race, giving them a reason to punish him.

’’So it is that traitor! I was wondering why a human would save the Desolate race devils. This sort of person should be brought back to the Martial Alliance and have his cultivation maimed, and then suffer death from a dismembered heart. His corpse should be hung on in the Martial Alliance's square and paraded!’’

After Yi Yun's identity was revealed, many Heavenly Blood Union members yearned for Yi Yun to be immediately killed. However, on the other side of the battlefield, under the blood moon, Jiang Xiaorou, who was dressed in red, had tears streaming down her face.

’’Yun'er, it really is you...’’

Jiang Xiaorou muttered to herself. Having been separated for a decade, they ended up meeting in the perennially dark Soul Tomb, facing the Blood Moon with their lives on the line. It was quite a regretful feeling.

Seeing the tears in Jiang Xiaorou's eyes, Lin Xintong empathized with her.

When she met Yi Yun in the Cloud Wilderness, she clearly understood the living environment in the Cloud Wilderness. It was imaginable how deep their feelings for each other was as a pair of siblings who had relied on each other in the Cloud Wilderness.

’’Miss Xiaorou, your body is still weak. It is best if you meditate and try to recover. Do not be too agitated as you do not need to worry about Yi Yun.’’

’’Thank you, Miss Lin.’’

Jiang Xiaorou and Lin Xintong knew of each other, but they had never met prior to this.

Today was the first time they met. Both had close relationships with Yi Yun, and were equally peerless in beauty...


Having his identity revealed was something Yi Yun had already expected. He never planned on hiding his identity within the Soul Tomb.

He decided to refrain from disguising himself, and immediately removed the ’’Star Transference Heaven Changing Book’’. Immediately, Yi Yun's face flashed as his body began to grow taller. His joints began to crack as his facial muscles began to shrink, causing his facial features to turn more handsome, and his eyes brighter.

In just a few seconds, Yi Yun returned to his original looks, transforming into a handsome youth who had an extraordinary bearing.

’’He is Yi Yun. He does look like the portrait in the wanted poster, but there is something different...’’

The wanted poster might have drawn Yi Yun's facial features, but many of the details in the portrait had been drawn to purposely uglify Yi Yun, making him look like a despicable person.

Now however, when they saw Yi Yun in person, when matching his strength and bearings to his facial features, it gave them a feeling of looking at a hero of orthodox origin, a dragon amongst men.

Even many of Yi Yun's enemies could not help but admit that such a youth was definitely the best outstanding talent in the Tian Yuan world.

’’It really is you. That's right, I should have long guessed that it could only be you!’’ As Zhulong looked at Yi Yun, the blood traces on his body shimmered, as if blood was flowing from the middle of his eyebrows and into the surroundings.

’’There was really no effort wasted in searching for you! You could have safely remained in reclusive training in the Great Empress mystic realm for decades, or even a century. Although long periods of reclusivity could hinder your martial path, it would be better than lacking in strength now and being killed by me.’’

’’Since you have emerged, how can I let down such a grand gift. Today, your life, as well as the inheritance you inherited, shall all be mine!’’

As Zhulong spoke, his body surged with Yuan Qi, causing his long hair to stand up in the Yuan Qi tempest.

Around him, space began to condense and distort again. The sealed enchantment, which had more than ten pierced holes due to the blast waves, were mended, and grew in strength.

From afar, people could clearly see the boundary of the sealed enchantment. It was like a gigantic black egg shell, and everything within it seemed to be isolated in its own unknown space-time.


Zhulong clenched his fists, the sounds of his knuckles cracking under the black gloves resounding.

’’My fist has already broken your saber. Next, I shall break your spine!’’

Yi Yun only faintly smiled while facing the black fist Zhulong had lifted up.

With a flip of his hand, a rusty broken sword appeared in his palm.

’’Cut the crap, make your move.’’


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