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True Martial World - Chapter 617


Chapter 617: Killing Intent

The seven people including Yi Yun left the platform under the disdainful eyes or looks of pity from the Martial Alliance members.

’’A bunch of cowards.’’

’’Those people are not fit to practice martial arts. They are deserting just because of a mystic realm with a bit of danger. Although they are temporarily safe, this running away without fighting will probably lead to mental demons.’’

People discussed as they watched the seven people leave.

The remaining people carried on being picked by the Reincarnators on the platform. They were being mobilized for the mission.

Thinking of the resources they could obtain, and the heritage each one of them would receive before the mission, they were feeling extremely excited.

Yi Yun returned to his residence and packed his things. Actually, there was nothing much to pack. All his items were in his interspatial ring, and the most important cards he had were all sealed in the God Advent Tower.

At this moment, there was a knock on his door.

Wei Chiwei had brought the other five youths who were determined to leave the Martial Alliance to the door.

The six people looked at Yi Yun. As the strongest amongst all of them, Yi Yun was their unspoken leader.

Yi Yun glanced at the six people. Right in front was a bald youth. He had a stout figure and his cultivation level was at the peak of the Dao Seed realm. Behind him, there were two girls who looked alike. They were both slim, petite and cute. They looked like they were sixteen or seventeen years old. They were twin sisters.

Several twins had similar martial arts talent. The environment they were brought up in were similar, so their strengths were always very similar.

The last two people were tall and thin. They were people of little words.

’’Senior Brother Jiang, what are you going to do?’’ Wei Chiwei asked.

’’What else can we do? We should leave Greatsword Mountain first.’’ Yi Yun said nonchalantly.

’’Senior Brother Jiang, my family clan is nearby. Why don't you go to my family clan to rest for a few days before deciding on your next step?’’ A beautiful voice called out. It was one of the twins.

Yi Yun turned his head and he saw the girl who had just spoken turn a bit embarrassed. She said with a flushed face, ’’I come from the Chu family. I'm Chu Qing'er and this is my twin sister, Chu Ke'er.

The Chu family was a newly risen family that was located in the central regions of the Tian Yuan world. Although its history was average, its recent developments were quite astounding.

Yi Yun chuckled and said, ’’We need to able to reach the safety of your family first before we can talk about anything else.’’


Yi Yun's words stunned those around him.

What were those words supposed to mean?

’’Senior Brother Jiang, are you saying that the Martial Alliance won't let us go?’’

A few of them looked at each other, somewhat in disbelief. They were already determined to quit the Martial Alliance. What would the Martial Alliance forcefully keep them? They couldn't imprison them or even kill them, right?

Yi Yun did not answer. It was a silent acknowledgment.

’’Senior Brother Jiang, are you overthinking it? The Martial Alliance has been emphasizing on using virtue to obtain conquest of the world all these years. They have been just in their matters, and they have distributed resources. They also gave up quite a bit of benefits in the mystic realm expeditions organized by them. Why would they attack us? If this news was made known, wouldn't that destroy the Martial Alliance's image? This would affect their virtuous image, and besides, keeping us behind is not beneficial to them... ’’ The bald youth said in disbelief while stroking his chin.

Chu Qing'er and Chu Ke'er also rolled their watery eyes and looked at Yi Yun with curiosity.

’’I'm just guessing. If I guessed wrongly, that would be for the best.’’

Yi Yun did not explain. When Wei Chiwei mentioned that he would withdraw from the Heavenly Dao Union, he had clearly felt a wave of killing intent.

And that killing intent came from the masked man.

The cold and subtle killing intent was hidden in the masked man's aura. It was very difficult to detect.

Clearly, the masked man would not allow them to leave, at least, not Yi Yun.

Maybe, the Martial Alliance was already at the stage where it would be tearing off its facade, and begin to implement their plans...

’’Senior Brother Jiang. Although the Martial Alliance has always been forcing us, they have still given quite a bit of cultivation resources to us. Could it be that they can't bear to part with that tiny bit of resources and are going to attack us for it?’’ Wei Chiwei said with his eyebrows frowned.

He always believed Yi Yun's words, but no matter how hard he thought about it, he could not think of a reason for the Martial Alliance to attack them.

’’That I wouldn't know.’’ Yi Yun only gave an indifferent smile. ’’Maybe they only want me to stay, or maybe that includes all of you. The ones that are stronger will be safer if you don't follow me, so weight you own risks. However... if you follow me, I cannot guarantee you your safety.’’

After saying that, he took his things and climbed down the mountain.

The rest were momentarily stunned. ’’It can't be that exaggerated... ’’

’’Senior Brother Jiang, wait for us.’’

The female twins naturally followed Yi Yun. They did not even consider the choices that Yi Yun had given them.

The others also followed them. They all felt that Yi Yun's thoughts were too pessimistic and dark. What motives did the Martial Alliance have to attack them?

The few of them used their movement techniques and rapidly passed through the Greatsword Mountain's storm and had reached the foot of the mountain without harm.

At this moment, the bald youth took out a spirit boat. ’’Let us use the boat. It can save us our strength.’’


The seven were all youths, and having been edged out of the Martial Alliance, they felt like they were sufferers who could commiserate with each other. As such, they also became a lot closer in a way.

The spirit boat flew at an extremely fast speed. It didn't take long to fly tens of thousands of kilometers. At this distance, the tall Greatsword Mountain had disappeared over the horizon and could no longer be seen.

Everyone felt assured. The Martial Alliance did not stop them after all. Senior Brother Jiang was just over thinking things.

’’It looks like we are safe.’’ Chu Qing'er heaved a sigh of relief. She patted her undeveloped breasts, while her little face glowed red.

’’I think the seven of us can agree that we have shared weal and woe. Why don't we become sworn brothers and sisters?’’ Wei Chiwei's eyes lit up as he thought of an idea.

The other heard it and found that it was a good idea. They were all talented people, so even if they left the Martial Alliance, they still had promising futures ahead of them. By entering an alliance, there were benefits for everyone of them.

The six people all looked at Yi Yun. If they were really to become sworn siblings, Yi Yun would naturally be the eldest and also the most important person. If he did not agree to it, then it would be meaningless.

Yi Yun was expressionless, as if he had not heard Wei Chiwei's suggestion. He looked out of the spirit boat's window, and patches of white clouds swept past the window.

At this moment, Yi Yun spoke. ’’It seems like our boat has been wandering on the same spot for a long time.’’

Yi Yun's words stunned everyone. What!?

Their boat had been moving straight all the time. The speed was also extremely fast and they had long flew out of the Martial Alliance's confines. Yet, Yi Yun said they were wandering on the same spot?

’’What's the matter?’’ The bald youth immediately checked the core array of the spirit boat, but there was no problem with it.

’’There's no need to check. The spirit boat is fine, it's just that... we have entered a large array.’’ Yi Yun said lightly as he pressed on his Ancient Dust Saber hilt.

’’Entered an array? Could it be... ’’

Everyone's expression changed. They had never realized that they had entered an array. Just as the bald youth was about to speak, they felt a extremely cold aura coming from above, enveloping the entire boat.

The bald youth felt his body turn cold as his expression changed drastically. Only now did he really sense what Yi Yun had said, and the enemy was already in front of them!


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