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True Martial World - Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Purple Blood Warrior

“What? Spit it out!”said the man impatiently.

“Oh, it’s this. My sister handed over two bundles of arrows, and in accordance with the clan rules, more rations than this should be obtained…”

Yi Yun dangled the light bag of grain in the air as he asked with an earnest look, without any hints of interrogating.

The man hissed, “What clan rules, being strong is the rule! What I say are the rules!”

The man said it aggressively. Yi Yun sneered in his heart. What an idiot, the man’s arrogance had led him into his trap.

Yi Yun gave a look of injustice, saying, “Brother, you may set the rules, but you should let us have something to live by.”

By saying this, Yi Yun had included everyone on board when the man said, “being strong is the rule! What I say are the rules!”had already ruffled the feathers of many.

Immediately, many people behind Yi Yun could not help but echoed him saying, “Right, Soldier-brother, I handed over 6 pieces of armor, yet all I got was a tiny amount of rations. I want an explanation too.”

“Why are there so few rations this time? We want to know too.”

“I’m an old person with a family to feed. This amount of rations isn’t enough!”

The people of the Lian tribal clan had endured misery all this time. They had the intention to revolt against the tribal clan leadership, but due to the differences in strength, and without a leader, none of them stood forward. But with Yi Yun’s provocation, they could no longer sit idle.

The man’s countenance fell, he did not expect a kid’s words could cause such a disturbance among the crowd. Seeing the situation escalate, he was beginning to lose control of the situation.

“All of you shut the f*k up!”the man roared.

But his roar was severely limited.

“Give an explanation. We want an explanation!”

“Why is there so few rations!”

Laws fail when violators were legion. Usually the first person who jumped forward would receive “special care”, but with the situation escalated, everyone gained courage.

Just as the situation was about to go out of control, a clear voice rang, “You want an explanation, I’ll give you one!”

This sound had contained an amorphous energy, instantly quieting the chaotic situation.

Everyone traced the source of the sound, to see only a silver-armored lad with a long sword in hand, walking over.

“It’s Young master Lian Chengyu!”

“Lian Chengyu!”

Seeing this lad, everyone was surprised. Lian Chengyu was the only person in the tribe most likely to become a Purple Blood Warrior. Lian Chengyu’s talent was apparently comparable to a large tribe’s genius.

If the Lian tribal clan produced a Purple Blood Warrior, everything would be different! The day that happened, Lian Chengyu could support the entire tribal clan!

If Lian Chengyu went one step further, and impressed a powerful tribe, he definitely would have the means to bring the entire Lian tribe into the city.

To many in the tribe, being able to live in a city would be heavenly. To be able to build a city in the wilderness was too hard as it was an easy target filled with humans to be attacked by big and strong desolate beasts! Without human experts backing the city, the desolate beasts would trample the city!

Many experts were located in every human city. With a thick high wall and a long heritage history, the city was protected, leaving humans to survive within the city walls safely. With sufficient food sources, they did not need to fear starvation nor the threat of the beasts. Who didn’t want such a pleasant life?

Lian Chengyu was the Lian tribal clan’s hope. His position within the tribe had already exceeded the Patriarch!

When Lian Chengyu came forward, everyone fell silent.

“Grandpa.”Lian Chengyu first acknowledged the tribal Patriarch, who was the yellow-robed elder.

“Ah, Chengyu, since you have stepped forward, I’ll leave it to you.”

In the tribe, many men married at the age of 16. So a 17-year-old Lian Chengyu was well qualified to take charge.

Lian Chengyu didn’t say a word to the tribe immediately. Instead, he faced Yi Yun with a meaningful smile. “You are Yi Yun, right?”

Yi Yun’s eyebrows jumped. The first thing Lian Chengyu said to the tribe was towards him and although it was one of smiles, Yi Yun could sense the danger behind it.

Yi Yun instigated the unrest by the people, and he had tried his best to made it appear unintentional. Whether intentional or not, as the tribe leadership representative, Lian Chengyu was highly likely to attack him.

“Not bad for a twelve-year-old. You don’t seem like a child, and might one day amount to something big!”Lian Chengyu chuckled as he patted Yi Yun on the shoulder nonchalantly. Many in the crowd were surprised that a person of Lian Chengyu’s stature had taken the initiative to pat the shoulder of a commoner?

Also this praise was extremely noteworthy! Lian Chengyu actually said this poor kid would amount to something big! Is that possible?

Although in disagreement, since they were words from Lian Chengyu’s mouth, they had nothing better to say. To them, this young man must have received some shit luck to be appreciated by Young master Lian. He might even be given some henchman position of Young master Lian in the future. That was a position many dreamed of!

“Young master has thought too highly of me.”Yi Yun smiled stiffly, but felt tightness in his heart. He was constantly on high alert the moment he met Lian Chengyu. He had felt numbness on his shoulder followed by warmness that spread through his shoulder before instantly disappearing when Lian Chengyu patted him.

If Yi Yun wasn’t sharp and on high alert, he would have thought that the feeling was an illusion or thought that it was due to nervousness when Lian Chengyu patted him on the shoulder.

What did this Lian guy want? Could there be some trick…

Yi Yun didn’t believe that Lian Chengyu would pat him on the shoulder in front of everyone or to compliment him for nothing. To him, Lian Chengyu’s gaze was full of enmity.

“Give them some rations.”Lian Chengyu turned to the man in charge of handing out the food saying that even though Jiang Xiaorou was still small, she should be taken care for another two years, and not starve to death.

“Yes, Young master!”answered the man. Although he was unwilling after having been tricked by Yi Yun, he had to obey Lian Chengyu’s orders.

The man hesitated a moment before handing over 50 lbs of grain to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun became even more vigilant but displayed a look of gratefulness. He accepted the bags and said disingenuously, “Thank you Young master.”

Although he was verbally thankful, Yi Yun was raring to beat Lian Chengyu up. The food that belonged to Jiang Xiaorou as a result of her hard work making arrows could have been exchanged for a piece of meat, but all they got was a bag of grain. They even had to be thankful. It was preposterous!

Being inferior in capability resulted in being inferior in everything. In this world, strength was the truth!

“I so want to give him two panda eyes…”Yi Yun thought, but displayed a flawless poker face.

Seeing Yi Yun collecting two to three months’ worth of food, they were all full of envy and jealousy. But since it was awarded by Lian Chengyu, they did not dare say anything but only, “Young master Lian, can you explain to us why there’re so few rations today?”

“Yeah, Young master Lian should stand up for us!”

Lian Chengyu had already stood on the stage, smiling at everyone. It was as if the compliment to Yi Yun was nothing, and was no longer interested.

He said with a smile, “My fellow tribe mates, you have worked hard all these years!”

Lian Chengyu did not go straight to the point in his first sentence, but to quell the masses. To Yi Yun, this was a clumsy tactic, but with Lian Chengyu’s stature, those words had already made the poor flattered.

“You want an explanation, I’ll give you an explanation. Bring it up!”Lian Chengyu waved his hands, and six men behind him lifted a large wooden box up with wooden poles. Yi Yun remembered that that “Lord Lu” left behind this box after receiving the weapons. This must be something from the big tribes!

“Open it!”ordered Lian Chengyu. It was impossible to conceal the item inside the box. To refine it, a lot of labor was required.

Two big men pried the box open in front of all. When the box opened, gorgeous light with beautiful patterns emitted from it.

The crowd exclaimed in disbelief. They had never seen such a scene before.

Lian Chengyu went forward and using a red rock waved it along the glowing light streams. The light streams rippled in reaction before slowly disappearing.

In an instant, chilly air poured out…


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