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True Martial World - Chapter 431


Chapter 431: Planting a Dao Seed On the Yuan Foundation

The middle and highest peak amongst the 18 main peaks of the Lin family was named Jade Forest peak.

If one looked at the Lin family’s mountain range from a height of a million feet in the air, one would realize that the Jade Forest peak was the core of the mountain range, as the rest of the mountains meandered from it. It was like giant dragons surrounding the Jade Forest peak as its center.

Nine Dragons Surrounding Pearl was what people called this strange landscape.

The Lin family used this landscape as its foundation. It had a spiritual vein array so as to ensure the Lin family’s prosperity. With its thick Yuan Qi, it transformed this place into the Lin family’s treasured ground.

People who practiced martial arts needed “Wealth, Land, Companion, Law”. Amongst them, “Land”meant a cultivation ground. As one of the four most important factors needed for cultivation, it was easy to see how seriously cultivators treated land.

Every family clan in the Tian Yuan world had its own home land. They had spent large amounts of resources so as to set up their grounds to be flawless.

And a lot of the time, the conflicts of interest between family clans tended to revolve around the battle for territory.

To the Lin family, the Jade Forest peak itself was a very important asset to the family. The three Grand Elders of the Lin family would choose the Jade Forest peak as the location whenever they began a long reclusive retreat.

At this moment, Yi Yun was also residing in Jade Forest peak, cultivating in recluse.

The chamber Yi Yun used was named the Heavenly Yang Hall.

The Heavenly Yang Hall was a cultivation ground for cultivating pure Yang laws. It was ranked third in the Jade Forest peak. It was only inferior to the first, which was used by Grand Elders, and the second, which was used by guest elders of the Lin family.

This was the best cultivation ground juniors from the Lin family could use. Typically, very few of the younger disciples in the Lin family received such treatment.

A good cultivation ground allowed one’s cultivation to have double the results with half the work.

Now, Yi Yun had already stayed in the Heavenly Yang Hall for quite a long while. He had absorbed the pure Yang energy within the Purple Crystal, and was as such transforming his meridians. He was creating a solid foundation step by step.

The Yuan foundation meant to set up a foundation in a warrior’s Dantian.

The next higher realm after the Yuan foundation realm was called the “Dao Seed”.

The meaning of the Dao Seed is to plant a martial arts seed on top of the Yuan foundation base.

To plant a Dao Seed on the Yuan Foundation was to sow one’s path in the martial Dao.

What would sprout in the future depended on the warrior.

In the Tai Ah divine Kingdom, many warriors would come to a stop at the Yuan foundation realm throughout their martial lives. To be able to reach the Dao Seed realm was a great fortune. It was enough for them to lord over people.

As such, people who reached the Dao Seed realm were called Human Lords in the Tai Ah divine Kingdom!

However, in the Tian Yuan world, people at the Dao Seed realm were only people who could travel freely. To lord over others and be called a Human Lord would only be a joke.

With the passage of time, Yi Yun, who was immersed in cultivation, had already entered an ethereal state. Pure Yang Qi was seeping out from the Purple Crystal Origins, entering into all of the corners of Yi Yun’s body. As it circulated through his meridians, a large portion of the energy injected itself into Yi Yun’s blood vessels. A very small portion of it escaped out of Yi Yun’s pores.

The pure Yang Qi that was being emitted from the crystal also took along with it slight amounts of impurities within Yi Yun’s body.

After repeated Marrow Cleansings, and with the transformation of the pure Yang Qi, Yi Yun really felt as if he was slowly being reborn.

Yi Yun’s muscles were becoming more toned, but he was not stiff like stout muscular men. His muscles gave off an elegant beauty. They were like a mountain stream and were like nature itself.

Yi Yun’s air also became more and more restrained. With the grade of Yi Yun’s pure Yang body increasing, not only did his body not radiate burning gas, it actually began to seal it within his body’s aperture points. He gave off the feeling of a gentle scholar. If one phrase was enough to describe him, it would be “jade-like gentleman”.

A prudent gentleman of a disposition as graceful as the luster of jade may seem restrained, but it had the integrity of jade.

Shen Tu Nantian also chased down the path of being a jade-like gentleman, but that was to give people that impression. He purposely catered to the requirement of being a jade-like gentleman, but his core person was not like that.

As for Yi Yun, as his pure Yang body was approaching perfection, it naturally allowed him to gain such a temperament. Even though he himself was not a true gentleman.

It should be said that Yi Yun’s core beliefs were that of a gentleman, but what he did would not be restrained by the code of ethics of a gentleman.

As he cultivated while losing the sense of time, Yi Yun had already been in reclusive training for five months without realizing it.

Before this, the only time Yi Yun had cultivated for so long in one seating was back when he entered Fallen Star Gate.

In these five months, while absorbing the pure Yang Qi, Yi Yun also constantly resolved the problems that were previously caused by hastily improving his cultivation. At the same time, he also made up for his shortcomings in nomological truths. This made Yi Yun’s martial arts system become increasingly unassailable.

Yi Yun looked within his body and saw that every inch of his bones were as white as jade. His bone marrow had also become like a translucent red crystal.

With every breath, Yi Yun could taste the fragrance in his mouth. The saliva in his mouth was as sweet as springwater.

The benefits of this body, now with nearly zero impurities, was brought forth from having a pure Yang body.

This feeling was indescribable!

Yi Yun checked the Purple Crystal and most of the pure Yang energy from the Great Empress relic had been absorbed by Yi Yun. The pure Yang spirit had also grown. As for the Frost Qi condensed from the Seven Noxious divine Yin Pill, it was compressed and placed in a corner. It was completely under Yi Yun’s control.

Actually, if Yi Yun wished it, he could easily remove the frost energy, but Yi Yun felt that it might not necessarily be useless in the future, so he kept it.

In this period of five months, Yi Yun used the pure Yang Qi in the Purple Crystal to make his cultivation level reach the peak of the middle-stages of the Yuan foundation realm. He was now closing in on the late-stages of the Yuan foundation realm.

The more solid the Yuan foundation was, the more impressive the martial arts fruits bore from the planted Dao Seed would be.

With a breakthrough in cultivation level, it also brought an increase in strength. Previously, whenever Yi Yun conjured his Aspect Totem, his body would be drained of his Yuan Qi in a short period of time.

Now however, Yi Yun felt that even if he conjured his Aspect Totem, he could still last a short while, even at full combat capability.

“I have gained a lot from this reclusive training. In this treasured ground in the Jade Forest peak, I was able to focus, without distractions, on digesting the Great Empress relic’s medicinal essence. With the Purple Crystal’s help, no junior in the Tian Yuan world can possibly have similar conditions like me. It would be hard not to have my strength increase by leaps and bounds.

As Yi Yun was thinking this, a flare suddenly lit up before his eyes.

It was a voice transmission talisman. Only a few voice transmission talismans could penetrate the chamber, and this came from Matriarch Lin.

The voice transmission talisman only had a few words.

The Matriarch wanted Yi Yun to come out of reclusive training as the Lin family’s Grand Elder had predicted that in a month, the God Burial Abyss’s demon-like tidal strength would weaken. And that moment was the opportunity for the Lin family’s disciples to enter the Great Empress mystic realm!

After the flare dissipated into the darkness, Yi Yun took a deep breath as his eyes flashed.

“The Great Empress mystic realm is finally opening!”

Yi Yun felt like he had unending amounts of Yuan Qi within his body. He was in his top condition, so to enter the Great Empress mystic realm to challenge himself was in line with his wishes.

He could not help but feel like his blood was boiling.

“I want to see, with my own eyes, what sort of things are in this Great Empress mystic realm!”


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