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True Martial World - Chapter 191


Chapter 191: The arrow that shot through the night

Yi Yun stopped his attempts at approaching the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. If he came any closer, it was bound to arouse suspicion.

Now, Yi Yun was about twenty-four meters away from the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. Yi Yun guessed that this was the distance limit that the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng could tolerate.

Yi Yun gripped his Thousand Army Saber tightly and carried on slaying the illusions.

Desolate beasts were slain by Yi Yun, splattering blood everywhere!

In the illusion world, Yi Yun had been dyed red from blood!

Slowly, Yi Yun's eyes turned red. Within his originally clear and black eyes, there was now a hint of bloodthirst. It was as if he had completely immersed himself in the world of killing, slowly losing his senses.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng could immerse a person in an illusion for eternity. If the person was unable to wake up from it, it would consume all of his Yuan Qi, eventually causing him to die from exhaustion.

Yi Yun slowly became crazy. He was madly swinging the Thousand Army Saber around, the cliff seemed like it was being slashed open by him!

At this time, Yi Yun drew his Tai Cang Bow!

’’Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!’’

Yi Yun began to shoot arrows at non-existent primordial behemoth illusions.

The illusions exploded every time they were hit by the Wind Chasing Arrows!

This was Yi Yun's final preparation. By drawing out the Tai Cang Bow, Yi Yun could attack the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng in the shortest time possible. Switching the Thousand Army Saber to the Tai Cang Bow would inevitably take some time, and that short amount of time could lead to failure against the primordial herb.

Yi Yun purposely slowed his arrows' speed. Each arrow's speed was one-third Yi Yun's maximum speed. To the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, these arrows were like toys and of no threat to it.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was waiting. To it, Yi Yun was doomed. After this human fully immersed himself into the illusion and went crazy, it was only a matter of time before he died of exhaustion.

By removing this hazard, it could carry on nurturing the Blood Yang Flower within the herb mountain and slowly absorb the pure Yang Qi.

In a few thousand years, it could then complete its evolution, becoming even stronger. When that happened, it could finally escape through the seal array of the Tai Ah divine City herb mountain.

This #60 herb mountain's array was set up by the Tai Ah divine City's first city lord. Because of this, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had been trapped within this herb mountain for thousands of years. It was like a prison that it wanted to escape from.

And when it did so, it could go into the infinite divine wilderness, search for wonderlands and find more pure Yang herbs. After swallowing their energy, it could slowly grow and evolve even further!

It was unfortunate that there was only one Blood Yang Flower.

If there were two Blood Yang Flowers, or other pure Yang herbs, they could absorb more Heaven Earth Yuan Qi for the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. It might just need a thousand years before it could escape from this herb mountain's array.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng used its lacking intelligence to think about its future. Suddenly, there was a slight change in the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

The two disk arrays from not far away suddenly let out a soft sound, and a flame burned up.

The source of this fire was from the activation charm for the Lunar Yin array!

Of course, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had no understanding of items like activation charms, neither did it understand what that burning flame meant.

As a safety precaution, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng monitored Yi Yun who was the owner of the array, but all it saw was Yi Yun shooting with the Tai Cang Bow randomly. Yi Yun's eyes were blood-red and his pupils had lost focus. His speed was clearly decreasing, as if he was slowly losing his mind.

It seemed like Yi Yun had nothing to do with the disk array's change.

But the fact was, once the disk array was activated, there had to be a result.

With the disk array's owner losing his mind, the disk array would still run, but it would slowly lose control, and unable to release its original power.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The activation charm on the lunar Yin disk array burned.

This disk array had been gathering the Yin Qi in a ten-mile radius. When the activation charm burned, this Yin Qi became chaotic and a vortex of Yin Qi spread around.

’’Buzz ’’

The vortex spiraled, emitting dense Yin Qi fluctuations.

The ice-cold wind had the vortex at its center and it began expanding in all directions, it was as if it was going to destroy everything around it. Its strength was increasing!

It was the time of the day when the Yin Qi was the most intense. This lunar Yin array's burst had pushed the Yin Qi to the extreme.

Not far from the Yin Qi vortex was the Blood Yang Flower. Although it was buried deep underground, it was still suppressed by this wave. Its body's brilliance had disappeared and it was no different from an ordinary red fruit.

As for the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, it was a primordial herb, so the current surroundings did not affect it too much.

But this chaotic and thick Yin Qi vortex made the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng feel a sense of dread.

It wanted to take the Blood Yang Flower away as soon as possible. But seeing Yi Yun almost going mad, it did not want to be just one step short of success.

If it could not get rid of this human, then no matter how dumb this human was, he could figure out something was not right. Upon returning to the Tai Ah divine City and reporting to the upper echelon of the Tai Ah divine City, then its good days were over. Human sages would frequent this #60 herb mountain, making it wary all the time. It had no way of nurturing the Blood Yang Flower or absorb pure Yang Qi.

In just about a dozen more seconds, it could finally destroy this human. It could then leave in peace. Then whatever this disk array did was none of its business.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng's thinking was perfect, but suddenly, something strange happened!

That lunar Yin array that had gathered to form a Yin Qi vortex suddenly shot out a vortex arrow the thickness of a human arm!

This vortex arrow looked like it had been shot out by chance from the lunar Yin array due to its overflow in energy,

The vortex arrow did not fly towards the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, because if it did, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng could easily avoid it.

But , it flew towards the Blood Yang Flower!

The Yin Qi vortex was very close to the Blood Yang Flower. Since the Blood Yang Flower had no self-defense mechanism, there was no doubt it would be killed by this Yin Qi attack!

This was something completely unacceptable to the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng had to constantly absorb pure Yang Qi to grow, only then could it escape the Tai Ah herb mountain. This Blood Yang Flower was too important to it.

Not only did it help the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng to absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, in a few thousand years, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng could even completely absorb the Blood Yang Flower, completing its evolution. How could it allow this Yin Qi vortex to destroy the Blood Yang Flower? If that happened, it will need to spend another two thousand years before it could escape the Tai Ah herb mountain. In such a long time, it might be discovered by a human sage!

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng did not care about using its magic to attack Yi Yun. It desperately rushed towards the Blood Yang Flower!

The lunar Yin array's pure Yin Qi vortex was dangerous, but it was no threat to the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng.

But, at the moment the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng rushed towards the Blood Yang Flower, Yi Yun who had seemingly be lost in the illusion suddenly tensed up!

His eyes flashed and took notice of the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng's motion like a hawk!

He had set up everything in an elaborate fashion, all for this hundredth of a blink of an eye opportunity!

To the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, it was meaningless no matter how accurate the arrow was. Its speed was very extremely fast and could avoid all attacks. The only way to hit it was to predict its next move!

This was Yi Yun's only chance!

Ever since he entered the large success stage of Minute Subtlety, Yi Yun was able to gauge details and changes to a certain extreme limit. In an instant, he had calculated the trajectory the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng would take.

The Tai Cang Bow had been readied, its shiny black bowstring taut, with a thin flash of brilliance!

Yi Yun had drawn the bowstring, pretending to shoot a primordial behemoth's image, but he had been waiting for this fatal blow!

All of Yi Yun's energy surged to the Tai Cang Bow like a tsunami. The exquisitely forged Tai Cang metal issued out a clear sound, and Yi Yun released his fingers.


It was like a thunderclap had sounded out in thin air. The Tai Cang Bow's bowstring snapped forward, sending a huge force into the Wind Chasing Arrow. With this tremendous force, the arrow formed a visible beam while flying directly at the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng!

This arrow was Yi Yun's ultimate attack!

The Wind Chasing Arrows formed a line and shot through the night!

The Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, which was eager to save the Blood Yang Flower, was about to get hit by the arrow!

It had never thought that Yi Yun, a twelve years old kid, who had seemed to be in his final moments and was only in the mid-stages of Purple Blood, would suddenly rise up like a tiger, sending out such a stunning blow!

Using the lunar Yin array to attack the Blood Yang Flower, then completely attracting the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng's attention, and finally calculating the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng's trajectory.

Everything was too perfect!


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