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True Martial World - Chapter 1487


Chapter 1487

"Oh, does the person who set up this massive array plan on taking the remnant Ancient Fey powers for his own?"

Yi Yun saw a young divine Lord guarding the Massive Chaos Godfiend Array's core where the crystal was. Apart from him, there were another eight people dressed in Great Cosmic State uniforms.

If the Blood Fey Bone's consciousness was still there, it would not have permitted these people to act so impetuously on its land. But now that it was gone, they were able to freely absorb the Ancient Fey powers. It was a natural treasure that they coveted, after all. The Great Cosmic State juniors were very desirous of the gathered Ancient Fey powers.

"Eldest Senior Brother, the Fey God Tomb isn't really that impressive from the looks of it. I've heard many stories of how dangerous the Fey God Tomb is when I first entered the ancient battlefield. The stories spoke of countless geniuses who perished in here, but now with divine Lord personally taking action, a Massive Chaos Godfiend Array is enough to easily seal the area. Now, the array is working calmly, without so much as a stir. The Fey God Tomb is this and nothing more."

A few Great Cosmic State youths were discussing with excitement. They were very respectful when it came to the young divine Lord that led them.

He was dressed in blue clothes. His brows resembled swords and his aura was as sharp as a blade. He was the only personal disciple Primordial Chaos Daolord selected out of the younger generation. In the Great Cosmic State, all the members of the younger generation addressed him as eldest senior brother.

This was because of his well-grounded foundation. He had once trained in a particular perilous area in the Great Cosmic State for a century, making a huge and swift breakthrough, achieving the level of divine Lord at a young age. Although he had not fused a divine Lord Royal Seal, it was already a very impressive feat.

He smiled faintly and said, "That's only natural. It's not that the Fey God Tomb isn't dangerous. It's simply that Master's cultivation level is just too high. In all of the Sinkhole, the next person that has any hopes of becoming Godly Monarch is Master!"

"No matter how powerful this Ancient Fey God was in the past, it has now been reduced to bone. How can its remnant powers escape Master's grasp?"

"Definitely! Definitely! Hahahaha!"

Many of the young Great Cosmic State disciples immediately echoed him respectfully. They knew the Daolord would reward them for simply guarding the area. If Yi Yun's body could not be found by the others, they would be the ones that did the most meritorious deeds. They might even be bestowed with a portion of the Ancient Fey powers that had been gathered by the crystal!

"Eldest Senior Brother, this crystal will be almost full in another half year."

A young disciple rubbed his hands as he looked at the gray crystal that had been dyed red by the Ancient Fey powers with covetous eyes.

The young divine Lord naturally knew what he had in mind. He chuckled and said, "Alright. It has been hard on all of you, guarding this crystal these past few years. In that case, I'll extract a bit of the Ancient Fey powers to share with all of you!"


Upon hearing the young divine Lord's offer, the young disciples brimmed with excitement. They had long yearned for the Ancient Fey powers that they had been watching over for years. Just a tiny sliver of the massive power would go a long way towards their cultivation.

"It's just an Ancient Fey that has been dead for hundreds of millions of years. It's not as impressive as the rumors say. Master won't mind it either,"said the young divine Lord proudly. To establish himself in the Great Cosmic State, he naturally needed to win over the masses. Giving tiny perks like these was a necessity.

He strode forward to the gray crystal and extended his hand to beckon, causing a red beam of light to shoot out from the crystal. It was none other than the Ancient Fey powers. When this power landed on the young divine Lord's hands, it shrank into a blob.

Although the Ancient Fey's remnant consciousness was gone, the remnant lifeblood of a massive lifeform like it carried traces of instinct after fusing with its vital marks.

If the lifeblood was buried deep underground, it was possible for it to gain new sentience after absorbing the worldly essence after tens of millions of years.

This blob of lifeblood power constantly struggled in the young divine Lord's hands. It attempted to escape but he smiled hideously. As he grasped it in his palms, a gray flame immediately enveloped the blob.

"It's Eldest Senior Brother's Primordial Chaos Fire. Hahaha, this Ancient Fey actually has thoughts of resisting. The Primordial Chaos Fire conjured by Eldest Senior Brother can easily refine it."

The surrounding young disciples gave their kudos.

"Chi! Chi! Chi!"

The Ancient Fey blood was constantly being burned as it let out a lamenting cry. Its vital mark was being rapidly refined away.

"Hmph, you are just an Ancient Fey that has been dead for hundreds of millions of years. If your true body were here, I might have to worry about you but all that's left is a sliver of a vital mark. You can forget about resisting my flame. It's futile."The young divine Lord was just about to inject greater strength to completely vanquish the vital mark when he suddenly felt as though the lifeblood blob in his hand had been ignited. It began to burn extremely vigorously.

"Oh? What happened?"

The young divine Lord was taken aback. He saw that the Ancient Fey blood was producing a crimson red blood flash that burned fiercely. It was like a blood-red sun had risen inside it.

The situation was too unnatural!

The young divine Lord sensed that something abnormal had happened. The Ancient Fey blood's energies were rapidly increasing but how was that possible? He had limited the amount of Ancient Fey powers he had extracted. Had something else injected energy into it?


The terrifying energy exploded out of the Ancient Fey blood. The blob of lifeblood suddenly transformed into a giant head as it bit down at the young divine Lord's wrist!

"You are courting death!"

The young divine Lord smacked down with his palm! He was, after all, the strongest member of the Great Cosmic State's younger generation. The might of just his palm was extraordinary. When he struck the blood-colored head's glabella, he felt a huge jolt in his arm. All his lifeblood began stirring within him.

It's that powerful?

Just as the young divine Lord was coming to terms with the shock, he suddenly heard cracking sounds. He turned his head suddenly and his expression changed drastically!

He watched helplessly as the gray crystal in the Massive Chaos Godfiend Array's core cracked. Fissures that resembled spider webs were spreading across the crystal.

Impossible! How could that be possible!?

The young divine Lord turned pale from fright. The Massive Chaos Godfiend Array that his Master had personally set up was crumbling from its core!

The young disciples of the Great Cosmic State were also alarmed. They did not know what would happen next.

At that moment, no one knew that Yi Yun was standing a hundred feet above them in a warped space. He was looking down at them coldly.

"I never expected that Senior Ancient Fey passed down his powers to me but still left behind a vital mark. Now, a calamity has befallen it as it was sealed and tortured by these people. With Senior Ancient Fey departing this world, its powers live on in me. I shall hand over some of these powers to you and let you determine your own fate!"

Yi Yun gently beckoned.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

The gray crystal began to shatter! The Ancient Fey powers sealed in it surged out like a flood!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Terrifying roars filled the sky as the ground quaked. The lifeblood sealed in the crystal convalesced into a massive lifeform. It had two wings on its back and a forbidding horn on its head. It resembled an ancient divine dragon!

"What is it!?"

Against such a terrifying existence, the expressions of the Great Cosmic State disciples turned ashen!

"Work together and hold it back!"

The young divine Lord yelled the order, but at that moment the blood-colored Ancient Fey's massive wing had slashed down like a cleaver!


Space shattered as the might of that strike was enough to render the world asunder.


Young disciples cried out tragically as their bodies were sliced clean through by the wing blade! Due to their impressive cultivation levels, they did not die immediately. However, their eyes were filled with despair and indignation as they watched their own bodies separate.

"Eldest Senior Brother, save me!"

They shouted loudly but the young divine Lord had his hands tied. He had just dodged the wing blade's lethal strike but at that moment the blood-colored Ancient Fey had opened its jaws, shooting a black beam of light at him!

The attack was too fast!

Power of Primordial Chaos!

The young divine Lord roared as he released all his strength. A sliver of nebulous Primordial Chaos floated out of his dantian and formed a gray shield in front of him!

His master was Primordial Chaos Daolord, after all. He had once refined a sliver of the nebulous Primordial Chaos. Just that sliver was as heavy as a mountain, making it the best defense!

But compared to the nebulous Primordial Chaos that Yi Yun had cultivated, the eldest senior brother's nebulous Primordial Chaos was like a tiny puddle of water against the roaring seas. It was completely incomparable. In terms of Primordial Chaos nomological insight, the difference between them was also like night and day.

Yi Yun had only injected a sliver of his Primordial Chaos nomological insight into the blood-colored column of light.


The shield shattered!

The young divine Lord never expected that the Primordial Chaos Shield he had always been so proud of would only last as long as it took to blink. He had just retrieved a green talisman from his interspatial ring—a life-preservation trump card his master, Primordial Chaos Daolord, had given him—when the black beam of light struck him in the chest. He didn't have time to activate the talisman.


His chest was penetrated as he looked at the bloody hole left inside him. He felt that his strength was rapidly vanishing…

He was dead… just like that?

The young divine Lord felt as though he was in a dream. He felt that everything that had happened before him until his moment of death seemed surreal. He was a disciple of Primordial Chaos Daolord, the strongest person of the Great Cosmic State's younger generation. He had a limitless future ahead of him but here he was, dead. He was feeling enormously proud of his success just moments ago, but now he was in the process of dying. Was the martial path truly that unpredictable?

"Eldest Senior Brother! Eldest Senior Brother!"

The young disciples of the Great Cosmic State cried out frantically. Their eldest senior brother, who they deemed a straw to clutch at, had been penetrated through the chest. He did not look like he would survive it!

If their eldest senior brother failed to put up any resistance, how could they have any hope of escape?

What was this blood-colored Ancient Fey? Could it be the powers sealed inside the Fey God Tomb?

However, the Fey God Tomb had long been sealed by Primordial Chaos Daolord with the Massive Chaos Godfiend Array. It had gone without incident for more than ten years. Why did this anomaly suddenly happen now?

At that moment, all of them were reeling in despair. They wished to escape but, at that moment, the furious blood-colored Ancient Fey was charging towards them.

"Puah Puah Puah!"

Blood splattered as the Great Cosmic State disciples were decapitated one-by-one. The blood-colored Ancient Fey had an extremely strong bloodlust. It showed no mercy to its enemies. It was a massive lifeform that that transcended mere humanity. Most life was at the level of ants to it. It coldly watched life turn to death, thinking nothing of the slaughter. To it, the meaning of life was solely that will and mission that had continued for hundreds of millions of years.

And now, its will had been inherited by Yi Yun!


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