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Traffords Trading Club - Chapter 333


Chapter 333: An Impudent Person
Luo Qiu just placed the information from Black Soul No.18 on the desk.

Black Soul No. 18 didn't reveal her disappointment, but quietly awaited for orders--- She did not dare to have any plans before clearly understanding her master's intention.

All the members were loyal to the boss, but the ways of loyalty were different between Black Soul No. 18 and Miss Maid.

Though it hadn't been formally stated, the hierarchy of the club was rigid…The club boss was certainly the most superior, as to the subordinates... It was hard to say.

"Any other questions?" Luo Qiu quietly asked.

"No, no." Black Soul No. 18 subconsciously replied and looked confusedly at the new master, "But, master, what I should do now…"

"Your work is done." Luo Qiu quietly said, "I will arrange tasks for you at the right time. And You Ye will record your performance. Well... "

He looked at Black Soul No.18 up and down again and smiled, "Go back to your former site or rest here for a while, it's up to you."

"This..." Black Soul No. 18 was drastically confused... Wasn't this too lenient?

"Master means you can do whatever you like." Miss Maid now stonily said, "Black Soul No.18, after all those years, have you forgotten that you can act on your own?"

"I don't mean that." Black Soul No.18 hurriedly lowered her head and said, "Then, I will travel around and keep my eyes open. Once I have have found an appropriate potential customer, I will take that person to you."

After that, Black Soul No. 18 turned around and left. However, she retreated backwards while facing the boss, slowly moving behind until she was out of the door.

Looking at this, Luo Qiu thought for a moment and suddenly said, "You Ye, are all the Black Soul Envoys like this?"

"Before transformation, Black Soul No.18 was a Middle Ages' witch." Miss Maid softly explained, "And she still keeps some old habits."

Luo Qiu gave a soft smile and stretched himself, "Well... If it was the Middle Ages, I'm afraid I should be the most unproductive master. "

"The former boss said he took a hundred year to open the border gate." Miss Maid lightly said, "But Master, you took less than five months."

"Maybe... I'm lucky." Luo Qiu shook his head and grabbed the materials of the potential customers, going upstairs.

Miss Maid continued to do her daily work. Qin Chuyu still selflessly mediated.

"Me! Me! Who can put me down?"

Oh, Tai Yinzi was shaking his body hard here and hoping someone to rescue him.

In the end... He went there himself.

'Am I too kind to these guys?' Ma Houde squinted to look at the big signboard of the cram school. He tossed away his cigarette butt and stamped it out, out, taking a deep breath, and dramatically entered the building.

Officer Ma now wore a big yellow trench coat and a bronze-colored hat, imitating a good mate of his.

"There're adult courses here, right? I... "Ma Houde furtively glanced at his back and turned around,".... I have seen it on the signboard."

"Sir, you..." The receptionist surprisingly looked at this man, and then she smiled, "You want to enroll in the adult tutoring class, right?"

"Shh! Be quiet." Ma Houde gave the gesture of silence.

"Please relax, sir." The receptionist still smiled, "It's great to have the College Entrance Examination at your age. I admire you! You must be a great man!"

"Really?" Hearing the flattering statements, Ma Houde cleared his throat, slightly tucked in his beer belly, and straightened his back, "Yes, a lot of people have said this."

"Of course!"

Officer Ma directly paid the tuition fee, after the receptionist's flattery. Before he understood the situation, he was already in the classroom.

Damn it...

Ma Houde looked at those guys around him. They all were twenty or thirty years old... several were at his age.

Officer Ma quickly skimmed through the handouts... What the hell did he see?

X-axis? Y-axis? Z-axis?

Officer Ma was confused by the old teacher's teaching and suddenly he felt someone poked him in the back.


Ma Houde said in a gruff voice and impatiently looked back, looked back, it turned out a woman with a headscarf and sunglasses;he gave a start, "You are..."

The woman slightly lowered her glasses and blinked her eyes at him.

Ma Houde was so surprised that he almost jumped up and dropped his book on the ground, "Ziling... Zi…"

But the woman quickly covered his mouth, and showed him a 'hush' gesture, whispering, "Close your mouth! Be quiet!"

Ma Houde opened wide his eyes and nodded;then the woman let go of her hand--- But why was Ren Ziling here?

He turned to face the old teacher, leaned his straight body back and covered his mouth with the book, "When did you come here? I don't notice you."

"Of course, earlier than you. You haven't noticed me. Is it because you were attracted by the young receptionist and sat here without any hesitation?"

"I... I'm observing! Investigation! You know? Don't speak carelessly... Oh, why are you here?"

"Then why are you here?"

"To be honest... Sister, have you found something?"

Ma Houde sighed. It was unexpected that this person, a tumor of the press circles was sitting behind him. But this job seemed to match her character.

Ma Houde clearly knew the reason.

"I've been here for two days, but found nothing. My god! The tuition fee here is so high!" Ren Ziling shook her head, "I'm going to request for my tuition fees to be reimbursed by be reimbursed by the informers! Or I'll starve to death! Are you willing to see my son die with me? I'm the only supporter of the family, Brother Ma."

"I have never seen an impudent person like you!"

The old teacher on the platform now clapped his ruler and sternly said, "The beard man in yellow trench coat, be quiet! Doesn't a man know about discipline? "

Officer Ma... Officer Ma was now reminded of his dark and humiliating student history decades ago.

"Don't smoke too much."

Although classes were over, Ma and Ren Ziling didn't leave. They came to the rooftop of this building.

Ma Houde persuaded her, but it was useless. His craving for tobacco also came out, so he simply lit a cigarette.

"Exchange of information, OK?" Ren Ziling suddenly said, "You first."

Ma Houde rolled his eyes and said, "From the cell phone of the fifth dead, we have found he wanted to meet a teacher. I suspect the teacher is of this cram school."

"What a coincidence!" Ren Ziling was astonished, "I flirted with two men and found out there is a mysterious teacher."


"Don't care about the details." Ren Ziling blinked, "Don't you think I'm still very attractive?"


"Sister Long, that is the big sister I have met that day."

On the opposite rooftop, Long Xiruo squinted her eyes with a cigarette in her mouth.


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