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Traffords Trading Club - Chapter 260


Chapter 260: Take This As A Pleasure
Among Andrew's VIP guests, Kamala was the only one who was aware. She looked questioningly at the young man who called himself a businessman.

Maybe he's not really young... Who knows? Kamala couldn't investigate such matters.

He raised Antonio to become an adult, but at the same time, he took Antonio's love away. When she first asked him, he told her that it was the rule he had to follow.

Once the transaction was agreed upon, it will certainly be implemented---Since what Kamala hoped for was the happiness of both the father and the son, it did not conflict with what Antonio desired.

Intuitively, Kamala began to feel that this transaction may not be as good as she thought.

That's right... after raising Antonio, this man wandered around, with a seemingly unconcerned demeanour---until that day, when he came in person to Andrew's casino. It was then that Kamala began to notice that the club owner had already started to plan something.

Getting her thoughts together, Kamala turned to look at the lower section of the VIP room, and remarked, "Since you are capable of doing anything, why did you push him into such a situation instead of directly drawing your intended conclusion?"

This may be the style of the former boss --- Sometimes Luo Qiu himself would compare whether it is better to be more straightforward or to put in a little more effort.

"Maybe it's just my personal interest." Luo Qiu apologized, while looking at the bottom arena, "It is not difficult for us to change a person's thoughts and to plant a firm belief in him about something...That day when we met in the theatre, Oleg could actually be presented in his current form. But..."

Luo Qiu said softly, "I may not be able see Mr. Oleg in his magnificence."

"You... you're taking pleasure in such a sight." Kamala suddenly stared at Luo Qiu.

She didn't know whether this oriental man is aware but she could clearly see an amused expression on this his face.

He was smiling!

Luo Qiu became silent.

He felt that Kamala's words were not wrong. It's just that he grappled with his quickly weakened emotions. In fact, it has reached an unthinkable point of no return.

Ever since he became the club boss, as long as he used his ability properly, he could do almost anything he wanted---there was nothing that posed as a question.

In his line of thoughts, it is as if the whole world had become either grey or white in colour---no matter how beautiful a person was, he couldn't sense any colour in them.

The only thing he could see were the soul lights that represented different people... Grey-white, ash-black, brown, and cold off-white were the main colours inhabiting his world.

He didn't feel afraid or hurt by this.

However, he felt that he should have feelings of fear and hurt if such events were to happen to him. Luo Qiu started to reconsider what he really wanted for himself.

The colour.

The moment a slight hint of colour appeared in his cold world, Luo Qiu felt his heartbeat.

When a soul changes from a lacklustre hue to a fiery blaze, the surroundings looked as though it had been coloured once again--- it only lasted a second, like a match that had just been lighted... When the match had burnt out, everything would return to darkness once again.

Although it only lasted a mere second, Luo Qiu felt that the sensation was as sweet as malt sugar.

There was no need to explain anything or care about other people's views. As such, when his actions were considered as "take this as a pleasure" by outsiders, he felt that it was fine being defined in this way.

If his tiny interest were to be deprived, Luo Qiu thought he will need to find the next successor just like what the former boss did.

"Yes, I take this as a pleasure."

Oleg didn't know that he was emitting a glow that delighted the boss. Though, he couldn't see it himself.

At this moment, all he knew was that like a stored up flood water, it was finally pouring out.

Are there resistance?

Not at all.

Just like what Nikita said, after leaving that village, he built up a high wall and a cage in his heart, which completely closed himself.

He was afraid...that one day, when he insisted on his own ways, his lover and his friends would eventually leave him, just like those villagers who had left him.

Perhaps they didn't have a choice, or they only did it for their family...or maybe themselves!

Even though he used all kinds of reasons to refute the villagers' behaviour, when he saw Anton pouncing on the iron net, a crack seemed to appear on the high wall in Oleg's heart.

He was just afraid.

He was afraid that he'd be the next person who would be hurt and nobody else was going to continue the fight. He was afraid that even his best friends or his lover would eventually betray him.

If a young man could do this --- even though he was young and looked childish... still, a sense of shame fully permeated into Oleg's being.

"I'm sorry, Nikita for disappointing you for such a long time. I think I should break the cage." Oleg apologized after he killed one of Andrew's men and backed up Nikita.

"Can you solve this problem first, and talk about this after sending me to the hospital...I feel like I'm dying." Nikita said weakly.

Just now he acted so bravely! It could be described as the MVP... Nikita thought.

However, blood had started to gush out of his belly. He had already sustained serious injuries when the electric current flowed through his belly and the explosive belt exploded.

"I'm about to die! Don't talk nonsense! Cough..."

"Hold on! Uncle Nikita, we will take you out right away!" Anton looked back and said quickly.

"Bad Ass! I've said many times, call me brother... Cough... it's painful... "

"Of course, just hold on for another minute." Oleg took a deep breath, "I'll surely take you out!"

Oleg and Andy's sight converged at the open door at the same time.

The moment the door was opened, Andrew's figure appeared in the middle of the door with a cigar in his mouth--- but there were many people who were constantly moving in.

Those men wore protective gears and held weapons in their hands.

Some of these weapons were filled with narcotics.

"You can hit them or hurt them... But I need them alive." Andrew suddenly waved his hand, "Go ahead!"


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