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Totem - Chapter 80


Chapter 080: Yulianne's Mindset, Yulianne's Strength

’’This guy, did you just hit me?’’

Jiang Nan cradled his head, staring at Jack in astonishment. A Totem Guard could actually attack their master?!

Jack's eye sockets widened even more, a golden light expressing an indecision between laughing or crying, as if saying, ’’A man, you actually called me a man?’’

Then, with a 'click-clack', the skeleton turned with its rear-end facing Jiang Nan, ’’So what if I hit you! If you have the skill, bite me!’’

Was this normal of Totem Guards?

The manual containing basic knowledge had been destroyed by Alisa, and the second manual that the freak with the hanging eyeball had given Jiang Nan was extremely simple. One could say that Jiang Nan's current level of Totem knowledge was only 'skin-deep'. No matter how much Jack acted like a human, he assumed it was completely normal.

On the other hand, something else was quite strange: while summoning the bones, Jiang Nan clearly heard their voices ringing out in his mind. However, after Jack's assembly, this mysterious connection had totally disappeared. In other words, Jack could understand what Jiang Nan was saying, but Jiang Nan could only deduce Jack's thoughts and intents from her actions and expressions.

Seeing Jack's mischievous appearance, Jiang Nan attempted to give several more commands. To his surprise, Jack simply turned her head, stuck out her rear-end, and acted as though she had not heard anything!

’’Huh? My dear man, even if you don't listen to my commands, you have to at least try your best to carry out the duty of a Totem Guard, don't you?’’

Jiang Nan picked up the Flower Battle Armor and pointed towards the cave entrance, ’’Come with me!’’

Jack narrowed her large eye sockets: Go with you? Click-hmph!

’’You don't say anything, nor do you come with me.... This guy! Do you know what rules are?’’

Jiang Nan walked back and squatted behind Jack.

Click-hah! Who cares about your rules?!

’’Are you sure that you really don't want to know my rules?’’

Jiang Nan's mouth tightened in a strange smile.

Unfortunately, Jack did not see this, and simply raised her chin gleefully. That's right! *I don't want to know. What can you do to me?

’’Alright, alright....’’

Suddenly, Jiang Nan grabbed Jack's neck and disassembled her entire body. Amidst Jack's whining cries of alarm, he once again assembled all 206 bones.

Her two legs were shorter, while her two hands twisted in reverse. Two ribs were stuck next to the mouth, and finally, a bone was stuck towards the rear-end....

This appearance was like a chubby Pekingese dog!


Jack looked at her appearance in despair.

However, Jiang Nan did not even spare a glance for Jack. Like a piece of garbage, Jiang Nan took the Pekingese-form Jack and threw her into the Flower Battle Armor. After tying it tightly, he viciously spat, ’’If you live, you belong to me. Even if you're dead, you're still my ghost! After entering the Jiang household, even if a brat like you turns into a dog, you still have to be an obedient dog! These are my rules!’’

Hefting the Flower Battle Armor, Jiang Nan turned to leave.

’’Wu! Wuwu, wuwuwu....’’

In the bag, Jack cried out unceasingly. Her cries were filled with indignation, but they slowly became.... A bit bashful, a bit embarrassed!

This scoundrel!

This scoundrel dared to touch my body!

Not only that, but this scoundrel even said that I, I'm part of the Jiang household, and that I belong to him....’’

What a bastard!

Who agreed to marry you!

By the time Jiang Nan came out, the three moons had already reached the highest point in the sky.

As he walked, Jiang Nan was three-tenths delighted and seven-tenths vexed. He was delighted that along with Jack's appearance, he himself had definitely become an intermediate rank Totem Warrior.

As for the concrete level, it would be enough as long as he compared himself against an opponent.

However, what was frustrating was this: Hanging Eyeball's manual was honestly too simple. Although Jiang Nan was fully aware that Jack was of a high level in her lifetime and that she could definitely help him advance quickly....

Exactly how was he to speedily grow stronger?

Furthermore, whether Jack possessed other unique abilities, how her battle capability was, and when she would stop acting naughtily were still issues....

Regarding Jack, there were truly too many areas of concern.

Jiang Nan began to calculate in his heart: En. Once I return to the farm, I'll take Auntie and Suzu far away from this place and find an uninhabited area to continue my research!

As he was thinking!

Jiang Nan's two legs suddenly weakened!

This was a primal instinct. While facing peerless experts and an indomitable pressure, as long as someone was human, they would feel a helplessness to resist!

However, Jiang Nan simply gritted his teeth and stuck out his chest: ’’Which expert are you? Come out!’’

’’Great Master, it has been a while!’’

Before Jiang Nan was a dense forest, and three people were currently waiting on a small path at the edge of the forest: a Golden Lion, a figure dressed in something whiter than snow, and a silver-masked woman.

This was the true Yulianne, and the pressure originated from her!

The voice, however, had come from one of the people next to Yulianne, Anya. At this moment, she was not wearing a mask, and simply looked like a girl-next-door.

Jiang Nan still thought that the genuine Yulianne was the one which he had met in Sun City. He gave a bright smile and walked up, ’’Miss, is there any advice you'd like to give me that you're standing here blocking my way?’’

’’Steady heart, steady hands, an unsettled blade....’’

The true Yulianne softly recited these seven words, then lightly flicked a challenge declaration to Jiang Nan, ’’I would like to personally witness the knife work you display with these seven words as a basis!’’

A challenge?!

Jiang Nan's eyebrows knitted together, ’’Miss, haven't you already seen my knife work?’’

’’Please forgive me, Great Master. The Yulianne *you saw in Sun City was not Yulianne herself, but me.’’

Anya gave a gentle smile, ’’For various reasons, it isn't convenient for me to disclose why. However, after my family's Miss heard *your seven word insight, she was very interested in your knife work, Great Master, and hopes to compare knife skills.’’

After a moment of silence, Jiang Nan rubbed his nose bridge and suddenly asked, ’’Can I refuse?’’

Anya chuckled, ’’It is only a simple comparison of knife skills, and not a duel to the death. Of course *you can refuse, Great Master. Only.... to compare knife skills with my family's Miss is the ultimate wish of countless famous chefs on the continent. Great Master, will you really refuse?’’

’’Oh, I really do refuse!’’

Jiang Nan turned around and began striding away!

What a joke! Jiang Nan was currently carrying the two bodies of Victor and Jack. Why would he feel like comparing knife skills with someone?!


The Golden Lion blocked Jiang Nan's way, ’’Brat, my family's Miss just challenged you. This is giving you more than enough face, so you'd better not reject it!’’

’’Yi! I'm so scared~~!’’

Jiang Nan's roguish character surfaced once more as he smirked and said, ’’Yulianne, you are the world's owner of the fastest blade, its number one chef, and its number one beauty! If you want to thicken your skin and feel no shame in threatening me and forcing me to accept the challenge, then because I'm afraid of death, I'll definitely accept it right away! Come on then! Threaten me! Force me!’’

After he said this, Jiang Nan closed his eyes and raised his chin, his face expressing, As long as you aren't afraid of acting more shamelessly than me, then I'll be just as shameless.

’’Y-you!’’ The Golden Lion was so enraged he could not even speak. However, he really could not muster the nerve to bully such a minor character!

Totally ignoring him, Jiang Nan turned and left.

However, right at this moment!

’’Great Master! If Anya could be so bold as to guess, is the reason *you do not wish to accept my family's Miss' challenge because *you are worried about the two corpses on your back?!’’

Jiang Nan abruptly halted his steps and turned his head to see Anya smiling contentedly.

She actually knew that there were two corpses on my back!

Then that must mean she saw the entire process of me summoning Jack?

Damn it all, my identity as a Ghost Totem master has been exposed!

All of Jiang Nan's hairs stood on end!

Bowing his head and laughing bitterly, he then raised his head back up and threw his bag onto the ground, levelling his fists in front of his chest and saying fiercely, ’’Alright, since you guys have exposed my identity, come on! A group brawl or individual fight?!’’

’’Great Master, why say such things?’’ Anya chuckled: ’’The only reason I pointed out the corpses on Great Master's back was to assure you: if Great Master is only unwilling to accept my family's Miss' challenge because of those two corpses, then there's no need. My family's Miss.... Never makes things difficult for a Ghost Totem master!’’


Actually did not intend on complying with the 'Ghost Massacre Decree'?!

Jiang Nan gawked at Yulianne in astonishment. However, all he saw was a pair of eyes behind a silver mask that exuded a transcendental air, somberly looking down on the world!

If a young child was to determine the rules of a game of hide-and-seek, what adult would treat it sincerely and abide by it?

In the same manner, the various nations of the continent had established a 'Ghost Massacre Decree'. But, did Yulianne who was capable of bewitching the moon with one blade and felling a thousand-troop army in one stroke, who possessed the ability to overturn the history of the continent, need to abide by the 'Ghost Massacre Decree'?

In an instant, Jiang Nan understood Yulianne's mindset!

In her perspective, the Ghost Massacre Degree was no more than a boring children's game!

Exactly how strong was Yulianne that she could look down on the several hundred nations on this continent?!

At this time, Anya questioned him once more: ’’Great Master's expression has shown understanding, so I'm sure that you understand my family's Miss' attitude now. Correct, my family's Miss only values *your knife work. As for your identity as a Ghost Totem master, it is insignificant.’’ Halting, she continued, ’’Now, will the Great Master accept my family's Miss' challenge?’’

Jiang Nan closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, then rubbed his chin and answered: ’’There's no rush. First answer one question of mine....’’

He stuck out one finger, ’’I heard that Yulianne previously vowed in public that to any man faster than her in knife work, she would.... Alright, if I really win against Yulianne, will she truly marry me?’’


The Golden Lion flared up: ’’What kind of person is a brat like you that you dare to encroach on my family's Miss' dignity! It seems that today....’’


Yulianne suddenly barked out coldly, then came to a stop before Jiang Nan. After she sized Jiang Nan up with her starry eyes, she coldly answered: ’’A promise is worth a thousand pieces in gold! Yulianne will definitely carry out this vow!’’

Hearing this, Jiang Nan shook his head and moved to continue the latter half of his words....

At this moment, everybody assumed that Jiang Nan's subsequent words would be, ’’Since Miss Yulianne is willing to fulfill her vow, then I will accept! Remember by all means that if you lose.... You absolutely must marry me!’’

Thus, Anya took the initiative to interject with a smile: ’’Since Great Master has already agreed to the challenge, there's no rush. Anya must first say something beforehand to avoid the Great Master's future rebuke.’’ She sighed, then continued, ’’Before Anya left Sun City, Wolf King Sofus suddenly arrived. Currently, I'm afraid that Weylin and the people of West Farms....’’

Sofus came?!

Jiang Nan looked as if he had been struck by lightning, and the latter half of his words were swallowed back down.

If the Wolf King came, then Auntie's life is in danger! Weylin's life is in danger! Suzu's life is in danger, and everybody in West Farms is in danger!

I must return right away to save them!


Can I save someone from the Wolf King's hands?

Jiang Nan rubbed his nose bridge, a flash of light zipping across his eyes. Suddenly, he revised the words he was originally intending to say and laughed: ’’Alright, I accept your challenge. However, the location of the match must be.... In Sun City!’’


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