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Top Management - Chapter 129


Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Frequent Occurrences in This Industry (3)

TL: emptycube/ED: Isleidir

’’How is it?’’

I heard a low voice.

The hologram was nowhere in sight.

In front of me were women in fishnet cheongsams. The fabric split below their waist, revealing their milky-white thighs.

The sounds of fluttering fabric, two women sat beside me.

’’Should I pour you a glass? Or do you-’’


I stopped her awkward Korean.

The woman skillfully filled a glass with ice and alcohol and handed it to me.

I downed it right away. The strong liquor burned my throat as it flowed down.

’’Another glass.’’

The empty glass was filled once more.

After repeating this three times did I finally come to my senses. I let out a stuffy, unpleasant breath and looked to my side. Lee Lyang, much young that in the hologram, was looking at me.

Let's think about this.

First, he said that they were 'people who helped me stand here today'. Then they were 'my team members'. To call the Team 2 Leader and the traitor my team members. How did my original self live to make a team like that?

'Today's enemy is tomorrow's comrade.' Was that it?

No, it wasn't.

Since the 'me' existing in that future was different from my current self. My relationship with the traitor might not be so bad that we would call each other 'bastard' or 'asshole'. Also, there wouldn't have been any bad incidents with the Team 2 Leader.


Even if they weren't my enemies, they weren't the types of people you would want to work with. Rather, they were people who should be on a blacklist. Wait. Don't tell me the other faces in the hologram were similar to the Team 2 Leader or the traitor?

I gave Lee Lyang a suspicious look when he made an odd expression and said,

’’It's my first time seeing such a reaction. Do you lean that way?’’


’’I placed women on either side of you, yet you're only looking at me...’’

’’That's not it. I just suddenly recalled something important.’’

I answered while looking next to me.

Young women clung next to me with smiles on their faces.

To bring scantily clad women in a place where he wanted to get close to me. And women who seemed to be Lee Songha's age to boot. Now that I thought about it, the backup manager for Son Chaeyoung did mention the Chinese agency while we were in the limousine.

About how the hotel owner wanted to have a private dinner with Son Chaeyoung or something.

Was this their goal? To bring Lee Songha in a place like this?

If that was the case, forget the alcohol, I needed to get up.

Just as I thought this, the woman on my left said in awkward Korean,

’’It seems you aren't happy with us. Your face is scary.’’

Lee Lyang laughed and added,

’’They want to be celebrities. They normally don't show up in places like this, but I asked them to come today. I heard that you have a great eye for things. Like people and projects.’’

’’I'm just lucky.’’

’’Whether it's luck or skill, the results are what's important. Aren't you the person who brought Lee Songha, who was unknown at the time, to instant stardom?’’

As he said Lee Songha's name, he let go of his glass.

’’It looks like none of you are star worthy. Leave us.’’

Lee Lyang gestured. The women quietly left the room.

There were only two men present like before. In a quiet voice, Lee Lyang said,

’’There is someone interested in the entertainment business. That person seemed very interested when he heard about Ms. Lee Songha. That's why I asked to meet with you. I wanted to give you a good proposal.’’

’’Yes, what is it?’’

I nonchalantly asked while getting ready to get up.

’’Do you have any thoughts on becoming a CEO?’’

I lift my butt halfway before halting.

’’What did you say?’’

’’If you have any thoughts on becoming independent, I just wanted to let you know that there was a good investor here.’’

Just what kind of situation was this?

Of course, I knew he would bring Lee Songha up, but he wanted to invest? ...In me?


-Where are you right now? Are you outside?

’’Yes, I had to do something. Personal matters.’’

-Who else knows you're in Korea?

’’Only those from the movie company, who we are meeting to adjust Songha's schedule, know. I'm going back to China tomorrow so I decided not to tell anyone to quietly handle matters then return.’’

I replied as I walked onto the film set.

It was noisy. The staff and extras were bustling as they prepared for the shoot. The heated atmosphere touched my skin. My mind, complicated with matters in China, gradually calmed.

I heard Team Leader Park again.

-Good job. You know that the press is waiting for you because of Cat Guardian Ghost's popularity, right? If news that you're here is leaked, then they are going to be in a frenzy, trying to interview you. If you don't want to be bothered, wear your sunglasses wherever you go!

’’I already am.’’

Big ones at that.

I wore a suit since it was my first time here, but wearing sunglasses on top of that made for a strange appearance. Fortunately, there were many more the extras, who were dressed up more strangely than me, so I didn't stand out.

There wasn't anyone who recognized me either.

After walking around the large movie set twice did I finally see him.

A man wearing a slim, white t-shirt and jeans.

It had been a long time since I last met him. Nam Joyoon.

I purposely came here without telling him so he should be surprised, right?

Just as I thought this,

’’So? this,

’’So? You want us to just go?’’

A high-pitched voice erupted in front of me.

She was the stylist I had asked to handle Nam Joyoon's outfits.

’’I mean, who comes up with a schedule like this? This isn't the first or second time you made us wait in vain. Even yesterday, you made us come at 3 in the morning and wait all day in the heat without putting him in a single scene!’’

’’Are you Nam Joyoon's manager?’’

’’I'm his stylist, why?’’

When she said this, the man let out an irritated sigh.

The mood was weird.

I stopped and perked my ears at their conversation.

’’What can I do about the schedule changes? Things like this happen frequently due to the situation on set when filming movies. Even top stars wait and pretty much live on the movie set so why are you in such a fuss?’’

’’That's not what I mean!’’

’’People might think he's some Hollywood actor.’’

Who was he to talk like that?

’’Assistant director!’’

Ah, the assistant director.

But why was the assistant director talking like that?

The stylist shouted while thumping her chest in frustration,

’’It's not that we are complaining about waiting. The problem is that this only happens when they are filming Mr. Nam Joyoon's scenes! Other actors are proceeding as scheduled, but only his scenes get canceled! We come out and wait every day yet isn't it ridiculous he's only been in two scenes?!’’

’’There's nothing we can do since we are changing the scenario! If you can't bear it, why don't you bring it up with the film distribution company{1}? I'm extremely busy right now, god damn it!’’

’’Aren't you supposed to let the actors know if the scenario has been change-!’’

My head turned cold.

What I had anticipated while coming here was seeing Nam Joyoon in front of the cameras.

My head was tingling.

I heard people murmur behind me.

’’What's going on? Does Nam Joyoon have no scenes today again?’’

’’It seems like it? How many days has it been? If it was me, I would have f*king left.’’

’’Nam Joyoon's acting was really amazing, how sad. Being powerless is his sin.’’

It wasn't just one or two people. People here and there were mentioning Nam Joyoon's name.

I wasn't sure if he was aware of this, but Nam Joyoon was trying to calm his stylist down.

I heard his voice.

’’I'll talk to him.’’

In a subdued voice, he asked the assistant director,

’’Then when should we prepare for the next scene?’’

’’I don't know yet. Just wait.’’

’’Then when can I receive the changed scenario?’’

’’I'll let you know when I get it so just wait. It's crazy how busy I am right now. I'll let you know when I hear anything, no, but do you not even have a manager?’’

’’He does.’’

I said while walking up to them.

Nam Joyoon and the stylist's eyes widened when widened when they recognized me.

I stopped in front of the assistant director and took off my sunglasses. The assistant director, who had been giving me a strange look, became shocked when he saw me. I didn't whether he was shocked because he recognized me or if my expression was just really bad.

Beside me, Nam Joyoon opened and closed his pale lips.

’’Chief, what about...’’

’’I came back because of a meeting. I came here to surprise you, but I'm the one who's surprised.’’

I replied then asked the assistant director,

’’Where is Director Park right now?’’

I grabbed the doorknob to the trailer before looking back.

Nam Joyoon and the stylist, who were following me, stopped in their tracks.

’’My minivan is in the parking lot so I think it's best if you stay there.’’

Nothing good would be said in this trailer anyways.

I handed Nam Joyoon the keys.

Holding the keys, Nam Joyoon opened his mouth a couple times. However, he ultimately closed it. Seeing him standing rigidly like that, a burning feeling surged in my belly.

He came out every day, yet he was only in two scenes?

What did he say the last time I talked to him?

How it was fun? How he was working comfortably?

’’Why didn't you...’’

My voice became hoarse.

I swallowed the words that had made their way up and instead let out a sigh.

’’We'll talk in a bit. First, let me figure out what exactly is going on.’’

I burst open the trailer door.

’’Who is it? You're not allowed to come in... Huh?’’

The eyes of the man who blocked me popped.

When I scanned the trailer, my eyes instantly landed on Director Park who was sitting on the sofa reading the scenario. He also recognized me as his butt stopped mid-stand.

’’Uh, you're... Mr. Jung Sunwoo from W&U. Chief Jung, correct?’’

’’Yes, hello director.’’

Taking a seat in front of the director, I said,

’’I came over to see whether Mr. Nam Joyoon was doing well or not, but it seems that there's a problem. I heard that only he hasn't been in any scenes due to changes in the scenario. What is going on?’’

An awkward expression flashed on Director Park's face.

’’That is... The situation's changed significantly since the beginning.’’

He let out a sigh before continuing,

’’The budget for this project was originally 35 million won.’’

’’I know.’’

’’But then Ace, err, you know Ace, right? The distribution company?’’

I nodded.

Of course, I knew them. They were one of the top five biggest film distributors in the country.

’’They contacted us.’’

Director Park began rambling on and on.

So basically, it started with the distribution company contacting them, having apparently taken a liking to Director Park's scenario. Director Park and Pan Production, who were already having a hard time finding a good distributor, immediately jumped on this opportunity.

Up to this point, it was worth celebrating. To make celebrating. To make a movie a box office success, it depended on how many and how long it was in theaters. Also, as a large distributor, the movie would be screened in many more theaters.

The problem occurred after this.

’’Ace gathered a bunch of investors so our originally 35 million won budget could become more than a hundred million won! A hundred million! Do you know how much a film's quality can improve with that kind of money-!’’

Director Park chattered excitedly but coughed when he saw my expression.

’’Anyways, as you know, with the increase in budget, our break-even point also increased proportionately. That was why Ace proposed we adjust the scenario to be a hit at the box office. They were particularly worried that, umm, Mr. Nam Joyoon's role was too big.’’


’’You know how important star power is when making a national movie a box office success, right? From marketing, heck, even posters have the cast's faces on it. Anyways, that's why we decided to bring on some expert writers to adjust the scenario a little. I'm very sorry for Mr. Nam Joyoon, but the success of this project is what's most important so there's nothing I can do.’’

’’I would like to see the edited script.’’

’’That is...’’

’’If you have started filming then, even if it's not complete, the script should be somewhat laid out. Show me that at least.’’

Director Park sighed.

As though things were becoming troublesome.

Then he passed his tablet to me.

’’It's not complete yet.’’

I quickly skimmed through the edited scenario.

It didn't take long since there wasn't much to read.

I tossed the tablet onto the table and laughed. It was ridiculous.

’’Mr. Nam Joyoon's role dies in the beginning?’’

I said cynically.

Director Park, who at least had an apologetic expression, frowned.

’’Originally, Ace told us to pay Mr. Nam Joyoon the penalty for terminating his contract. They wanted us to take him out and cast a more popular actor. I told him we couldn't do that so we are putting all this time in editing the scenario.’’

Nam Joyoon's role became a minor one that died in the beginning.

The role originally meant for Nam Joyoon was given to another actor.

I was so dumbfounded that I couldn't help but laugh.

Director Park's expression distorted even more.

’’But you, Chief Jung Sunwoo, aren't even Mr. Nam Joyoon's real manager? I'll personally explain and apologize to him. He'll play a minor role this time and once this project is a hit, I'll definitely put him in a good role...’’

’’No thanks.’’


’’You said the distribution company said to pay the contract penalty and kick him out? Do that then.’’

I got up and said,

’’He won't do this film.’’

{1} Film Distribution Company - They also invest in projects so they hold a lot of power. More of a film investment/distribution company.


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