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Tondemo Skill De Isekai Hourou Meshi - Chapter 26



Well then, I'm planning to go to the library today.

When I said that, Fer started complaining (mostly about his food), so I fried a lot of meat in the morning, and left a lot of sweet bread that he pretty much likes as well.

Well, it should be alright.

I asked the where the library in the inn.

I have already bought college notebook and ballpen in the Net Super for writing down notes yesterday.

Well, shall we go to the library then.




I'll say the result.

A map, there wasn't any.

I even paid 2 silver coins for the entrance fee......I'm disappointed.

I tried to search a lot for a long time, but a map-like thing was not written in any book.

After searching for a long time, when I started to think that it doesn't exist, I went to look at books about magic, but although there was only a short time when I started looking at them, I found out a lot of things.

And what I found out was, anyone possesses magic powers, but without how to use it (about how I circulate my magic powers all over my body), one cannot activate magic.

The reason why everyone has magic powers but those who came become magicians are limited is because some cannot sense the magic powers or they cannot use magic powers properly (circulate magic powers all over the body).

Basic magic are Fire Magic・Water Magic・Wind Magic・Earth Magic, special ones are Ice Magic・Lightning Magic・Recovery Magic・Holy Magic・Sacred Magic, and racial characteristics are Plant Magic・Darkness Magic.

The basic, Fire Magic・Water Magic・Wind Magic・Earth Magic, as long as you are suitable for it and know how to use it, you can easily learn it comparatively.

However, special magic, Ice Magic・Lightning Magic, if you are not able to use all Fire・Water・Wind・Earth magic, it would not activate. In the first place, magicians who could use all Fire・Water・Wind・Earth magic is few, so the ones who could use Ice Magic・Lightning Magic is very few.

Additionally, about Recovery Magic, if you do are not suitable and not train in the church for a period of time, you cannot use it.

About Holy Magic, it is more special, and it is a magic that is only limited to those who have the job Hero, Saintess, or Holy Knight. It looks like one could use Lightning Arrow (Spear of Holy Light) that has high attack powers, and Holy Light (Light of Purification) with it.

When it comes to Sacred Magic, rather than special, it's described as legendary. First, one cannot learn it if they don't have blessings from a god. Because those who have blessings of a god is rare in itself, it is not clear what kind of magic it is. However, according to legends, one could kill an army of monsters with one blow or ruin a country with it.

The racial characteristic magic, Plant Magic・Darkness Magic, as it name says, only a certain race could use it;it is said that only elves could use Plant Magic and only the demon race could use Darkness Magic.

I wrote all of the things that I found out about magic in the notebook after checking no one is looking, yes, until the librarian found me.

I wasn't able to find the map that I wanted, but I should be content learning things about magic.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

「I'm back」

When I came back to the inn where Fer is, Fer was sulking.

『You're late』

The lots of food that I left in the morning disappeared with nothing left.

「Sorry, sorry」

『Hmph. You have returned too late that I cannot bear my hunger』

「I'll make it right away so don't be like that. I'll add a lot more meat, so」

『Food from the other world is good』

Haa〜, that huh.

But, if he eats many ingredients from the Net Super/other world, he'd start getting full of liveliness.

But well, it's true that I came back a little late, so I should let him have some.

I purchased yakitori and tonkatsu in the Net Super. (TL: Japanese grilled chicken on stick, pork cutlet)

The amount is a little many.

Although, it is for Fer though.

I removed the yakitori from its skewer, and also put the tonkatsu on a different dish.

「This should be enough for the food from the other world. For the others, I'll fry you some meat so wait a little bit」

Fer was whispering something like the amount's too little, but I ignored him and fried some meat.

The seasoning is, as usual, steak soy sauce and yakiniku sauce.

When I served those meat piled up to Fer, he started to eat greedily.

I also have other places that I want to go to after this so I can't spend too much time.

I wasn't able to find a map in the library, so I want to hear the state of affairs of the countries from the adventures.

A-re? Come to think of it......

Looking at Fer who was eating greedily, I remembered.

It's about the magic that I researched in the library.

There's the Sacred Magic, and if I'm correct, Fer should have something like that......

I identified Fer.

【 Name 】 Fer

【 Age 】 1014

【 Race 】 Fenrir

【 Level 】 906

【 Stamina 】 9843

【 Magic Powers 】 9481

【 Attack Powers 】 9036

【 Defense Powers 】 9765

【 Agility 】 9684

【 Skill 】 Wind Magic Fire Magic Water Magic Earth Magic Ice Magic Lightning Magic

Sacred Magic Barrier Magic Claw Slash Physical Strengthening Physical Attack Resistance

Magic Attack Resistance Magic Powers Consumption Reduction Identify

【 Blessings 】 Wind Goddess Ninril's Blessings

Sacred Magic, it was there after all.

Well, it was written that it cannot be learned if one doesn't have blessings from a god, so it isn't strange that Fer who have Wind Goddess Ninril's blessings have it huh.

Fer is really a legendary magic beast huh〜.

He usually doesn't look like one though.

n? Wait a second, something like killing an army of monsters with one blow or ruining a country is written in the book but, I feel like the story about a country getting destroyed is only recently......

『*Burp*, umu, it was delicious』

Fer said satisfied after getting full.

Fer, Fer, Fer......ah.

That story is about youーーー?!!!


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