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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 67


Chapter 67: The Time Traveler (Part Nine)

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

The ancient residence of the Huang Family was surrounded by lush plants. Some of the paint on the vermeil gate was gone. A dappled fence was put crosswise on the way to the ancient residence. Tens of neatly dressed people were standing aside, waiting for the motorcade.

Some people seemed to be so anxious to see Huang Xuan that they couldn't even stand him having a rest at home that night. Zhang Xinyi sneered at it and said to Huang Xuan while patting him on the shoulder, ’’Huang Xuan, you just need to explain to everybody what happened. Don't mention the man who helped you.’’

’’I see. But I helped him.’’ Huang Xuan felt it sounded weird, but he didn't want Rolin to take advantage of him because he had helped him first after all.

Huang Jindi didn't appear in the living room. Only Huang Hengzhan and Huang Renming were sitting there. Among the children of the third generation, only Huang Liming showed up. He didn't seem to have been fine in the past few days since there were heavy bags under his eyes and he looked pale.

Zhang Xinyi was sitting on the left. She was the only one whose surname wasn't Huang among the few females present, but no one dared think less of her.

’’Hello, everyone.’’ Since his grandpa was absent, it would be just an ordinary meeting. Huang Xuan smiled and took his seat at the end. Everyone felt it strange to see that his smile was so similar to his mom's.

’’How were you in Brazil, Huang Xuan?’’ asked the eldest son of the second branch, Huang Fuyi. He had learned the law and was the legal advisor of the family foundation presently. However, since he had a clear mind, he also took care of the incomes and expenses of the clan members and thus enjoyed high prestige in the clan.

Huang Xuan had always been nervous when seeing this sixth uncle before because he was in charge of the instruction of the juniors of the clan and was as serious as the instruction director of his school. In the family, grades were still a basic means to test the minors. Huang Xuan had hardly passed. Nevertheless, right now, Huang Xuan felt completely different. His sixth uncle wasn't as frightening as before anymore.

’’I was fine. Just a little bored, since I have few friends there,’’ Huang Xuan shrugged his shoulders and said.

’’Spend more time studying when you are bored. Don't keep your mind on underhand means.’’ Huang Renming always sounded peculiar and was bad-tempered. He hadn't gone to school anymore since the end of the 1970s. The juniors disliked him as much as his troublesome son.

Huang Xuan ignored him and turned his head toward Huang Fuyi. He put two folders on the table and said, ’’Sixth Uncle, this folder is the financial report for the period when I was in Brazil, and the other is the restructuring measures of Shengfeng Company. Please run through them.’’ The folders were handed over to Huang Fuyi.

’’Well, well. Our little sixteenth cousin know about financial statements already?’’ Huang Renming sipped a mouthful of tea. He was about to make comments again when Huang Xuan interrupted him by saying, ’’I didn't write the statements, but it is my company, I care. I had a bank do it.’’

Huang Renming became jealous immediately. It was a company worth 300 million dollars. He, himself, didn't even get 300 million RMB.

’’Why let strangers earn this kind money? If you had put the money at home, that money would have been saved.’’

’’Lao San, shut up. Listen to little Sixteenth,’’ Huang Hengzhan gave a cough and said.

Huang Fuyi didn't like talking nonsense either. He opened the folders and looked, but failed to find anything he would like to see.

’’Little Sixteenth, now that you are home, why don't you tell us about the lumber you stored in Capres Company?’’

’’Right. Don't forget to pay money to the foundation.’’ Huang Renming 's eyes were about to catch fire. The family members had met before the meeting. He had read the files. Another 300 million dollars! He was almost driven crazy.

’’I was helping a friend with that business. It has nothing to do with our family.’’ If it was family business, Huang Xuan would have to give 40% of the revenue to the foundation. Huang Xuan hadn't been used to giving his money to others. Actually, ever since Huang Jindi had become the leader of the clan, this rule had existed in name only.

Huang Renming made a contemptuous sound and said, ’’You know that if it is business you've been doing with your friend, you won't have to pay money to the foundation. Do you really think you can avoid it just by saying so?’’

’’It comes from me,’’ Zhang Xinyi said. She thought the lumber was a gift from the mysterious man.

Huang Renming looked at Zhang Xinyi, moved his lips but didn't say anything. He had been at a disadvantage so many times in front of his sister-in-law that he had scruples.

However, Huang Fuyi wasn't going to let it go. He ignored Zhang Xinyi and looked at Huang Xuan.

’’Little Sixteenth, rules are rules. As long as an account was carried to the account of the foundation, it means the business was done with the foundation, so according to the rule, you should pay the tax of 40%,’’ he said, rubbing the edge of the table.

Naturally, Huang Xuan disagreed. He stood up quickly, looked at the room full of seniors and said, ’’Then let me ask you, Sixth Uncle, including you, how much do you transfer to the account of the foundation every year? Has any of you ever paid the 40%?’’

Huang Fuyi couldn't answer the question, but it could only prove that nobody in the family obeyed the rule. It couldn't prove the rule was wrong. Instead, it also proved that Huang Xuan's act should follow the rule.

’’Xuan, did you transfer money to the account of the foundation?’’ Huang Fuyi avoided the point Huang Xuan's question and asked.

Huang Xuan didn't admit. Huang Fuyi looked at Zhang Xinyi and continued, ’’If there are no further questions, hand in 120 million dollars to the foundation within three days. Otherwise, all your dividend and your money on the account of the foundation will be deposited until it is paid off.’’

Since Huang Xuan was under 18, except for his bearer properties in some banks, his circulating capital was almost all put on the account of the foundation. The lawyers and accounts of the foundation were all top-notch in the world. They were the best at evading taxes and falsifying accounts. He had been managing his properties indirectly so. Unfortunately, he was stuck this time.

The money wouldn't be withdrawn, but it would be frozen. At the moment, Huang Xuan's eyes were as red as Huang Renming's. He started throwing things in the room.

All other family members were wriggling their bodies to avoid being hurt. They all knew Huang Xuan well. He had smashed two meeting rooms when he had been little. He might behave well generally when Zhang Xinyi was around, but once he was messed with, no one could control him. Seeing Huang Xuan pick up another cup, the people near him all stepped back.

’’What are you doing?’’ Zhang Xinyi was about to say something when someone else forestalled her. Huang Xuan didn't fear anybody except his mom. He threw the cup angrily without looking at the person and cursed, ’’Who made the stupid rule?!’’

The teacup was caught by the person in front. He was spilled everywhere and scolded, ’’How insolent!’’

It was the butler of the first branch. Following him was Huang Xuan's first grandfather, Huang Sugui.

Huang Xuan was angry. He glanced at them and responded, ’’I didn't see you.’’

Zhang Shun, the butler, became furious. His eyes were about to burst. Huang Sugui waved his hand and said, ’’Never mind. Little Sixteenth, I made the rule. If you have any problems with it, talk to me, but not here.’’


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