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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 66


Chapter 66: Time Travelers (Part Eight)

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

Dutoit was resourceful. He had already received his visa while Huang Xuan was on his way to the airport in a car, which was extremely difficult for ordinary people. However, obviously, Dutoit wasn't ordinary. He even managed to take the same plane as Huang Xuan. But since he was in the economy cabin, they didn't meet. Perhaps he had done that on purpose. Most people didn't like others' following them all day long. Take Huang Xuan for example. He detested the bodyguards behind him, who made him feel even more unsafe.

Rolin himself was a guarantee to his safety. The bodyguards weren't able to deal with the threat from the time traveler. Huang Xuan even doubted that they would do him a disservice. Nevertheless, Zhang Xinyi had insisted on hiring professional bodyguards from IZO Mercenary Company to protect her precious son 24/7. Those soldiers from Israel, who had stiff facial expressions, looked serious and intense. Everybody had been on their guard against all possible dangers ever since Huang Xuan had been attacked. Two of the sturdy men even formed a human shield to beware of possible threats.

Only Huang Xuan knew it was totally unnecessary. Even the time traveler from another plane had underestimated Rolin, let alone ordinary people. Theoretically, he should be safe as long as the plane passage was closed.

Huang Xuan's only concern was the time traveler, who probably would make more oscillations to change the links between two planes and open a new passage. In Huang Xuan's opinion, the plane was like an old train, and each space was like a carriage. When one of the carriages was twisted, the train might crack, or a window or a door might open. If the twist was strong enough, the whole train might be destroyed.

If he wanted to twist one of the spaces, the easiest way was to kill innocent people and make the ones supposed to die live. It upset Huang Xuan greatly. He didn't want innocent people to die because of him. The word ’’death’’ was way too depressing for a teenager.

Zhang Xinyi was picking his son up at Lukou Airport. Together with her were some bodyguards, who didn't look as good as the mercenaries around Huang Xuan.

On the plane, Huang Xuan didn't feel much, but the moment he saw his mom, he threw himself at her and couldn't help shedding tears. Zhang Xinyi hugged her son tightly and patted on his back as she talked. She had sent the father and son abroad to relieve Huang Xuan's grandfather, not because it was dangerous at home, and they should have been safe objectively. Unexpectedly, a terrorist attack really happened. It was still uncertain who it was against. Zhang Xinyi hoped it was not someone from the family that had done it. She was very afraid. At this moment, it looked as if she was comforting her son as well as herself. Luckily, she didn't know about the dagger yet. Otherwise, she would blame herself right now.

Huang Xuan wiped the tears off his eyes in embarrassment and supported his mom to stand up. In the past two months, he had accumulated more experience than the past ten-odd years and had learned how to adjust his mood. He patted on his mom's shoulder and said, ’’I am fine. The scene was spectacular, but it was really nothing. The reporters tend to make it a big deal.’’

’’That's relieving.’’ Zhang Xinyi took a tissue and wiped her eyes. Then she handed a tissue to Huang Xuan and said, ’’Use tissues not your hands to wipe your eyes. I have told you so many times, but you still can't remember it.’’

’’I forgot it,’’ Huang Xuan responded with a smile.

The two walked outward, talking and laughing, without a trace of the sad scene people had witnessed just now.

’’Huang Xuan, I have found the time traveler,’’ Rolin said as soon as they had got in the car.

’’Where?’’ Huang Xuan got intense and looked at his mom who was taking a beverage out of the icebox.

’’I am afraid that he is in Jiangsu Province,’’ Rolin sounded solemn. ’’It seems he is either looking for the base or you.’’

’’Looking for the base? Why?’’

’’He is very likely a well-trained space warrior. Although he is injured, he is able to go back to his own plane as long as he can control a base here. It is much safer than making an oscillation.’’

’’Then why is he looking for me?’’

’’Maybe he is taking simple equipment with him. I confirmed his location when he was using energy. According to the trace of the energy, he is supposed to be nearby. I am not sure what his aim is.’’

’’Well, it sounds that he is addicted to trying to kill me.’’ Huang Xuan looked back at the airport and asked, ’’Did he come here by plane too? Can't you find him?’’

’’Unless he uses energy again.’’

’’Next time this mister may not use a dagger,’’ Huang Xuan thought. Then he looked at his mom and asked further, ’’How does he control the base? Didn't you say that your energy was far more than his?’’

’’I told you that individual strength was advantageous in a battle between planes. Energy can only stop him from contacting his own base. As for attack and defense, the energy wasted will be a lot more than that used.’’

’’How strong is he? Like Superman?’’ Huang Xuan mumbled.

’’Of course he can't be beyond the human limit, but he is definitely stronger than most of the people you know.’’

’’I see.’’ Huang Xuan took a deep breath and smiled at his mom. Then he turned his head to the window and asked, ’’Can you find him?’’

’’He is supposed to have got an identity of an ordinary person. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come to Brazil so soon. This is in our favor.’’

’’How?’’ Huang Xuan wriggled his body and asked.

’’I think he knew this was an advancing base and the crew were from another space when I confronted his base. So he thinks he is racing with us from the same starting line and he can run faster. What he doesn't know is that you are from, and live in this plane. You can use the strength of an ordinary person.’’

’’The strength of an ordinary person?’’

’’Yes. When people that don't belong to this plane act in this plane, they will consume energy and are very likely to cause temporal and spatial oscillations. Just as when you come to a different plane, even if you have an advancing base, still you can't fit in the local society. Therefore, the battles between time travelers are always one-on-one, just like the ones between two ancient soldiers. But you are different, you can use more human resources and materials than him. Your family is even more important than 10 bases during a battle in your native territory.’’

Huang Xuan was very doubtful.

’’If so, I won't be safe in another plane either.’’

’’Yes, if there is a base in that plane.’’

’’It seems that you had figured everything out before you dragged me in.’’ Huang Xuan made a disdainful sound and withdrew his eyes. He needed to ponder over what Rolin had said.


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