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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 65


Chapter 65: The Time Traveler (Part Seven)

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

Most of the people present had been injured. Fortunately, there were no deaths.

Galatea tore off her sleeves with dense flower pattern, tied her hair with them and tried her best to help everybody around her. Looking at the chaotic scene, Huang Xuan forced a bitter smile. ’’It seems that my dinner plan has been ruined.’’

Another ambulance had arrived. Huang Xuan rubbed his face and stepped forward to help the doctors carry the casualties. Few people had seen the dagger, and no one knew what had caused such an explosion-like scene.

Huang Xuan found a pair of tennis shoes that were for the guests only in the lounge. He came to Galatea and said naively, ’’High heels must be uncomfortable. Why don't you wear these?’’

Galatea had been busy tying the tourniquet for so long that her legs had been numb. The floor was covered with scraps, making it more uncomfortable and uneasy to wear high heels. She took the new tennis shoes over in embarrassment. Huang Xuan looked silly with the shoes in his hands. She couldn't help laughing and said, ’’Thanks.’’

’’You're welcome.’’ Huang Xuan also smiled, unaware that himself was covered with dust too. Seeing that Galatea had started bustling about again, Huang Xuan said with regret, ’’It seems that our dinner plan has to be canceled. Let's take a rain check.’’

’’OK.’’ Somehow, Galatea sounded relieved.

Huang Xuan stood there, looking at Galatea resignedly and feeling strange.

Huang Qunsheng heard the news soon and got to the storing farm by helicopter. He looked terrible because of either staying up or worry or both.

Neither the father nor the son told the mother about what had happened. After the last ambulance had left, Huang Qunsheng glared at Huang Xuan and handed him a phone.

’’Call your mom.’’

Huang Xuan knew his own father too well to be taken in. He patted his own chest and said, ’’I'm out of breath. You do it.’’

Huang Qunsheng glared at his son again and dialed the number. After a while, he gave the phone to Huang Xuan and said, ’’Your mom wants to talk to you.’’

’’Son, are you all right?’’ Zhang Xinyi asked anxiously.


Hearing the familiar voice, Huang Xuan's eyes welled up. He turned his head to avoid his father's eyes.

’’I am fine. I was not even scratched. Don't worry, mom.’’

’’That's good...’’ Zhang Xinyi started babbling, but Huang Xuan wasn't annoyed at all and kept listening.

’’Son, do you want to come home?’’ Zhang Xinyi asked suddenly.

’’Come home?’’

’’Yes,’’ Zhang Xinyi nodded and said. ’’Let your father stay in Brazil. You come home. I am worried.’’

’’Mom.’’ Huang Xuan didn't know what to say. He wanted to go home, but since somebody had just tried to kill him, he couldn't imagine what would happen if he went home at this juncture. He took a deep breath and continued, ’’I am fine in Brazil. There is no need to go home.’’

’’Come home if you don't have special reasons. Tell us what you have done in Brazil. I will ask Li Qing to buy the ticket,’’ Zhang Xinyi sounded resolute, just like when she had sent her son abroad.

Now that his mom had made up her mind, Huang Xuan didn't object. Rolin didn't care much about Huang Xuan's going home. For a level 12 base, it didn't matter where it was on the planet.

The incident was defined as a terrorist attack later. Since most of the people present were foreign merchants, the media didn't pay much attention to their names and identities. Thus, tens of transactions were able to be conducted normally.

Citigroup Global Markets heard of Huang Xuan's latest income first. They had the strongest information network in Brazil. Unfortunately, Aubrey acted too slow. When he got to Sao Paulo University to congratulate Huang Xuan, Charles Dutoit, who had heard of the news the last, had already arrived by helicopter.

Huang Xuan had deposited 280 million dollars in the two banks and had informed them that he would come home soon.

’’Mr. Huang, please don't worry. If there is any question, I will go to China and report it to you in person,’’ Dutoit said to Huang Xuan with a smile as Aubrey was still digesting the news.

’’That would be too troublesome.’’ Huang Xuan was surprised. A Chinese passport was rare to see in Europe and America.

’’A man in investment business certainly travels a lot by air,’’ Dutoit used the word ’’air’’, making this Swiss sound American.

Aubrey knew he had fallen behind, but he couldn't make the same promise. Citigroup Global Markets hardly had any business in China. The old Salomon Smith Barney Company had seldom managed Chinese assets. Besides, he knew little about China, just as he knew almost nothing about the young magnate before him. Facing such an aggressive opponent as Dutoit, Aubrey had no other choices but withdraw.

’’I will look forward to your good news.’’ Huang Xuan walked the two men out.

The British giant, Standard Chartered, hadn't responded. It was destined to be struck out from the world which valued efficiency so much.

In the Huang Family, Huang Liming was reading the report in his hands with red eyes. It was a report that he had received from some corporate spies that his father, Huang Hengzhan, had hired. On it was listed in detail Huang Xuan's property by June 20.

Domestic: an electrolytic aluminum factory which was estimated to be worth six million RMB and carried a 17 million RMB debt;24% of the shares of Xinye Company which were estimated to be worth 21 million RMB (increasing).

Brazil: Shengfeng Company (undivided): 180 million dollars, Xihuang Industrial: 158 million dollars, Hexin Industrial: one million dollars (registered capital before restructure and merger), Capres: 11.5 million dollars (purchased price).

Cash: 20 million dollars in Standard Chartered, 65 million dollars in Citigroup Global Markets, 100 million dollars in the United Bank of Switzerland (including a contract guarantee sum of 50 million dollars).

Total: 538 million dollars.

The few pieces almost drove Huang Liming crazy out of jealousy. He thought with his fists clenched, ’’It is my father that is the eldest among the second generation of the Huang Family. I am the first born grandson. Just because Huang Jindi became the leader of the clan, a guy ten years younger than I has become the first grandson and owns 500 million dollars. It is unfair and shameless!’’

A sheet in the second file had just arrived. The minute he saw the numbers on it, Huang Liming almost bled in his eyes: it had been confirmed that Huang Xuan had sold lumber worth 300 million dollars. ’’These assets belong to the entire family!’’ Huang Liming screamed inside. ’’These vampires are sucking the blood of the family to feed themselves!’’


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