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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Blank Title

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

According to the tradition of the Huang Family, which actually started from Huang Xuan's great grandpa, Huang Sheng, each child should have his or her own bank account since his or her birth. Before the child got married and started his or her own family, pocket money, red envelopes, and personal income should all be paid into the account, and the child would be the only one able to withdraw money from it. Seniors shouldn't interfere. The purpose of this method was to cultivate the children's financial ability. The Huangs had been doing well in keeping this tradition.

Huang Xuan also had such an account, and so did his father. Seeing that Huang Xuan started drawing on the family tradition, his father resignedly curled up his lips and drank more tea.

But Zhang Xinyi was not giving up. ’’No matter who gave you this account, you must explain the source of the money.’’

’’It's not that I don't want to tell you, but that I can't.’’ Compared to his mom, Rolin was the one difficult to talk to. Most of the time he just remained silent.

Zhang Xinyi looked at him as if he were her subordinate. Huang Xuan looked back innocently. His dad made a cough and started mediating by saying: ’’I bet you are both hungry. Let's eat. We can talk about this later.’’

’’No rush.’’ Zhang Xinyi snorted and said: ’’Son, you really think everything will be OK after you pay the money into that account?’’

’’Well, you can't withdraw money from it,’’ Huang Xuan said in a low voice.

Zhang Xinyi smiled: ’’Yes, but we also have the responsibility to supervise you. You can keep the money, but you are not allowed to use it.’’

Huang Xuan was shocked. Zhang Xinyi combed her hair with satisfaction, then smiled to her husband and said: ’’My dear, let's eat.’’ Huang Qunsheng looked at Huang Xuan with sympathy and followed Zhang Xinyi to the dining room. Then came the words: ’’So naïve.’’

In the backyard, the maples were swaying, and the Tobiras and Radix Ophiopogonis were creeping under the towering bombaxes. Together with the Amentotaxus, they flickered as if they were laughing at Huang Xuan's simple mind. Here used to be his favorite place. He had planted the aspidistras himself. The loquat trees which he had asked the gardeners to transplant were growing in picturesque disorder. However, at this moment, he was not in the mood to appreciate beauty.

Like other big families, there was competition between family members of the Huangs. Huang Xuan had rarely been admired by other members ever since he started school. He had thought that with the money he could finally hush some people up. Nevertheless, reality was harsh.

He picked a viburnum seed and sat on the bench inside the pavilion. Suddenly Rolin's voice arose, ’’Mr. Huang Xuan, when do you plan to set off again?’’

’’Er...’’Huang Xuan answered sluggishly. He was leading a carefree life and didn't care for adventures. Now that his money was controlled by his mom, he really didn't want to travel to a dangerous unknown period or place. Hence, he said to the guardian: ’’Maybe next time. I have been busy recently.’’

’’Sure. Then you should replenish me now to save the trouble when you are ready to go.’’

Here came the real purpose of this Mr. Rolin. Huang Xuan was still feeling low. He said: ’’You are so powerful you can get as much energy as you want directly from the electric grid of the city anytime. How come you haven't done that?’’

If Rolin had an expression for awkwardness in his settings, it must have been on his face right now. He said after a while: ’’Keeping the secret of the base is my priority. In comparison, getting energy is an inferior need. I can't violate the order of my priorities.’’

’’Then why are you telling me so much?’’

’’Because you already know the existence of the base. The safety of the base will always be a priority.’’ Just as before, Rolin's answer was brief but effective.

Huang Xuan gave a snort and thought about his bank card that was frozen by his mom: ’’It's easy to replenish you, but I don't have the money.’’

’’How much do you need?’’ Rolin asked right away.

It sounded as if he was loaded. Huang Xuan cheered up.

’’Umm...’’ Huang Xuan pretended to be calculating. Although he was still a student, he had learned a lot about business from his seniors. Business was when you could do what others couldn't or knew what others didn't. Right now, he was the only person that knew Rolin.

Recalling that Liu Peng, his classmate, had just bought a SunBladeX8450 with a four-way, four-core blade server, which cost him no more than 50 thousand dollars, for the sake of future friendship and to comfort his fragile heart, he said, ’’Half a million yuan will be enough.’’

’’OK.’’ No more words could be heard from Rolin. But Huang Xuan didn't know what kind of or how much energy Rolin needed yet......

He had been used to Rolin's sudden emergence and disappearance, so he went back to his room to play World of Warcraft. At dusk, he heard Rolin's voice once again: ’’Two copies of the materials of P136T02015 had been put into your computer. You will get the money you need after you sell them. You'd better fulfill your promise within 30 days.’’

Rolin spoke really fast. Huang Xuan was busy fighting Illidan in the game and didn't care much about other matters. He shrugged and went back to the game. However, suddenly, with a pop, the electricity went off.

Two or three seconds later, the computer rebooted automatically. Huang Xuan finally realized what was happening and started cursing. When he became too tired to go on, he said: ’’Do you have any idea how critical it was just now? This was the first time our server has brought down Illidan. My classmates will blame me for this tomorrow.’’

’’If you don't fulfill your promise quickly, you won't see them ever again,’’ Rolin said shortly. Huang Xuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva, shrank his body, took the mouse in his hand and asked: ’’Which disc?’’

’’Disc C, file A.’’

’’Oh.’’ Huang Xuan answered weakly. He opened the file. There were two programs in it, and the instruction was written in English. Huang Xuan tried to understand, yet all he knew were just the words, ’’am’’, ’’is’’, ’’are’’. However, he didn't want to look nervous in front of Rolin.

He pretended to have understood it and said: ’’Got it. Anyway, it will have to wait until tomorrow. I will rent a generator for you tomorrow.’’ He was thinking that since electricity wouldn't cost much and he didn't plan to use Rolin's money from the beginning, he could find somebody to help figure out what the instruction was saying.

’’Fine,’’ Rolin said dryly.

Huang Xuan was relieved. He was afraid that Rolin would take him back to P112, that middle of nowhere. The one day he had spent there was the worst he had ever experienced- he had nothing to eat, nowhere to stay, and was constantly in fear. He was pleased with his current life, although he got bored sometimes.

On the other hand, he didn't want to irritate Rolin either. He turned off his computer, went to the nightstand and took out all the cash in it. He thought while he was counting, ’’World Group also deals in generators. A 30kW generator will cost around 10 grand, and a 500kW one probably more than 400 grand. Since I am renting for only a couple of days, I suppose 10 grand should be enough.’’


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