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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Managerial Authority (Part Five)

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Outside the general manager's office was a scene of a flutter. The staff panicked when the police arrived. Huang Xuan got on the helicopter after having said ’’Don't worry, everybody.’’ casually.

On the way, Huang Xuan called his mom and said, ’’Mom, do you remember the powerful person that I helped?’’

Zhang Xinyi gestured for the secretary to leave and asked lovingly after she had closed the door behind her, ’’Did he find you again?’’

’’Sort of. He sent me a message, and I have taken care of it.’’

’’What message?’’

Huang Xuan told her what had just happened in Shengfeng roughly and then continued, ’’Mom, please send over some clerks and lawyers. A policeman told me that extradition might be needed.’’

’’Well done, son!’’ Zhang Xinyi was surprised. ’’What are you going to do next?’’ She intended to test Huang Xuan.

’’divide and restructure,’’ he answered.

Zhang Xinyi nodded in comfort and said with a smile, ’’You have learned a lot recently. Now I can relax.’’

Having hung up the phone, Huang Xuan looked at the modern city, no relaxed at all. The accounts of the company were sealed up. Rolin had found some documents in Huang Youwei's safe, of which the most important one was a standby letter of credit, one of the two most common kinds of bank letters of credit, with the other one being a documentary letter of credit. It was a guarantee from the exporter to the importer to make sure that the damages would be redressed in case the agreement was not implemented. The agreement Huang Youwei had signed was about a transaction of 80,000 tons of soybean oil in August, which was impossible for Shengfeng to fulfill.

Shengfeng had 120,000 hectares of land, which would produce just 2.5 tons of soybeans per hectare, 300,000 tons in all. The oil producing rate of soybeans was usually 15%-18%. Even calculated on the basis of the highest rate, there were just 50,000 tons of oil. However, right now, only 60% of the land was used to grow soybeans, meaning Shengfeng could only deliver half of what had promised in the contract.

Rolin had investigated the American company named Conley and found out that it was just a fly-by-night company, behind which was an Italian company, behind which was a Thailand investment company, which belonged to Huang Zhengsheng, Huang Xuan's fifth male cousin.

Huang Shugui and Huang Zhengsheng's plan was not to own Shengfeng but to occupy a lot of money in the name of Shengfeng to purchase soybeans on the international futures market in name and deal in futures in reality. Several months later, they would buy goods on hand, transport the fresh soybeans home first to squeeze, and then back to Brazil and deliver them to Conley Company. The profit was made up of two parts: the profit in futures trading and that from the oil squeezing factory. Shengfeng had to bear the risks during the futures trading and wouldn't get any profit because all the profit possible had been carved up.

At this moment, Huang Xuan finally understood Huang Youwei's acts earlier. He not only didn't want Huang Xuan to be involved in Shengfeng's business but also felt too pressed for time to spare any for Huang Xuan. He should have been busy destroying all the evidence and winning over people. Unexpectedly, Huang Xuan used extreme means and changed everything. Huang Xuan had known about the deal, but he couldn't stop it and had to make it happen because the default money would cost half of Shengfeng. ’’I can't let that happen,’’ Huang Xuan thought, clenching his teeth.

They had just flown beyond the city, Rolin suddenly said loudly, ’’Huang Xuan, stop here.’’

’’Here?’’ Huang Xuan asked, but before Rolin could respond, he patted on the front seat, open the intercom and said, ’’Stop here, now!’’

The pilot pulled the operating lever lightly and parked the helicopter steadily in the sky.

’’What's the matter?’’ Huang Xuan wondered.

’’It's energy fluctuation. I need to scan the surroundings. It's too dangerous on the helicopter. Land on a safe spot quickly. I can't protect you temporarily.’’

’’Rolin!’’ Huang Xuan called, but there was no response. He patted on the front seat hard and shouted, ’’Land! Land!’’

’’OK.’’ The pilot gestured and started to land the helicopter. ’’I thought I had met another arrogant Japanese,’’ he said to himself.

The public order in Brazil was not so good. Hundreds of policemen died at their post. Gangs and robbery were rampant. On the other hand, the army hadn't been in a war in 60 years.

Off the helicopter, Huang Xuan walked quietly toward the city center, opposite the direction of his home. The streets were not busy, but much better than the dark lanes on the outskirts.

Rolin hadn't said anything. Huang Xuan became nervous. He took out his phone and called Li Qing.

’’Brother Qing, can you come and pick me up?’’

’’Where are you?’’

’’I can see the Italian Building from here. I am to the south.’’ Huang Xuan stopped at the entrance of a busy shop and said in a low voice, ’’Brother Qing, come and take some people with you.’’

Li Qing paused for a second and hung up the phone, without any questions. A security company had been protecting Huang Xuan and his father near their home, but they were not on duty 24 hours a day.

Li Qing took six people with him and exerted great effort to overcome the terrible traffic in Sao Paulo and come to Huang Xuan. Several sturdy men escorted Huang Xuan into the car and closed the door. Then Li Qing grabbed Huang Xuan's hand and asked, ’’Who is with you?’’

Huang Xuan shook his head, wondering what was going on with Rolin.


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