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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Managerial Authority (Part Two)

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

Shengfeng Company was undoubtedly Huang Xuan's. However, according to Huang Youwei, who had been running the company for so long, it definitely was not for Huang Xuan. He was instead angry at Huang Xuan's arrival for it destroyed his plan.

Shengfeng had been built five years before. Huang Youwei was the second general manager. Perhaps it was because the Huang Family had defined the development orientation that Huang Shugui had used underhanded means. Following this train of thought, when Shengfeng fell into Huang Xuan's hands, Huang Youwei's existence would be meaningless to it. However, the accounts of the securities company had shown that Huang Youwei had been receiving profits every week.

’’Does my first grandfather want to transfer Huang Youwei back home?’’ Huang Xuan thought while looking at the form in his hands. ’’Did Huang Xuan deliberately disrespect him because he knew he was leaving the company?’’

The bench squeaked as Huang Xuan swung it.

Knowing that his young master was in a bad mood, Li Qing knocked at the door cautiously.

’’Young master, Mr. Aubrey White has come. Do you want to meet him?’’ he asked in a voice that could just be heard. Maybe because Huang Xuan's performance at noon had frightened him, he started to talk in a way the same as he had just come to the Huang Family.

The bench suddenly stopped squeaking. ’’Let him wait in the living room,’’ Huang Xuan said in a muffled voice. There was a rustle of clothes in the room.

’’When does my father come back?’’ Huang Xuan continued asking.

’’He is going to eat at the university tonight and maybe will get home at around 11 pm.’’

’’Again,’’ Huang Xuan mumbled and opened the door hard.

He put on a T-shirt and pants, combed his hair with his hands, looked in the mirror, and then walked downstairs.

Aubrey was wearing a dark blue suit with stripes, looking like an elite.

’’Hi, Mr. White. How was the trip?’’ Huang Xuan started the greetings while he was still walking on the steps, without the slightest sign of anger.

’’It was OK. The traffic was only jammed for half an hour. I hope I am not late,’’ Aubrey responded.

’’Of course not.’’ Huang Xuan shrugged and continued, ’’Any good news?’’

’’Yes.’’ Aubrey took out a pile of materials from his bag, put them on the table and said, ’’These are the purchase schemes our team have made for you. The objects are Piquet Storing Company and Capres Storing Statistics Corporation. The former is worth 50 million dollars, owned by the Americans and headquartered in Sao Paulo, the business of which covers half of Brazil, including export to North America. The latter is headquartered in Brasilia, the warehouse of which is in Sao Paulo. We are confident that we can buy it at a price lower than 12 million dollars. Here's the information on the two companies.’’

Huang Xuan flipped through the materials casually. Since he could make one hundred million dollars in two days, what he really cared about wasn't the operating states of the companies but their storage types.

’’Mr. White, I am not interested in managing companies, so my question is, between these two companies, which one develops more steadily?’’

’’Capres, sir.’’ Aubrey handed over another copy of materials and continued, ’’Its operating state isn't as good as Piquet's, but it focuses on the domestic market and has a lot of loyal customers, hence, has steadier investment returns.

’’But I am unfamiliar with its business.’’ Huang Xuan was hoping to have a specialized storing company, but Capres was mainly in statistics business.

’’Mr. White, do you think I should divide Capres into two companies and sell one of them?’’ Huang Xuan asked after some consideration.

’’Of course.’’ Aubrey was surprised.

’’Are you sure you can purchase this company worth 50 million?’’ Huang Xuan nodded and then asked.

’’We can buy 51% of the shares of Piquet Company at a price lower than 20 million dollars,’’ Aubrey said, sitting straight.

It sounded great, but Huang Xuan wasn't greedy. He dropped the materials of Piquet Company, walked into the living room, took out an agreement from the drawer, signed his name and said, ’’This is an entrust agreement which I have drafted through a lawyer. I am considering buying Capres Company and entrusting Citigroup Global Markets with full responsibility. Mr. White, I hope we will have a beautiful beginning of cooperation.’’

’’Sure.’’ Aubrey took over the agreement nervously and said, ’’Mr. Huang, don't you want to learn more about this company, such as its shareholders, business, assets, and liabilities?’’

’’That's your job,’’ Huang Xuan looked stern when saying these words. He stood up and continued, ’’Mr. Aubrey, 12 million dollars, no more no less. Brother Qing, please escort Mr. White.’’

’’Please this way.’’ Li Qing walked over quickly. Aubrey was confused when he was leaving. Maybe in his career, he had never closed a deal so simply. Even a billionaire wouldn't make a decision on 12 million dollars within ten minutes.

After Aubrey had left, Huang Xuan told Li Qing not to disturb him. He locked the door and went to the space base. He had decided to spend more time studying Portuguese and English. He knew that it was because he was not capable enough that his mom had sent him here, and Huang Youwei had disrespected him.

Huang Xuan spent most of the time in the base the next week. With Rolin's help, he hadn't been tired, nor had he met any problems in studying three languages at the same time. The base with sufficient energy was like a city with sound facilities or an institution with countless research achievements. Rolin was very supportive in Huang Xuan's study.

The new tutor was said to be a translator, who was glad when Huang Xuan didn't show up at the lesson. When Huang Xuan's father was absent, neither Huang Xuan nor his tutor was in the villa.


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