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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 54


Chapter 54: Managerial Authority (Part One)

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

Although Huang Xuan intended to buy a storing company, a place was still needed to store the lumber transported from P138. The passage was too small for 60,000 m³of lumber. To make sure the lumber wouldn't be left inside the passage, Rolin had to use energy to keep it in place, which Rolin resented the most.

In other planes, Huang Xuan didn't have to consider others' points of views. Either they thought it strange or unbelievable or incomprehensible, he was leaving in three days anyway and maybe would never come back again. But in P112, where his family was, he had to take account of others. The whale meat could be put into containers and successfully feigned import or export products with Rolin's help, but this method wouldn't work with lumber. The biggest China fir he had purchased was even bigger than a standard container. Huang Xuan had to ask Rolin to contact two logistics companies and a specialized storing company and get into the village quietly.

Without Rolin, Huang Xuan would have had a problem with it. Ever since the two computers had been bought, Rolin had been much more enthusiastic about its ’’work’’ than before. He had completely changed the records of the Santos custom and cleared a secluded vacant lot at the port to unload the lumber.

Huang Xuan immediately informed the two logistics companies to transport the lumber. Rolin had also altered the records of Docas, the port management company, by which, the port now had become a rental, and the rent had been paid off. Even when the company audited the accounts, nothing would go wrong. All this done, Huang Xuan took a short break and called in Li Qing.

’’Please arrange a meeting with the person operating Shengfeng Company for me.’’

Li Qing hesitated.

’’Now the managerial authority of Shengfeng ’’

’’I know,’’ Huang Xuan interrupted him. ’’After all, I am the boss. I must know who is running it. Go and contact them.’’

Li Qing didn't dare to say more and left right away. He felt the change of Huang Xuan most directly. It had been said that sales tempered people the most. If business during time travel could be counted as sales, Huang Xuan had become a qualified salesman.

Having asked for a leave from the tutor, Huang Xuan spent some time learning Greek in the base. Technology was really magic. If he studied from a tutor, it would take him at least five years to speak a foreign language fluently.

Shengfeng Company was the Huang Family Funds' main investment project in Brazil while Xihuang Industrial was a venture between World Group and the Huang Family Funds. According to the Chinese way of thinking, Shengfeng belonged to the Huang Family while Xihuang was just a collateral line. However, the general manager of Shengfeng was also a collateral relative of the Huang Family. It was Huang Youwei who was 46 years old, right in the prime of life. Although he was a near relative of Huang Xuan, he was now sent overseas, far from the power center of the family. The family didn't even have a detailed plan for its overseas market.

Huang Xuan took his place at the head of the table. Huang Youwei and his two vice managers were sitting opposite him. Huang Xuan ignored them and enjoyed his tea. Li Qing tried to pour tea for him but was driven away.

Both sides kept silent except for the introductory part. Huang Youwei was counting the stripes on his pants. About five minutes later, a vice manager whose surname was He broke the ice.

’’Has Huang Gongzi got used to the lifestyle in Brazil? The food is very different from home. None of us was used to it when we just arrived here.’’

After saying this, he started to giggle with the other vice manager, Meng Quhao.

Huang Xuan put his cup down.

’’I also eat bread a lot when I am at home. Just the language is so hard to learn. I can't communicate with the foreigners, which is frustrating.’’

’’Since Huang Gongzi is so smart, you will learn it soon.’’ Meng Quhao peeked at the general manager and kept smiling.

’’I am afraid that it will take such a long time that I can't learn it before I go home,’’ Huang Xuan looked at Huang Youwei as he said these words, who, with a fair countenance and a deep look, was already losing hair and developing a big belly.

The two vice managers looked at each other, then He Ceng said, ’’If Huang Gongzi doesn't intend to stay in Brazil for long, you don't need to learn the language because it is English that is common back at home.’’

Through these words, Huang Xuan had seen through the high levels of Shengfeng. They thought Huang Xuan was just a passer-by that would go home sooner or later, and they were looking forward to the day.

’’I will think about it.’’ Huang Xuan laughed, put the cup on the table with a bang, then got up and walked upstairs. The three were dazed and had left the room before Huang Xuan disappeared in front of their eyes.

Sitting on the bench in his bedroom, Huang Xuan started thinking as he shook the bench with his eyes squinted. ’’It seems that they are convinced that I don't have the power to dispose of the assets and will leave Brazil soon, so they are not going to see me as a boss. But Huang Youwei didn't even bother to put on a show. It's irritating!’’

’’Rolin, can you investigate the bank account of Huang Youwei and his CV?’’

Rolin didn't answer, but the printer had printed out tens of pages of materials. Huang Xuan picked them up and started to read. In the past few years, Zhang Xinyi had taught him about bank return and account turnover, so he had no problem with reading the basic accounts items.

Huang Xuan took notes as he read. Huang Youwei's RMB accounts and the Brazilian Royal accounts were both clear. The American one was simple with just regular turnover and surplus. But strangely, he had a futures account of London Stock Exchange, which was linked to several other accounts. It had been hidden so well on the computer that only Rolin could find it. Looking at the turnover of tens of thousand dollars in the account, Huang Xuan asked resentfully, ’’Who is using this account?’’

’’Fusheng Securities.’’ It was a peripheral enterprise of the Huang Family holding a position similar to Shengfeng and Xihuang. All these three were private properties of clan members, but Huang Xuan was unfamiliar with this one.

’’Fusheng Securities is Huang Shugui's property,’’ Rolin answered quickly.

Huang Shugui was Huang Xuan's first grandfather, i.e. Huang Jindi's elder brother. Huang Xuan made a hum with contempt and leaned back on the bench so heavily that it swung back and forth.


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