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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 47


Chapter 47: The Base

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

While waiting for the base to be moved, Huang Xuan asked Li Qing to help to register a company named Zhongxing Industrial based in Sao Paulo, on the one hand, for the sake of the base security, and on the other hand, to laundry the money in Huang Xuan's hands.

Since the two Z990 had been delivered to Sao Paulo, Huang Xuan had started taking lessons from the new private teacher and had never been to the Foreign Language Academy again. He hoped to speak to Galatea freely in Greek when he saw her again.

Rolin had rested for three days before he said to Huang Xuan the next weekend, ’’Would you like to have a tour at the new base?’’

’’Of course!’’ Huang Xuan was too anxious to wait.

Rolin had set a teleportation spot in the bedroom on the second floor. Huang Xuan walked in and was teleported to the base in a twinkle. The walls were still light blue, but he was in a much different mood. He was under a bright energy cover and stepping on a light green energy belt. On the account of the defense, teleportation was forbidden inside the base, about which Rolin had made a blurry explanation, and Huang Xuan wasn't interested in asking further questions.

Consecutive images were displayed on the walls as the energy belt moved. Huang Xuan's eyesight was kept steady because of the accuracy of the technology. Normally, human eyes responded within 0.1 second, meaning the error between the appearances of the belt and the images should be no more than 0.1 second. Meanwhile, the superimposing errors during the section of 0.1 second shouldn't exceed 0.1 second. The former was easy to realize while the latter was unattainable as far as the current sophistication of technology on Earth was concerned.

It seemed that the so-called upgrade of the base was not about the hardware but the application of the technology. Nobody knew whether it was because there had been too little energy or for other reasons.

Most of the images were the regulations of the base and the explanation for them, in which Huang Xuan lost interest soon. The images weirdly stopped moving as soon as Huang Xuan looked away, and the movement continued the instant he looked back.

’’It is convenient but not for TV serials. If women cry all night while watching Korean serials on it, one can't even catch a break by going to the bathroom. I hope my older female cousins never get one of such equipment,’’ Huang Xuan thought.

Huang Xuan passed a few rooms in which all the equipment glittered with energy. It was the scattering of rays of light that would weaken gradually as refraction reoccurred in the room and hid the important parts from the eyesight. These rooms had been closed before and might be opened after the base had been recharged.

’’The daily maintenance of the base of level 21 requires about 500,000 kWh of electricity in the case of no consumption, which will be over one million kWh in the working state.’’

That was something Huang Xuan had anticipated. People thought he made tens of thousand yuan every day, but who knew he had to pay tens of thousand yuan for electricity every day. He smiled bitterly and then asked, ’’Where did you place the two Z990?’’

’’In Zone C.’’

The energy belt started sliding to the right.

’’Rolin, where are you?’’ Huang Xuan asked curiously.

’’I am a guardian based on the base. The base is my body.’’

’’Then how did they put you in? With software?’’

’’I was input by virtual temporal and spatial oscillation.’’ Then Rolin said tons of obscure nouns, after which he added, ’’Understand?’’

’’Sort of,’’ Huang Xuan had to say.

The computers had been transformed by Rolin, the surfaces of which were covered by crystal energy layers and the frames opened. Huang Xuan noticed that the base was spotless and the dust on himself was gone.

’’This thing is one hundred years behind. Why do you want it?’’ Huang Xuan was still indignant at the two million dollars he had spent.

’’The original equipment of the base were all destroyed. However, the equipment the Earth can make with its present resources is very limited, and it will take a long time. To combine with the technology on Earth, such equipment is the cheapest.’’

’’Whatever, as long as you like it.’’ Huang Xuan pouted. He touched the surface of the transformed computer and asked, ’’How did you do it? It seems the same on the surface.’’

’’Transistors have been increased by 20 times without changing the frame. And a fluidized bed has been used to dissipate heat. You may comprehend it as super high frequency.’’

Huang Xuan was rendered speechless by the surprise. ’’Our super high frequencies are all realized with software.’’ Looking at the Z990 which had been totally changed, Huang Xuan couldn't help shaking his head.

’’Let's begin our Greek lesson.’’ Rolin had always kept this in mind.

Before Huang Xuan could say anything, the belt had already started moving. ’’Remember, it is two months.’’


In the room called Zone B by Rolin, a huge transparent cupboard-like equipment was against the wall. It opened on each side like a display device with multiple screens when Huang came into the room.

’’What's this? A learning machine?’’

’’Its full name is 'Stimulating machine aiding memory and thinking in the μ5λ4 register'.’’

’’A good one.’’ Huang Xuan nodded.

’’Thank you.’’

A chair appeared on the floor. After Huang Xuan had sat down, the screens became colorful, but there were no words on it.

Every screen was as colorful as the passage but looked different from each other. Huang Xuan didn't know that this was the inspiration the scientists from the higher-level space had got from the plane passage, which was to get the threshold value by stimulating different registers of the human brain.

The lesson had begun, which focused on phonetics and comprehension and was of little use to writing.

Actually, the two months Rolin had mentioned was a conservative estimation which the least talented people would take. But since the time Huang Xuan spent in the base was so limited, he wouldn't take less time than that.


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