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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 44


Chapter 44: Spitsbergen Islands (Part Eight)

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

Among the main countries consuming whale meat, which were Japan, Norway, and Denmark, Japan made the most use of the whale. The Japanese considered the blubber, which the Norwegians threw away, as a delicacy. The same part of the whale was usually sold for a higher price in Japan than in Norway.

However, because of the international condemnation, the Japanese were eating the whales in suspense and had registered the whales used for food (or for scientific research as they had claimed) in detail. Besides, whale transactions were illegal. All these made the disposal of Huang Xuan's ’’properties’’ more difficult.

Nevertheless, now that drugs and arms could be sold openly, naturally, the whales could too. Huang Xuan didn't think the shop owners would care about where the whales had come from. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical enterprises would embrace a lot of cheap materials. So, it was just a matter of price.

Rolin could do as much work as a big consulting company in looking for buyers, especially in the case that he could get any company's information by phone calls, fax, or direct communication. Huang Xuan just needed to show up.

After the last container had been dragged into the freezer, Huang Xuan took a deep breath. At first, the freezer attendant had refused to let the container go directly into the freezer, but facing a price 10% higher than what he had demanded, he grudgingly agreed to Huang Xuan's request. Huang Xuan gave him a big smile. He was a lovely Brazilian who showed his moods directly on his face.

’’Huang Xuan, time to go back. Your father is coming home tonight.’’ Li Qing was relieved too.

Huang Xuan agreed. He didn't turn back until he had seen that the door to the freezer had been closed.

’’Brother Qing, please don't tell my dad anything about this.’’

’’Then what am I supposed to tell him?’’

’’Tell him that we had a ride around the city,’’ Huang Xuan said casually.

’’Oh...’’ Li Qing felt like a disloyal minister tricking his boss with his son, which excited him.

Huang Qunsheng came home happily. It was related to a research on some kind of structure. Huang Xuan rarely saw such a smile on his father's face, which eased his restlessness.

After supper, he talked with his mother and told her that everything was fine. Then his father took the phone over and asked him to go upstairs. ’’I have engaged a new private teacher for you. Get up early tomorrow morning,’’ he added.

Huang Xuan was glad that his teacher wasn't Da Silva anymore, but his new teacher might not be much different from Da Silva. Unfortunately, he didn't have a say in it.

’’Did the travelers in the past use to learn many languages too? I wonder why they didn't kill themselves,’’ he said to Rolin angrily.

It was reasonable for a middle school student, who had just started to study English and been suffering from it, to freak out when he had found out that he had to be able to have a basic conversation in Portuguese within half a year. Rolin felt sorry for him.

’’Order a Z990 and keep the bytes in the same distance during translation, which means that a single word won't be translated into a sentence. In this way, much energy can be saved. In addition, I suggest that you learn more than three languages, which will be helpful during the travels,’’ he proposed.

Huang Xuan scorned his proposal: wasting one million dollars on translation?

’’Then I can use extra energy for revising eyesights and help you change mouth shapes through light twists.’’

’’We call that hallucination,’’ Huang Xuan said doubtfully. ’’If you can change mouth shapes and translate by bytes, why did you ask me to cover my mouth or only move my lips when we were in P146?’’

’’It consumes a lot of energy in an outer plane,’’ Rolin explained, and Huang Xuan let it go. The base was still in Nanjing, and he needed a server after all.

He contacted Li Shenggang, who told him that everything was under control. The whales were stored in the freezer. Huang Xuan was bored and went to Sao Paulo Foreign Language Academy sullenly. At home, going to college meant being free from the restraints of education. But now, being an auditor of Brazil University was just the beginning of the restraints. The professors worked earnestly. Unlike China, in Brazil University, not only the ones who were excellent in academic study but also the ones who were outstanding in teaching could get promoted to be professors. Thus, no wonder Huang Xuan met a professor who was extremely conscientious.

Professor Paulino was in his sixties. He grew messy gray hair that was a little better than Albert Einstein. He taught Portuguese and English. He could also speak Spanish, Italian, and a little French. In his spare time, he was teaching himself Russian, for which Huang Xuan admired that old man. However, Huang Xuan hated being in disorderly surroundings full of English and Portuguese speakers.

Huang Xuan came to the college early. Although the Chinese were often said to be unpunctual by the Japanese, the Americans, and even their own compatriots, compared with the Brazilians, they were serious. At least Huang Xuan had never seen a stream of students walking around during the class before, which the professor didn't mind at all. Professor Paulino wasn't good-tempered, he would get angry easily when someone talked or did anything else but studying in class. He wouldn't use violence, but to the students, being deducted credits was much worse.

Huang Qunsheng wasn't much of an educator. Thanks to his wife who had taken care of Hung Xuan's education in those years, he had been able to do what he liked. Now, in Brazil, except for sending Huang Xuan to the Foreign Language Academy and engaging a private teacher, he spent all his time in the research institute. His enthusiasm in study didn't decrease at all.

Huang Xuan had to stay in the classroom and be good, although he understood neither English nor Spanish. Professor Paulino wouldn't turn a blind eye to him just because he was Chinese.

Luckily, Rolin was a steadfast educator who believed that a qualified authority owner should master more than three languages and know more than regular people, which was the basic rule to reduce energy superimposing.

While Rolin and Huang Xuan were discussing that there were too many local dialects in Brazilian, the back door was opened quietly again. It had been lubricated heavily by the students so as not to make a sound when opened and closed unless the two doors struck against each other. Huang Xuan had heard the sound so many times that he had been used to it. He didn't even turn his head until someone sat quietly beside him. Perfect blonde hair. That was what Huang Xuan had seen first. Although Brazil was a multi-ethnic country, brown was the most common. In Huang Xuan' opinion, it wasn't as pure as black, maybe it was because he was just a kid who didn't know how to appreciate the beautiful Brazilian women yet.

His seat was by the window, where the cool wind was blowing. The girl's blonde tresses were swinging gently around her neck. She had fair and smooth skin, totally different from the other Euro-Americans he had seen.

Having sensed Huang Xuan's stare, the girl turned her head, pouting her plump lips and wrinkling her high and straight nose.

Huang Xuan wasn't ashamed. He raised his head and made a funny face.

’’It's you?’’ That was the classical beauty Huang Xuan had met at the airport. The bodyguards weren't around. She was smiling,and her eyes were as blue as a lake.


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