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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 34


Chapter 34: Two Places (Part Four)

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, also its biggest industrial center, financial center, and cultural center. Its position in Brazil is similar to Shanghai in China.

It was Zhang Rong and Yu Tingli, two deputy managers of Xihuang Industrial Company, who picked them up. Zhang Rong was an accredited manager of World Group, and Yu Tingliworked for the Huang Family Funds. Speaking of Sheng Feng Company, they put on a scornful look. Obviously, it hadn't built a good relationship with these two companies. Huang Xuan watched the two middle-aged men curiously and walked slowly with his bag on the back.

Huang Qunsheng was a low-key person and had a scholarly temperament, in spite of his family background. He had demanded that everything be simplified before he had set out. Still, Zhang and Yu had employed three Mercedes which wasn't dramatic in Sao Paulo because rich people preferred using helicopters in Brazil to escape from the terrible traffic.

Zhang Rong was half a step behind Huang Qunsheng. Although World Group was started by Zhang Xinyi, theoretically, it belonged to Zhang Xinyi and Huang Qunsheng, so Huang Qunsheng was regarded as a boss too, which could be told from the two's expressions. They were both deputy managers, but Zhang Rong was more careful with his words, while Yu Tingli looked more relaxed. The arrival hall of Sao Paulo airport was spacious with all kinds of people coming and going in it. The signs people were holding up were written in English, French, Russian, and so on, which felt like a small language exhibition. While Huang Qunsheng was exchanging greetings with someone, Huang Xuan wandered around and saw a group of burly men. Judging from their uniform suits, Huang Xuan thought that they were bodyguards and had a more thorough look at them.

Frankly speaking, although the Huang Family was big, except for the special few, the family members rarely took bodyguards with them because it seemed stupid and made people wonder: ’’How can you be so hateful that someone wants to kill you?’’ Seeing the ten-odd serious-looking and sturdy foreign bodyguards were standing in a circle, Huang Xuan wanted to play a trick on them.

Two guys, who were 1.9 meters tall and were standing on the outside, were watching closely over everything around. When one of them looked this way, Huang Xuan deliberately provoked him by raising his brows and winking his eyes at him. He always wanted to play some tricks whenever he met someone, which was a bad habit he had developed at home. ’’Now that you must stand still, I will just keep winking,’’ Huang Xuan thought.

Seeing that it was a teenager, the bodyguard checked him out and looked away. However, Huang Xuan didn't appreciate it and started laughing loudly at him.

The laugh was as dull as spending the night on a plane. As Huang Xuan was about to take a further step with his trick, the formation of the crowd changed. Seeing this, the bodyguards became highly alert and formed a human shield arm in arm. The leader walked forward first. The crowd made some complaints but was silent soon. Huang Xuan craned his neck and squinted with his hand on his forehead. It was a classical beauty wearing summer clothes and a pair of sunglasses.

The ’’classical’’ wasn't in a Chinese style but a European one: she had a statue-like face, a cube figure, and her skin was as smooth as marble.

She was wearing high heels and a shoulderless suit of a jacket and a skirt. Her blonde hair was hanging naturally and dancing with her moves. A palm-sized purse was carried on her white arm. Her shins were thin, and as people were tempted to look upward, it was wrapped in the skirt.

Although Huang Xuan was still a minor, he had already got his ID card, so he thought that he was allowed to appreciate beauties. He looked back and found that his father was still talking with somebody tens of meters away. He exhaled and squeezed forward.

Li Qing who was supposed to watch over Huang Xuan wasn't doing a good job. He was attracted by the beautiful woman and didn't notice what Huang Xuan was doing. When the second batch of passengers got off the plane and came over, Huang Xuan was already in the front of the crowd. The bodyguards surrounded the beauty, and the two in front were responsible for making the way. They were going to be out of Huang Xuan's view soon. He was upset about it. ’’I have sweated a lot to see her. How can she walk away just like that?’’ He took a half-empty mineral water bottle out of his bag and threw it at them.

There was no way to know how many messes Huang Xuan had made but it was sure that this was the first mess he had made abroad which took place 26 minutes after he had landed on the land of Brazil. Huang Xuan hadn't seen a grenade exploding in a crowd and had never thought about it. However, the regret had been made up with a mineral water bottle.

When the bottle was still several meters away from the bodyguards, the leader shouted and threw himself at the beauty and pushed her to the ground. Then came the second and third bodyguards. The bodyguards on the outer flank of the circle were stretching out their hands inside their suits. The crowd started screaming, the sounds of which instantly pierced through the clouds.

The hall became a chaos as if water had been dipped into boiling oil. Few people understood what was happening except the people involved. The women in the crowd had demonstrated what a high pitch was and the men shouted occasionally. Strange sounds were here and there. Huang Xuan's brain wasn't working. While he was trying to get away, two sturdy men rushed at him viciously.

Huang Xuan was so scared that he shrank his neck and waved his left fist clockwise. He just wanted to avoid the first person's fist but had forgotten that his body wasn't like before anymore. It felt that his fist had been crammed into wood dust and with a bang, the second guy was knocked flat. Huang Xuan didn't dare to stay any longer. Before leaving, when he looked back, he saw the beauty whose sunglasses had been knocked off was looking at him. This was a face distinct from an oriental one. Her mouth was full, but the lip lines were clear. Although her straight nose was a little narrow, it was very charming with her high cheekbones. Huang Xuan had two beautiful older female cousins and an elegant mom, but he had to say that the woman with her sunglasses hanging on her ears looked completely different.

Huang Xuan felt embarrassed. He smiled, made a funny face and squeezed into the crowd before the third bodyguard came. Rolin had used some energy to stall the chasing bodyguards so that Huang Xuan could go back to his father in one piece.

Huang Qunsheng made a complaint and then left the hall, holding Huang Xuan's hand. What he didn't know was that it was his son who had caused the disturbance.


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