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Time Smuggling Starting From The Year 2000 - Chapter 32


Chapter 32: Two Places (Part Two)

Translator: Kim Guo Editor: Tehrn

The gray nightfall arrived punctually, against which was setting the golden and mild sun.

Mixed with the color of the sunshine, the dust was wafting slowly in front of the brown glass

windows like an old swing, skimming over the ground and back to the highest point magically.

A new leaf on the twig was flickering joyfully, enjoying its dinner.

The opening and closing of the door sounded heavy. Huang Xuan had been waiting for so long

that he jumped up on hearing the sounds. He had been wondering why suddenly he had to go to

Brazil, and what kind of place was that. In the meeting room, he hadn't dared to refuse, and

without real-time supervision, Rolin wouldn't be able to know the past.

His mom took off her overcoat, stepped into the living room and sat next to Huang Xuan on the

sofa with a tired smile on her face. She gave him a hug, comforting him silently.

Following Zhang Xinyi, Huang Qunsheng stomped in. After having waved and had the helpers

leave, he poured three cups of tea and brought them over with a tray.

’’Mom, do I have to go to Brazil?’’

’’Yes.’’ Zhang Xinyi forced a smile and nodded. ’’You are going to stay there for a while.’’

Huang Xuan looked up. ’’What about you and dad?’’

’’Your dad is going with you,’’ His mom stroked his hair and said, ’’and I have to stay at home for

some time.’’

’’Why?’’ Huang Xuan broke away from his mom's hug, pouting.

Zhang Xinyi and Huang Qunsheng looked at each other and said to him with a smile, ’’Son, there

are things ’’

’’I'm not a child anymore,’’ Huang Xuan said angrily. ’’I'll go to Brazil if that's what you want,

but I deserve an explanation.’’

The living room quieted down. Only the bubbling of the tea could be heard. After a long

moment, Zhang Xinyi hugged Huang Xuan again and sobbed. ’’Mom doesn't want you to go

either. I want us to be together.’’

Huang Xuan had never seen his mom like this. In his eyes, she was gentle, tough, smart, and

talented, and whatever the difficulty was, she could always fix it. no matter the complicated

interpersonal relationship in the clan or the trifles between sisters-in-law, she could make

everyone happy. She had built her own business group and become the fifth biggest

shareholder of the Huang Family Funds by exchanging stocks, making the third branch the

biggest; Huang Jindi's becoming the head of the clan was also closely connected with her. It was

fair to say, Zhang Xinyi was the most respectable female in the family, not only because of her

background but also for her own charm.

But now, while his mom was crying on his shoulder, Huang Xuan felt as if he could see her sad,

tearful face. He clenched his fists and said, ’’Mom, who makes you cry? Tell me. I will fix it.’’

Zhang Xinyi didn't know the existence of the old monster from 100,000 years later behind

Huang Xuan. She drew a tissue from a box on the table and wiped the tears off her cheeks. She

poked Huang Xuan's forehead and said, ’’You, silly kid.’’


’’Yes...’’ Zhang Xinyi finally smiled with tears glistening in her eyes. She laid her palms on his

cheeks and said, ’’Son, when you arrive in Brazil, learn to live on your own. You will be new

there. Stay away from troubles. Listen more and talk less. Think twice before you act ’’

Whenever it came to such a topic, Zhang Xinyi talked non-stop. ’’Our son isn't leaving now,’’

Huang Qunsheng interrupted. Ignoring his wife's reproachful look, he sat down beside Huang

Xuan, patted him on the shoulder and began, ’’Huang Xuan, you are going to be 16 in two

months, aren't you?’’

’’Yes, dad.’’

’’Sixteen isn't a boy anymore, but a young man who should start being responsible. Do you


’’Yes, dad.’’

Seeing his son nod obediently, Huang Qunsheng became sensitive. ’’Your grandpa is in bad

health, he fainted during the anniversary.’’

’’What?’’ Huang Xuan was shocked. Although Huang Jindi was still working hard in his sixties

and hadn't been as healthy as before, he had been taking care of his health. How could he have


Huang Qunsheng made a wry smile and continued, ’’When a person is old, he gets sick. Now

that your grandpa is in poor health, the affairs of the family are even more complicated.

Considering that I have some classmates and projects in Brazil and you can have a new life

there, your mom and I think that it's a good idea for you and me to live there for some time.

What do you think?’’

Although Huang Xuan was only 15, growing in such a big clan, he was rather premature with

some matters: presently his grandfather was seriously ill and likely to faint and lose his control

over the family anytime; on the other hand, the first and second branch would seize the

opportunity to stir up things.

Huang Xuan looked at his mom, worried. His father had been focused on academics, had seldom

taken part in, and even tried to escape from clan affairs. Luckily, he had a good wife. Zhang

Xinyi had long been the actual head of the third branch, and even Huang Xuan's uncles looked

up to her. At such a juncture, naturally, she had to stay at home.

Despite the fact that he had always been called the first-born grandson, he had seven male and

eight female older cousins from the first and second branches. Since the younger cousins were

too young to be accounted on, what would their leaving mean to the family? Or, had his

grandfather and mom lost faith in the situation?

As if Zhang Xinyi had read the worry on Huang Xuan's face, maintaining the smile, she said,

’’Son, don't worry. Mom is a grown-up. I can take care of myself. You and your father must take

care of each other. OK?’’ Seeing Huang Xuan nod, she continued, ’’On account of your grandpa's

health, he won't be able to see you off. Take care on the road. Your grandpa cares so much about

you that he wants you to take care of the properties in Brazil. You must work hard. And your

grandpa wants to give you this.’’

Zhang Xinyi took a red box out of her purse. Huang Xuan took it over carefully. There was a

piece of thumb-sized green jade in it, with a character in the middle which had been carved in

seal character with a forceful momentum, giving the piece a grim image.

His mom put the piece on his neck and said, ’’Your grandpa wants me to tell you that the

character is 'brave'.’’

Instantly, tears welled up in his eyes. The dialogue between him and his grandpa flashed back

to his mind.


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